PA Glorifies Terrorism – Obama Still wants Palestinian State

Evyatar Borovsky actor - murdered by Salam al-Zaghal

John R. Houk

© May 29, 2013


Palestine Media Watch exposes the Palestinian Authority of glorifying terrorism against Jews in Israel. A former advisor to PA President Mahmoud Abbas praised murderer Salam As’ad Al-Zaghal for stabbing to death Evyatar Borovsky at an Israeli military check point. That former PA advisor is Sultan Abu Al-Einein. Upon finding out 5 Congressmen wrote Abbas an official letter demanding he repudiate and condemn such glorification of terrorism as hate-mongering.


This glorification of terrorism by the PA is representative of the kind of leadership instilling Jew-Hatred and Israel-Hatred into the Arabs that call themselves Palestinians. What is the Obama-led U.S. government thinking in supporting these animals in creating a sovereign nation that will have two National Interests – the killing of Jews and the destruction of Israel?


I can see the reason for the EU nations, Russia and the United Nations (See Also HERE) supporting a Palestinian sovereign state because Anti-Semitism has re-inflamed the National/International Interests of those governments. In the USA on a national basis Anti-Semitism is still unacceptable. Unfortunately Obama’s Foreign Policy toward Israel (See Also HERE) and the Arabs that call themselves Palestinians is stamping our nation as fellow Anti-Semitics along with the EU, Russia and the UN. Even though a majority of Americans are very supportive of Israel, Obama’s support of Palestinian State and forcing Israel to give up half of their National Capital City Jerusalem will brand us as Anti-Semitic in the eyes of history. The creation of a Palestinian State quite possibly could lead to a second modern Holocaust of Jewish people as Jew-Hating Arabs surrounding the sliver of land that is Israel destroy the National Homeland of Jews all in the name of Allah and its pseudo-prophet Mohammed.


Courtesy of PMW below is the official letter from Congress to Mahmoud Abbas signed by Representatives Eliot Engel, Ed Royce, Nita Lowery, Ted Deutch and Brad Sherman:


His Excellency Mahmoud Abbas
Palestinian National Authority
Al Muqata’a, Ramallah West Bank


May 15, 2013


Dear Mr. President:

During our recent meeting in Ramallah, you stressed your absolute commitment to non-violence in resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. We were encouraged by your remarks, and appreciate the time you shared with our delegation.

However, upon our return to the United States we were troubled to learn that a senior Palestinian Authority official, Sultan Abu Al-Einein, who previously served as your advisor holding the rank of minister, had recently expressed his open support for the murderer who killed Evyatar Borovsky, an Israeli who was stabbed to death by Palestinian terrorist Salam Al-Zaghal while he was waiting for a ride.

Mr. Al-Einein stated, “We salute the heroic fighter, the self-sacrificing Salam Al-Zaghal.” And he went on to note that “He [Al-Zaghal] insisted on defending his honor, so he went against the settler and killed him. Blessings to the breast that nursed Salam Al-Zaghal.”

We have also become aware that only hours after the murder, the administrator of Fatah’s official Facebook page glorified Al-Zaghal as a “hero.”

President Abbas, allowing this type of incitement and hatemongering to take place within your ranks is intolerable if you are truly dedicated to non-violence. We ask that you publically and officially denounce and condemn Mr. Al-Einein’s remarks at once and remove him from his position in your government. We also request that Fatah immediately remove its Facebook page glorifying this murder.

We look forward to seeing you take action on this matter and working with you to create a peaceful and prosperous future for the Palestinian people.


Reps. Eliot Engel, Ranking Member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs

Ed Royce, Chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs,

Nita Lowey, Ranking Member of the Appropriations Committee,

Ted Deutch, Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on the Middle East,


Brad Sherman, Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on Terrorism, Non-proliferation, and Trade.


[ May 15, 2013]


JRH 5/29/13


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Egyptian Cleric Muhammad Hassan Slams Western and Eastern Cultures and Religions

This is the of kind of hate that pervades the Muslim world with the projection of Islamic Supremacy and the condemnation of all the West holds as Liberty and tolerance. Islam is intolerant, filled with hate and anti-Semitic in particular.


JRH 6/11/12 (Hat Tip: Tyler Keogh Kennings – No Palestinian State-Facebook)

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VIDEO: Egyptian Cleric Muhammad Hassan Slams Western and Eastern Cultures and Religions



Published on Jun 10, 2012

by MEMRITVVideos

Defeating the Jewish Alinskyites

Caroline Glick

Here are some truisms in politics:


§  Leftists Lie


§  Muslims Hate Jews


§  Leftist Jews Supporting Muslim Agendas are Destined for Dhimmitude or Death


Caroline educates the uninformed about Leftist Jews in America and Israel and the link to Saul Alinsky.


JRH 6/9/12


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Defeating the Jewish Alinskyites


By Caroline Glick

June 8, 2012, 2:48 AM


Saul Alinsky - Coach


Saul Alinsky, the godfather of subversive radical political action, had a very clear strategy for undermining and destroying his enemies: Infiltrate, divide and destroy.


Since his disciple Barack Obama was elected US president in 2008, Alinsky’s impact on Obama has received a fair amount of attention.


Less noticed has been the adoption of Alinsky’s methods by radical leftist Jews in the US and Israel for the purpose of undermining the American Jewish community on the one hand, and Israel’s nationalist camp on the other. This week we saw the impact of both campaigns.


The striking weakness of the American Jewish community was exposed on Tuesday with the Democratic primary defeat of Rep. Steve Rothman in New Jersey. In Israel we saw the impact of the campaign to undermine and destroy the nationalist camp with the defeat of the proposed legislation aimed at saving the doomed Givat Haulpana neighborhood in Bet El.


Ahead of the 2008 US presidential elections, the anti-Israel pressure group J Street made a sudden appearance. Claiming to be pro-Israel, the anti-Israel lobby set about neutralizing the power of the American Jewish community by undermining community solidarity. And it has succeeded brilliantly.


Rothman is Jewish and a strong supporter of Israel. His defeat at the polls in New Jersey by Rep. Bill Pascrell owed in large part to openly anti-Semitic activism by Pascrell’s Muslim supporters.


According to an investigative report of the primary campaign by the Washington Free Beacon’s Adam Kredo, in February Pascrell’s Muslim supporters began castigating Rothman and his supporters as disloyal Americans beholden only to Israel.


Aref Assaf, president of the New Jersey-based American Arab Forum, published a column in the Newark Star Ledger titled, “Rothman is Israel’s Man in District 9.” He wrote, “As total and blind support becomes the only reason for choosing Rothman, voters who do not view the elections in this prism will need to take notice. Loyalty to a foreign flag is not loyalty to America’s [flag].”


These deeply bigoted allegations against Rothman and his supporters were not challenged by Pascrell. Pascrell also did not challenge Arabic-language campaign posters produced by his supporters enjoining the “Arab diaspora community” to elect Pascrell, “the friend of the Arabs.” The poster touted the race as “the most important election in the history of the [Arab American] community.”


Rather than challenge these anti-Semitic attacks, Pascrell enthusiastically courted the Muslim vote in his district.


Pascrell was a signatory to what became known as the “Gaza-54 letter.” Spearheaded by J Street, the 2010 letter, signed by 54 Democratic congressmen, called on Obama to put pressure on Israel to end its “collective punishment” of residents of Hamas-controlled Gaza.


Pascrell’s race was far from the only recent instance of anti-Semitism being employed by Democratic candidates to win their elections. In Connecticut’s 2006 Democratic Senate primary, anti-Semitic slurs and innuendos were prominent features of Ned Lamont’s successful race against Sen. Joseph Lieberman. Defeated in his party’s primary, Lieberman was forced to run as an Independent. He owed his reelection to Republican support.


LIEBERMAN’S GENERAL election victory over Lamont did not force all of his fellow Democrats to rethink their use of anti-Semitism as a campaign strategy. At a candidate’s debate in this year’s Connecticut Democratic Senate primary race, candidate Lee Whitnum attacked her opponent Rep. Chris Murphy as a “whore who sells his soul to AIPAC.”


Given the fact that the overwhelming majority of Jewish Americans are supporters of the Democratic Party, it should have been assumed that they would have responded to Whitnum’s anti- Semitic slurs by seeking to get her expelled from their party. They also could have been expected to pour resources into defeating candidates like Pascrell who actively court the votes of open Jew-haters. But this didn’t happen.


Instead, due to J Street’s agitation, and the penetration of the Jewish organizational world by J Street fellow travelers, for the past three years, the American Jewish community has been fighting among itself about what it means to be pro-Israel. At a time when the US Jewish community’s party of choice is increasingly falling under the influence of radical leftists and Muslims who reject Israel’s right to exist, rather than standing tall, Jewish communities around the US are being neutralized by the solipsism of self-defeating, J-Street-invented issues like whether AIPAC is legitimate and whether Jewish anti-Zionists can be considered pro-Israel.


Equally horrible, if not worse, at a time when Israel is being threatened with annihilation by Iran, and Jewish communities in Europe and Latin America are under physical assault, the voice of the self-obsessed American Jewish community is coming through more and more weakly, with powerful voices questioning the very legitimacy of its collective voice.


In Israel, the success of local Alinskyites was on display this week as Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu found himself squaring off against his party’s most committed constituency.


The 350,000 Israeli residents of Judea and Samaria and their massive support base inside the Likud, and indeed throughout Israeli society, suffered a tremendous defeat this week.


Netanyahu’s decision to torpedo a proposed law that would have prevented the implementation of the Supreme Court-ordered destruction of the Givat Haulpana neighborhood in Beit El has made these Likud members perceive themselves as isolated and in danger.


Just as the American Jewish community needs to recognize the J Street effect to contend with its current condition, so in Israel both sides of the divide in the nationalist camp need to understand how they came to find themselves on opposite sides of the fence.


Misreading what has happened, many are drawing false analogies between Givat Haulpana and the destruction of the Jewish communities in Gaza in 2005 and the destruction of homes in Amona in 2006. In both those previous cases, the destruction of the homes was the consequence of government policy. Then-premier Ariel Sharon wanted to destroy the Jewish communities of Gaza and northern Samaria. Their destruction was the centerpiece of his governing agenda. So, too, his successor Ehud Olmert wanted to destroy Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria. He ran on a policy of destroying them in the 2006 elections.


This is not the case with Netanyahu.


Netanyahu can be faulted for not providing sufficient protection to Jewish property rights in Judea and Samaria. He has not permitted Jews to build on state land to make up for the fact that they face market discrimination from the Palestinian Authority which has made it a capital crime to sell private land to Jews. And of course, he bowed to US pressure and instituted the deeply prejudicial temporary construction ban on Jews in 2009 and 2010.


But unlike Sharon and Olmert, Netanyahu has not made the destruction of the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria a goal of his government.


To the contrary, he has enacted initiatives to strengthen the Jewish communities there and to raise the general public’s awareness of the centrality of Judea and Samaria to Jewish history and heritage.


Netanyahu is not the best friend of the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria. But he is more a friend than an enemy.


SO IF Netanyahu doesn’t oppose the communities of Judea and Samaria, why is he supporting the destruction of Givat Haulpana? The answer is that he and his angry constituents were set up by the radicals who run the state prosecution.


True, the leftist-dominated Supreme Court ordered the government to destroy the neighborhood. But the state prosecution gave the court’s justices no other choice.


The case regarding Givat Haulpana exposes several of the pathologies of Israel’s legal system. But by far the most glaring pathology it reveals is the politicization of the state prosecution by the radical leftists who run it.


In the event, the radical activist group Yesh Din petitioned the court in the name of a Palestinian who claimed to be the rightful owner of the land on which the neighborhood was built. Yesh Din presented the court with an affidavit in which the Palestinian claimed that the land in question belonged to him. Yesh Din then asked the court to make the state explain why, given the affidavit, the IDF had not yet evacuated the neighborhood.


On its face, the job of the state prosecution couldn’t have been more obvious. All they had to do was tell the court that the issue of ownership is contested and that the court should require Yesh Din to adjudicate ownership in the lower courts.


So, too, they ought to have rejected the unsubstantiated assertion that the IDF is required to destroy homes built on private land. There is ample precedent for both positions, including a nearly identical case regarding a neighborhood in Barkan where the land in question belonged – without question – to a private Jewish landowner.


But the state prosecution decided not to take any of those obvious positions. By not questioning the veracity of the affidavit or the assertion that the IDF is required to destroy homes built on private land without the permission of the owner, the state prosecution, which is supposed to represent the elected government, left the justices no choice. All they could do was set a date for the expulsion of the 30 families living in the five apartment buildings. And so they did.


Both the Knesset and Netanyahu seem to recognize that Israel’s elected leaders were manipulated by political radicals abusing their positions in the state prosecution to undermine the elected government. And they seem to be taking appropriate action. The Knesset has ordered the state comptroller to investigate the circumstances surrounding the state prosecution’s mishandling of the Yesh Din petition. Netanyahu has ordered the construction of 300 buildings in Beit El and 851 homes in all of Judea and Samaria. He has formed a ministerial committee that will oversee the state prosecution’s handling of future cases regarding Palestinian claims to land housing Jewish communities.


None of this solves the problem of the 30 families who through no fault of their own are slated to become homeless in the next three weeks because public officials abused their office to throw these families from their homes and divide and destroy the nationalist camp. But it may make prosecutorial malpractice a less attractive option for these homegrown Alinskyites.


The Alinsky strategy is brilliant in its cunning mendacity. And his followers in the American Jewish community and Israel have already succeeded in causing great harm. The stakes are high in both countries. The time has come for the majority of American Jews and Israelis to stop being cowed and confused by their destructive manipulations.


Originally published in The Jerusalem Post.


© 2012 Caroline Glick


About Caroline Glick


Danny Jeffrey writes about a doomsday scenario for Israel. It is just as much instigated by Western Leftists like George Soros and President Barack Hussein Obama as it is by Radical Muslims. The scenario includes nuclear war. I am one praying Danny Jeffrey is incorrect. On the other hand the scenario fits a possible future that goes along with other possible lines the future might take all depending on who does what and when.


Just in case Jeffrey is correct you need to read this to understand a possible future you may be living in.


JRH 6/7/12

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By Danny Jeffrey

June 5, 2012

Freedom Rings 1776


This blogsite has been read by many thousands of people, part of whom hope that I am mistaken, and there are many who will not even allow themselves to admit that I might be right. In their minds things cannot possibly get as bad as I suggest. Unfortunately, evidence keeps accumulating that I am correct. Now Der Spiegel has added yet more evidence. Note the name of their headline … Operation Samson.

Many Americans are unaware of Der Spiegel’s significance but it is Europe’s leading news magazine and Germany’s top news Website.

In the opening paragraph I stressed the title of an ongoing strategy in Israel for good reason. I recently wrote an essay entitled The Samson Option … Israel’s Hole Card. Now Der Spiegel has learned of the plan as well. Their link will be found at the end of this essay in Suggested Reading.

One essay simply will not encompass all of the information I have accumulated about the impending Israeli crisis, and I will not even attempt to present it all here. Instead I shall only mention the results of previous findings and associated articles and then allow the reader to delve further, should he or her choose, in Suggested Reading. The purpose of this effort is to present only a brief synopsis of past essays along with an update of new information.

In April of 2011 I wrote The Coming Assault On Israel. In it I exposed the Soros agenda for the destruction of Israel with the aid of our puppet Commander in Chief and our military might. The tactic is a little known UN policy of Responsibility To Protect. The basic concept is that anytime a nation is being subjected to a forceful overthrow, the the UN affiliated members of the western powers are to intervene with a no fly zone over that nation. We did this in Libya along with providing arms to Al Qaeda in their effort to depose Qaddafi. The effort was perfect to enact R2P as Qaddafi was generally hated world wide so there was little outcry from the people of America.

What Americans could not comprehend at the time was that Omar Qaddafi and Libya were irrelevant. The fall of Libya was simply a trial balloon being used to establish a precedent that Soros/Obama plan to use later when Hezbollah and Hamas are attacking Israel. The UN will order airmen of the west to establish a no fly zone over Netanyahu’s homeland to protect the “civilians” as they lay siege to the Jewish homeland. For those who will state this can never happen, I direct you to my essay The Assault On Israel … Part Two, found also at the end of this essay. It contains the link that proves, in their own words, that our leaders have ceded control of our military to the communists and Islamists who now control the UN.

To continue with the significance of Samson … In earlier essays I predicted that Israel, if about to be conquered, would use their nuclear might in a going away tribute to Islam and those who have betrayed them. Later I learned that my prediction was indeed correct as Israel, fully aware of the odds against them, plan to enact such a doomsday scenario if facing defeat. Details of that will be found in my The Samson Option … Israel’s Hole Card.

For anyone unfamiliar with the story of Samson, it appears in the Bible in Judges 13-16 and tells of a man who was granted super human strength and then betrayed. With his dying breath he used his strength to collapse a temple killing himself and all of his enemies in one fell swoop. This inspirational story from Israel’s distant past is the logic behind their 21st century plan of action. It, combined with their Masada tradition, makes them a people who will never surrender. Their philosophy is well summed up with two words: “Never again!”



Israeli Dolphin class sub. Nuclear weapons capable and a cruising range of 4500 nautical miles.


At the moment Israel has three of these submarines in their naval arsenal and have ordered another three. Due to the historic involvement of Germany and the Jewish people, many German people feel a moral obligation to assist the people of Israel, consequently much of the cost of these subs is defrayed by the government of Germany. Israel has nuclear warheads small enough to fit on a submarine launched cruise missile yet large enough to deliver massive destruction if called upon.

What I can find on the internet, others can find as well. Der Spiegel does not go into the details of just what Operation Samson really means to the world, but they do mention it and give information on how Israel is being outfitted with nuclear capable submarines which gives them additional time to strike on all of Islam and others worldwide who have been complicit in their defeat should Israel indeed succumb.

I am not the only person who knows of this plan. Surely world leaders know of it as well, and why, you might ask, are they allowing things to continue as they are, knowing that a nuclear holocaust is in the cards. The answer is not as simple as the question, but I will give my best guess as to the actions of some:

George Soros is old, evil, knows his days are few, and, being an atheist, is unconcerned about the possibility of an afterlife. He, although Jewish by birth, has spent a lifetime of hating Jews and would like nothing more than to see another holocaust befall them before he dies.

Obama, puppet that he is, does as Soros directs, and being Muslim and hating Jews, he too wants to see the destruction of the state of Israel, but he plans to survive the 21st century holocaust he is helping to create. None have yet explained the classified underground construction taking place on the White House lawn.

The Islamic leadership of Iran, wanting to hasten the return of their twelfth Imam look forward to nuclear war, believing that the chaos will grant them glory in his eyes.

China knows that nuclear war is likely and so are preparing to survive it. They are building twenty new unoccupied cities every year. They are betting that those phantom cities are not going to be bombed as there is no one there and they offer no value as a strategic military target. After the war, however, while the cities of the world lie in radioactive rubble, China will have newly built cities ready for their survivors.

A final thought:

Recently Obama stressed the need for Israel to wait until after his reelection before attacking the nuclear facilities of Iran. Knowing what I have already detected about the big picture to take down Israel, it was easy to see why Obama needed that delay, as he would not want to declare an Israeli no fly zone before November of 2012. His goal was to be firmly embedded for life in the White House, giving him the option to aid in the destruction of the Jewish state without having to worry about votes. Any action before that would be “inconvenient.” I warned in The Coming Assault On Israel … Part Two that Israel Must attack Before Obama is reelected. Now Reuters has released the latest from Israel and it looks as though Netanyahu plays a better game of chess than does Obama, as his cabinet agrees that the attack must occur specifically before Obama is reelected.

Israel is prepared to deal with Hezbollah and Hamas, and expect to suffer heavy losses. They cannot deal with the Soros/Obama/UN connection at the same time. If forced to deal with R2P they will lose, and have no choice but to employ the Samson Option … Then we all lose

An afterthought: Obama has made it clear that he wants Iran left to pursue their own nuclear goals, but he is a politician seeking reelection. I can only hope that political pressure forces him to commit to the attack on Iran to save face.

Suggested Reading

The Samson Option … Israel’s Hole Card

The Coming Assault On Israel

The Coming Assault On Israel…Part Two

The Countdown To War Continues

The Strike On Iran And Its Repercussions

Operation Samson (Spiegel)


Danny Jeffrey:


I’m sixty seven and since Ronald Reagan left office I have watched my country slowly deteriorate as freedoms are lost and the value of our currency dwindles. This has been a slow but steady decline until Barrack Obama entered the White House. I will not refer to this man as President. That is a job that deserves respect and he has earned none at all. I am convinced that were it not for the Tea Party stirring up the public we would now be living under a total dictatorship. He seeks only power and has no loyalty at all to the United States, and as long as he is in office I shall write to any who will read and speak of what he is and what he is doing to this country.


View my complete profile

Vidal Sassoon a Hero for Israel and Jewish Heritage

Vidal Sassoon 1-17-1928 to 5-9-12

John R. Houk

© May 28, 2012


Vidal Sassoon passed away on May 9, 2012. One might ask, what is the significance of a glamour stylist passing away? Sassoon’s celebrity may have made his fortune; however his dedication to Israel and Anti-Semitism was his passion.


Here is a clue from The Blaze:


From shampoos and conditioners to hairdryers and other styling tools, there are few who haven’t used, at some point in his or her lifetime, a Vidal Sassoon product. What most aren’t familiar with, however, is that the late Vidal Sassoon was more than just a trendsetting pioneer in the hairdressing industry. As it turns out, the man credited with popularizing the simple, “wash-and-wear” haircut also fought Islamists, Fascists and Anti-Semitism.


That’s quite a life worth celebrating.


While you will surely hear of his celebrity, and his place in American and British popular culture, Sassoon’s true legacy is one that you will likely not find reported on in any mainstream media outlet.


The orphan


Vidal Sassoon was a Sephardic Jew (Jews of Spanish, North African or Middle Eastern rather than Eastern European descent are typically referred to as “Sephardic”) born in Hammersmith, London. With a womanizing and absentee father, his mother could no longer afford the financial burden of single parenthood.



… He was the youngest to join the “43 Group,” an organization founded in 1946 by Jewish veterans who had returned from war only to discover that British Union Fascist Oswald Mosley was fanning the flames of anti-Semitism across the city. Sassoon, along with his compatriots scoured the streets of east London breaking up any and all Fascist gatherings they uncovered. The British news outlet the Telegraph even gave the famed stylist the title, “anti-fascist warrior-hairdresser.”



By 1948, Sassoon did have the opportunity to serve in the military. This time for Israel. At age 20 he joined the Israel Defense Forces predecessor, the Haganah, and fought in Israel’s War of Independence. He described the experience of training with the Israelis in an interview with the Telegraph as “the best year of my life” stating:


When you think of 2,000 years of being put down and suddenly you are a nation rising, it was a wonderful feeling. There were only 600,000 people defending the country against five armies, so everyone had something to do.


Reflecting on his wartime experience, Sassoon continued, “we took a hill and attacked at four in the morning, took them by surprise.”


“It was a hill overlooking a main road where the Egyptian heads of the army were heading. If they had passed this spot they would have been in Tel Aviv in a few hours but we took them. Many Egyptians died trying to get up that hill. They had terrible casualties. A faceless man sent them out there and they probably wanted to be with their loved ones.” (Read Entirety)


Vidal Sassoon founded an academic endeavor to study Anti-Semitism; viz., the Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism (SICSA) at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. My contact at SICSA emailed me to ask if I would be interested in posting Professor Robert Wistrich’s (Director of SICSA) poignant obituary of Vidal Sassoon.


I am emailing Elie with this sentiment: OF COURSE! It is my honor to post anything about Vidal Sassoon.


JRH 5/28/12


TRIBUTE: “The Legacy of Vidal Sassoon”


By Robert S. Wistrich

Sent: May 23, 2012 at 2:17 PM

Sent from: SICSA

PDF Version


I first became aware of Vidal Sassoon’s rise to prominence about 45 years ago as a young student at Cambridge University. It was the age of Beatlemania, the heyday of the fashion designer Mary Quant and her mini-skirts, of the celebrity photographer David Bailey, the spirit of Carnaby Street and the slightly hysterical excitement of “Swinging London.” Vidal Sassoon was part of that universal “Youthquake,” of a newly affluent and style-obsessed Western consumer society.


He was the man who first wedded together hair and clothing design. The poor boy from the East London ghetto was the visionary young Briton who first turned hairdressing into an art-form, eventually emerging as the world’s most famous hair stylist – a true artist with scissors. Fascinated by the geometry of hair, Sassoon pioneered innovative techniques that gave an elegant simplicity, movement and harmony to hair while getting rid of whatever seemed superfluous to the natural look. For him, less really meant more.


When I first met Vidal in the late 1980s in Jerusalem, I had little inkling of the life-experience and artistry that lay behind his celebrity. I remember my surprise when he casually explained to me at a reception that he regarded cutting hair as being akin to architecture with a human element. When he invoked modernist architects like Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier or Mies van der Rohe, I frankly thought he must be kidding me. Only much later did I begin to appreciate that in his creative work, form and function did genuinely coalesce.


It was not until the mid-1990s, when I was teaching in London, that I really came to know the personality behind the flamboyant popular icon. Sitting next to him at a dinner-party in London, I discovered him to be an immensely likeable, friendly individual, refreshingly irreverent about formal rules with a very British style of self-deprecating humor. His very gentlemanly manner concealed a determined, self-disciplined perfectionist and a shrewd entrepreneur who knew exactly what he wanted and how to achieve it.


Vidal firmly believed that people create their own destinies and that success (as his own life demonstrated) was a combination of creativity, focused will-power and hard work – even if an element of luck could never hurt.


Ten years ago, when I became the head of the Vidal Sassoon International Center for the study of Antisemitism (SICSA) at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, my contact with Vidal became more regular and intense. It was only then that I learned how much his rags-to-riches story also had a Jewish dimension; how he had been raised in a Jewish orphanage in London’s East End during the Great Depression; how the ugly antisemitism which he encountered as a child in 1930s London during the rise of the Mosleyite blackshirts, left an enduring mark on his psyche. Vidal was not at all reticent in speaking about these experiences. He liked to recount how by the age of 17 he was already battling the local fascists and anti-Semites on the streets in the East End of London. This activist revulsion against anti-Jewish hatemongering would never leave him.


Vidal’s decision to volunteer two years later to fight in Israel’s War of Independence was probably the single most decisive experience in his life. In conversation, he often highlighted 1948 – the year that he spent in the Palmach, helping to stop the advance of the Egyptian Army from the Northern Negev – as the turning point which forged his identity and gave him the confidence to succeed in life. His eyes would twinkle as he recalled the sense of personal exhilaration at having taken part in the rebirth of the Jewish nation after 2,000 years of crushing oppression at the hands of the Gentiles. He liked to say that while America (to which he had moved in the 1970s) gave him his freedom, it was Israel that created his sense of Jewish dignity.


In 1982, convinced by Prof. Yehuda Bauer, Vidal established the world’s first center for research into anti-Semitism in Jerusalem. Though he lived in far-off Los Angeles, the work and the future of our center was never far from his mind. No less important was his contribution in promoting the work of the Hebrew University, whose commitment to learning, science, tolerance and cultural pluralism he highly valued.


Vidal instinctively understood the need for a high-level research center devoted to the in-depth study of anti-Semitism and for the proliferation of knowledge about it, in order to prevent any repetition of the Holocaust and the havoc which anti-Jewish persecution had wrought throughout history. In this respect, he was unusual among the Anglo-Jews of his day. Few perceived as clearly that anti-Semitism was an ongoing threat, never far beneath the surface even in times of relative calm.


Vidal always took immense pride in our scholarly output and the public outreach work that the Sassoon Center has been able to initiate during the past decade. We shared a common conviction that it was imperative to get academics to fight anti-Semitism in the public arena and not only in the study-room – something much easier said than done if one wishes to maintain the highest intellectual standards.


At our last meeting in California two years ago, Vidal openly wondered if most of his fellow-Jews in America had really learned anything from the Holocaust or fully grasped the predicament of an embattled Israel. We met in Santa Barbara, where I had arrived to give a public lecture and Vidal graciously decided to travel from Los Angeles so that we could spend the entire day together.


As always, he looked trim and well-groomed. He was remarkably warm and encouraging on a personal level while reminiscing freely about his own life and career. His serenity was all the more striking since we both knew he was probably living on borrowed time. Insistently, he dwelt on his Jewish roots. He told me that ever since he could remember, he had carried within him this seemingly inexplicable and mysterious sense of Jewish difference. Though he remained a Universalist who passionately believed in the oneness of mankind, for him Jewish uniqueness was simply a fact.


At his request, I updated him on the current anti-Zionist campaigns and global efforts to delegitimize Israel. He remarked that thirty years ago, when he established the Center, it seemed that nationalist anti-Semitism, Christian religious fundamentalism and Holocaust denial would be the major concerns. Now he realized that radical Islam, left-wing hatred of the Jewish State and the boycott campaign against Israel were no less troubling. But few if any of his celebrity friends (some of whom we would visit that day) saw the gravity of the hour. Certainly, they might acknowledge that anti-Semitism was a problem, but not in the United States. Even in Britain, the country to which Vidal still felt strongly attached, there was only a limited awareness among his friends of how toxic the atmosphere surrounding discussions of Israel had already become.


It was a sobering conversation, especially with the dark Iranian cloud looming ever larger on the horizon. Nevertheless, he was hopeful that the United States would not abandon Israel in its hour of need. Repeatedly, Vidal would come back to the sheer miracle of Israel’s survival and its stunning achievements in the face of adversity. He had been here at its birth when 600,000 Israelis successfully fought off five invading Arab armies. The “first start-up nation” was not only still in place but a thriving, powerful country with six million Jews, determined to defend themselves. It had grown by a factor of ten in just over 60 years.


Since the 1960s, through his willingness to experiment, his visual awareness and sense of style, Vidal Sassoon helped make the world a better and more beautiful place. Through the Center, which I have had the privilege to direct during the past decade, he also helped ensure that the world was a safer place for the Jewish people. Vidal is no longer with us but his legacy lives on in every one of us.  It is now our collective responsibility to maintain these crucial goals with the same generosity of spirit and vision as Vidal himself.


Prof. Robert S. Wistrich is the director of the Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism (SICSA) at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  His latest book, From Ambivalence to Betrayal: The Left, the Jews and Israel, was just release by the University of Nebraska Press.


The Vidal Sassoon International Center (SICSA) was established in 1982 as an interdisciplinary research center dedicated to an independent, non-political approach to the accumulation and dissemination of knowledge necessary for understanding the phenomenon of antisemitism. The Center engages in research on antisemitism throughout the ages, focusing on relations between Jews and non-Jews, particularly in situations of tension and crisis.

Mohamed Merah – Man of the West

Mohamed Merah - Jihadi Murderer


The West not only ignores the emergence of global Anti-Semitism but also facilitates the hatred of Muslims toward non-Muslim – especially Jews – by ignoring the writings, speeches and words of hate that come from Islamic sources.


Carolyn Glick examines this hatred of Jews projected from Muslims with the latest act of infamy occurring in Toulouse, France.


JRH 3/24/12

Free Speech Works for Western Muslims but NOT Westerners

Cleric Muzzles Lady Liberty

John R. Houk

© January 5, 2012

In America Nazis can march in a Jewish neighborhood in Chicago even if the residents in that neighborhood are survivors of the Holocaust.

In America Muslims can say all manner of vile things about Jews or the overthrow of the American government to establish a Sharia State.

Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA)

… the book Don’t Be Sad, a required reading text for both members and MGAs during the July-September quarter. “But if it [the soul] fights for the sake of Allah, Allah will transform fear and anxiety into happiness, strength, and vigor.”

The same text, published in 2005 by the International Islamic Publishing House in Saudi Arabia, promotes hatred of the Jews, calling them the greediest of people.

ICNA’s 2010 Member’s Hand Book emphasized ideas of a far-fetched Islamist take-over of American society, something also found in the group’s Charter and By-Laws.

Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)

Hooper has candidly stated that while he does not endorse the violent tactics of Islamic radicals, he does share their desire to impose Islam on all of America. “I wouldn’t want to create the impression that I wouldn’t like the government of the United States to be Islamic sometime in the future,” he told the Minneapolis Star Tribune in a 1993 interview. “But I’m not going to do anything violent to promote that. I’m going to do it through education.”

Ten years later, in 2003, Hooper stated that if Muslims were ever to become a numerical majority in the U.S., they would likely seek to replace the Constitution with Islamic law (Sharia), which they view as divinely inspired and thus superior to all other legal systems.


CAIR Co-Founder Niwad Awad

Awad then began addressing his views toward Jewish control in the US:

“So we in the activist community, yourselves, we always call on the President, on the White House to do things. But there’s nothing being done. Why? Because the second power lies with the Congress. Members of Congress compete with each other, whether Democrats or Republicans, to please the Israel lobby, to please Israel. Some of members of Congress are willing to put the interests of Israel ahead of the United States’ interests.”


“Why? Because we have to understand what drives members of Congress. Is it values, principles or votes and money and pressure? The pro-Israel lobby has mastered deception, pressure tactics and exploiting the system of giving money to candidates and putting pressure and threatening some candidates with either scandals or what have you. And they managed over many years to have this huge influence on not only members of Congress but those who want to be elected officials in the United States.”

Attributing masters of deception to the “pro-Israel lobby” by Awad is a thinly disguised euphemism for Jews. Awad’s claim that pro-Israel members of Congress traitorously put Israeli interests ahead of US interests is a blatant age old anti-Semitic variation taken from the notorious anti-Semitic Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Awad’s allegations are the same only slightly cryptic posturing about Jews used by the KKK and other racist white supremacist organizations.

In his speech, Awad demonstrated his true background as an anti-Semitic, Israel-hating provocateur who uses his position in CAIR to further a radical Islamist agenda, and that is precisely the reason CAIR exists.

Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)

While many panels featured criticism of U.S. policy and law enforcement, one stood out for its hate-filled rhetoric, and ISNA officials should have seen it coming a mile away. During a “meet the authors” session, Imam Warith Deen Umar, former head of the New York state prison chaplain program managed to:

* Argue that key Obama aides are “Israeli,” proving Jews “have control of the world.”


* Malign the motives of Jews active in the Civil Rights movement.


* Portray the Holocaust as punishment of Jews for being “serially disobedient to Allah.”


* Insinuate that Hurricane Katrina was a result of tolerance for homosexuality.


ISNA described the author’s panel as “an interactive session which provides a wonderful platform to learn, share ideas, and provide literary contributions to society.” Remarkably, ISNA included Umar in that platform despite a very public record of anti-Semitism, advocacy for jihad, and praise for the 9/11 hijackers.

Muslim American Society(MAS)

MAS has furthermore extended invitations to speakers whose anti-Israel remarks delve into anti-Semitic prevarications.  In June 2006, MAS co-sponsored a town hall meeting in La Mirada, CA where former Ambassador Edward Peck delivered a keynote address in which he reportedly said, “There is a linkage between what is happening in Iraq and terrorism. It is linked to our support of Israel.” Peck was reported as having “reminded his audience that the Nazis saw the rest of the world as untermensch – subhuman and not worthy of respect. He said that is how Israelis treat their opponents – The media, he explained, like Congress, is controlled by Jews.”

MAS has sponsored anti-Israel rallies in the U.S. that featured virulently anti-Jewish rhetoric and expressions of support for terrorist groups, including Hezbollah, an Iranian-backed militant movement that calls for the destruction of Israel. In December 2008, MAS organized a “National Day of Action” in more than 30 locations around the U.S. in response to Israel’s military action in Gaza. Many of the demonstrations were marked by offensive Holocaust imagery likening Jews and Israelis to Nazis, anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic rhetoric.

The Muslim American Society (MAS) has historically disseminated and promoted extremist literature. At its 8th annual convention held in December 2009 in Chicago, MAS’ Youth organization sold educational materials including books and CDs by radical anti-Semitic sheikhs such as Yusuf al-Qaradawi, a leading Muslim Brotherhood ideologue based in Qatar who is known for his support of terrorist groups such as Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah; and Anwar al-Awlaki, a U.S. born Muslim cleric based in Yemen who has encouraged American Muslims to attack non-Muslims and Western targets.

MAS also made available on its Web site until March 2006 issues of American Muslims, a magazine edited by Editor-in-Chief Souheil Ghannouchi, who was also an Executive Director of MAS. The publication featured anti-Semitic articles and religious edicts justifying suicide operations.

The cover story in the January 2004 issue of American Muslims featured an article arguing that “the bible is a distorted document” and that “Zionism began with the Old Testament. Unknown authors willingly distorted the word of God to suit their own self-interest.” The article stated that, “The Middle East conflict today still harkens back to Jews’ erroneous claim that God gave the ‘Promised Land’ exclusively to Jews.”

Muslim Public Affairs Council(MPAC)

While speaking to a young Jewish journalist from our local Jewish paper, he mentioned that his office staff will soon be meeting with the leadership of MPAC, (Muslim Public Affairs Council) a Muslim Brotherhood affiliated Islamic front group. He wondered what questions should be asked of them.   That evening I could barely sleep.   My adrenalin was racing as I thought of the numerous questions that should be posed by not only Jewish American leadership, but by our leaders in the halls of government.  In today’s atmosphere of inter-faith kumbayas, would we not be better served if today’s leaders had the courage to ask the tough questions?

Question 1: Why do Muslims follow an Anti-Semitic doctrine that refers to Jews as the “sons of pigs and apes” and why should we Jews respect a doctrine that calls for our demise?  In the Hadith Muhammad said: ‘The time [of judgment] will not come until Muslims will fight the Jews and kill them; until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, which will cry: Oh, Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, come and kill him!” (Bukhari 4.52.176 & 177, and 4.56.791.)

Muslim Student Association(MSA)

… Although the MSA presents itself to others as a benign social organization with no other purpose than promoting the legitimate interests of students from the Mid East and elsewhere in Dar Al-Islam, in actual fact the group seeks to further militant anti-Semitic Islam, especially its Wahhabi form.

This means, among other things, emphasis on particular verses in the Qur’an, most notably Surah 5:64-65. To be certain, there are many other verses which have special significance for the MSA, but this is central to the discussion and problems elsewhere are epitomized by this passage. By the way, 5:64-65 may or may not be in the exact same place in a translation which you may make use of. Unlike the Bible, where all verses in all versions are in the identical same place in the text, Qur’an verses may occur in one place in one translation and somewhere else in other versions. This understood, here is what Surah 5:64-65 says, in words addressed to the Jews: “do not disavow us… They whom God has cursed [the Jews], and with whom he has been angry, some of them he changed into apes and pigs.”

We have been lucky, so far, at the University of Oregon. To the best of my knowledge the school has not hosted MSA sponsored speakers like those just cited, all of them virulent anti-Semites–and supporters of terrorist groups as part of the bargain. But it is clear beyond all reasonable doubt what the MSA is a hate group of the worst odor.

There are more prominent Islamic-American organizations but I think you get the picture. These organizations in America are Anti-Semitic, Jew-Hating and American Constitution-Hating. And yet if a non-Muslim secularist, Jew or Christian places their principles ahead of Islam while criticizing the darker nature of Islam these same Muslim-American organizations love to play the victim and cry racist Islamophobia is persecuting the Muslims of America.

Playing on this stance as victim these prominent Muslim American organizations have been advocating special treatment that provide rights beyond the U.S. Constitution much as the Muslims have been largely successful in Europe.

Europe is loaded with Muslim only enclaves. Not that it is illegal to enter a Muslim enclave, but expect no protection from the rule of law. Sharia Law rules in a Muslim enclave even if Shariah contradicts rule of law that everyone else must follow.

In Europe Muslim anti-Semitism and hatred for critics of Islam is so virulent that Jews and critics often fear for the lives for the use of Religious Freedom or Free Speech. It is not uncommon for a non-Muslim in Europe to be raped merely because her clothing to Muslim males is a sign post saying, “come violate in any way you wish.”

And yet if a non-Muslim European that probably has a family tree that reaches back further than the existence of Roman Empire let alone the residue of Islamic conquest that forcibly altered the European culture of peoples living in the Balkans of Eastern Europe speaks against Islam, then hate speech is accused. The European policy of prosecuting non-Muslims for exposing Islam and not prosecuting Muslims for more viral hate speech is dhimmified lunacy.

Geert Wilders of Netherlands made news for his hate-speech incitement trial via some short films he made showing the dark side of Islam. Europeans, American Leftists and even some American Conservatives berated Wilders. In America Wilders’ short films would not even have made the law enforcement blink because of the First Amendment. Wilders was acquitted just before the Norwegian psycho Breivik embarked on a massacre of Norwegians in the hope of driving Europe to form a New European Order that would expel Muslim immigrants.

Anti-Jihad essayist Fjordman was detained and questioned harshly because Breivik used his essays to formulate the grand revolutionary scheme to eject Muslim immigrants (Too bad there is no death penalty on the table for Breivik).

Then there is the Austrian Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff accused and convicted of denigrating religious beliefs. Sabaditsch-Wolff wrote about an Austrian Appellate Court upholding her conviction and you should read the entire English version post. Below is the specific reaction she felt about the last verdict:

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff 2

I will now comment very briefly on the verdict.

I must admit that I entered the courtroom with some cautious optimism. However, when I sat down to face the presiding judge, with another nameless judge on his left and right, I knew in my heart that the verdict once again had already been written, as it was from the day of my indictment.

Let’s be honest: from the very beginning we freedom-loving men and women, we who seek to defend democracy and universal human rights, never had a chance. The destruction of everything we stand up for is too far advanced.

For those of you wondering what the verdict was and its implications, here a short summary.

The initial verdict found me NOT GUILTY on the count of hate speech.

It did, however, find me guilty of “denigrating the religious teachings of a legally recognized religion” because I had said that “Mohammed had a thing for little girls”, and that his behavior can be described as “pedophilia” for want of a better word. I was sentenced to a fine of €480 (i.e. 1/3 of the maximum sentence) and two months jail if I refused to pay.

The appeals court verdict is interesting, but even more shocking. The judge explained that while it is certainly within the law to say that “Mohammed had sex with a 9-year-old”, calling this spade a spade is considered “excessive” and thus “denigrating”. Imagine that you were no longer allowed to call a murderer “heinous” because you might be convicted of having an “excessive” opinion as a result.

Here in Austria we are no longer permitted to name the crime committed by the founder of a religion, in whose name (according to Koran 33:21, Mohammed is the perfect example to be emulated by all Muslims) millions of young girls are married off and raped by their “husbands”. This is an unbearable thought for me, as the mother of a young girl. And it is an unacceptable situation, one I shall fight till the very end.

However, at this point I cannot tell you how I will continue this fight, as I have not heard from my lawyer. We have to wait for the written verdict first, after which we can decide on a strategy, for both the battle inside the courtroom as well as outside. I thus ask you to bear with me until my legal team, my family, and my confidants present the details of what I should do next. I can assure you that I will not stop, for stopping would mean surrendering to the application of sharia law here in Austria, which is something I will never, ever do.

Paraphrasing Congressman Allen West’s words: “I will remain steadfast in my opinions and loyal to my family and my beloved Austria.” (Emphasis SlantRight)

Sabaditsch-Wolff did not say “death to Muslims” or “we should go out and teach those ungrateful Muslim immigrants a lesson”. She was convicted for saying “Mohammed had a thing for little girls, and that his behavior can be described as ‘Pedophilia’ for want of a better word.” I mean she read that right of the Quran and came to the obvious conclusion AND was convicted for it!

ACT for America sent an email that asking for donations to go for Sabaditsch-Wolff’s legal fee. In America an Appellate decision can be overturned by the Supreme Court. I don’t know how that work’s in Austria, I assume the word “Appellate” means there is a Higher Court in Austria.

JRH 1/5/12 (Read the email below my thoughts at SlantRight 2.0)

U.S. chaplains vetted by Muslim who condemns Jewish ‘trickery’

Taha Jaber al-Alwani


Taha Jaber al-Alwani is a Muslim certified by the U.S. Military to vet Muslim Clerics as suitable to be Muslim Chaplains. The question becomes: How or who vetted al-Alwani to be a person who vets Muslims to serve as Chaplains in the U.S. Military?


Woefully al-Alwani’s vetting seems to be only his condemnation of Islamic terrorism that initiated America’s Global War on Terror (GWOT). It seems no one checked where al-Alwani has received his Islamic credentials and no one checked into the Jew-hatred that al-Alwani has written about claiming authority from the Islamic Jew-hating document known as the Quran.


Al-Alwani is a graduate of Al-Azhar University in Cairo. Al-Azhar is considered the preeminent academic university for Islamic faith among Muslims. Although there are many who graduate and teach at Al-Azhar that the Islamic world would label as moderate Islam, there also is a significant amount of graduates and Professors who are full supporters of radical Islam (aka purist Islam, Salafist Islam, Wahhabi Islam, etc.).


Al-Alwani taught at a Wahhabi university in Saudi Arabia.


Al-Alwani has served as the Chairman Fiqh Council of North America (FCNA). The FCNA is a tool of the West-hating and Jew-hating Muslim Brotherhood.


In my opinion the Islamic background of Taha Jaber al-Alwani should disqualify him from anything to do with the U.S. Military or the U.S. Government.


JRH 7/10/11


My friend Vicki sent an excerpt from the Canadian Free Press Article entitled, “Obama’s Malignant Obsession with Jews and Israel”. The essay is by Joan Swirsky and it is quite lengthy. Swirsky writes about how Anti-Semitism is slowly oozing on the overt scale into America. Her theme is the shock of the level of heads looking the other way as the appearance of Anti-Semitism is arising with little to no criticism.


Vicki’s excerpt is the portion entitled “WHO IS BEHIND OBAMA’S OBSESSION? That is, his malignant obsession with Jews and with Israel!” That portion focuses on Obama’s Muslim heritage (that is somewhat pooh-poohed with a denial by BHO), Swirsky’s belief that the released long form birth certificate is fraudulent, and Obama’s lying that his close associations with Frank Marshall Davis, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Rev. Louis Farrakhan (SA HERE) and all of which she ends with a “et al”. Of course the “et al” can also refer to some of my favorite culprits Bill Ayers and wife Bernadette Dohrn as well as the written influence of the pseudo-GramscistSaul Alinsky.


I am just going to post the excerpt sent by Vicki; however the entire Joan Swirsky essay is well worth the read.


JRH 6/11/10 (Hat Tip: Vicki)




By Joan Swirsky

Sent: May 29, 2011 at 5:23 PM

Excerpt from: Obama’s Malignant Obsession with Jews and Israel

Canada Free Press

Posted: Tuesday, May 24, 2011


That is, his malignant obsession with Jews and with Israel!


Untold numbers of words have been written about the woman and man Obama claims were his mother and father, the far-left Stanley Ann Dunham and the Kenyan-born Marxist, Barack Obama Sr. Then there is the couple he claims were his grandparents, the far-left Madelyn Dunham and Stanley Armour Dunham. I say “claims” because there is still no certifiable birth certificate that attests either to Obama’s parentage or citizenship. But we do know that these people “raised” Obama and along with Frank Marshall Davis, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Rev. Louis Farrakhan, et al, profoundly influenced his hate-whitey, anti-American, and anti-Israel world view.


Last year, to the month, I wrote Obama’s Jewish Problem, in which I remarked that “to prepare for his meeting on May 18 with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Obama prepared a menu of poison pills—the kind given to people with the same Hobson’s Choice that Mafia attorney Tom Hagen gave to the imprisoned and about-to-testify-before-Congress Frankie Pentangeli in `Godfather Two`—either commit suicide or we’re going to kill you.” Sound familiar?!


In that article, I listed the people—more accurately, collaborators—who aid and abet what Mona Charen calls Obama’s “genocidal hostility toward Israel.” The following is the short list:


  • Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who according to Dick Morris has had “relationships with terrorists [that] began in the mid-1980s when she served on the Board of the New World Foundation, which gave funds to the Palestine Liberation Organization [when] the PLO was officially recognized by the U.S. government as a terrorist organization.”



  • Lee Hamilton, who Ed Lasky calls the eminence grise of Obama’s Mideast policy and who has suggested that the U.S. should pressure Israel to surrender the Golan Heights and leave the West Bank—but not a word about dismantling Hamas or Hezbollah!


  • Zbigniew Brzezinski, longtime Israel loather, who suggested that the Obama administration should tell Israel that the U.S. will attack Israeli jets if they try to attack Iran.


  • John Brennan, Deputy National Security Advisor for Homeland Security, suggests, among other egregious things, that Obama & Co. “reach out” to Hezbollah.


  • Samantha Power, now on Obama’s National Security Council, has advocated ending all U.S. military aid to Israel and written of her willingness to “alienate a domestic constituency of tremendous political and financial import [American Jews]…” She has also advocated, Ed Lasky writes, “that America send armed military forces,” “a mammoth protection force” and an “external intervention” to” impose a settlement between Israel and the Palestinians.”


  • Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s Senior Advisor. According to Ulsterman, the by-now infamous Washington Insider, “weeks after widespread Middle East chaos first erupted, and with a growing number of nations now poised to join the likes of Egypt and Libya into all out rebellion, some are finally questioning the role played by the Obama White House in helping to hasten these events. Of primary concern is the reasoning behind Barack Obama’s quick repudiation of Egypt’s Mubarak, and near silence regarding Libya’s Gaddafi.  Why such a disparity in tone between one uprising vs another? …Perhaps the answer to this disparity can be found with President Obama’s closest and most powerful adviser—[Iranian-born Muslim] Valerie Jarrett


In addition, according to Ryan Mauro, founder of “The “most influential Muslim” in the White House is Dalia MogahedShe is a close colleague of John Esposito, a staunch defender of the Muslim Brotherhood and a witness for the defense during the Holy Land Foundation trial. Officials from the Obama Administration, like the Bush Administration, have made a concerted effort to court these Brotherhood affiliates, including senior advisor Valerie Jarrett; chief counter-terrorism advisor John Brennan; Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano; Deputy National Security Advisor Denis McDonough and many other lower-level government officials”


And that is not to omit the aforementioned George Soros, the man who is running not only Barack Obama but just about the entire American media. According to Dan Gainor, Soros “spent $27 million trying to defeat President Bush in 2004 [and today] has ties to more than 30 mainstream news outlets—including The New York Times, Washington Post, the Associated Press, NBC and ABC.”


I can’t think of one of Obama’s advisors, czars, even Court Jews who is not floridly anti-Israel, in both word and deed. The belief, indeed conviction, that all of these people have in common is that everything wrong with their lives and with the world would magically disappear if only those damned Jews and their damned country Israel were destroyed. Hence the salami tactics to whittle away territory until Israelis simply cannot defend themselves and so perish at the hands of neighbors who have been promising nothing less than annihilation for decades.

This is Obama’s malignant intention, as well. Hence the 1967 lines!




This is the title of an article by Paul Schnee, in which he says that the Obama speech “confirmed in the starkest terms why his long held prejudices, cloaked as a foreign policy, have made his Oval Office not only the graveyard for any peace and justice in the Middle East but also the incubator for the next great conflict there.


“Obama’s intentions towards Israel have never been good,” Schnee adds, “but yesterday he proved just how hostile he is to the Jewish state of Israel. One of the most perverse forms of anti-Semitism is to expect Jews to die meekly His speech was a shameful act in a career of shameful acts”


Victor Sharpe, author of Politicide: The attempted murder of the Jewish State, agrees. “Obama parrots the Arab policy of `stages` whereby Israel is forced to commit national suicide through the diabolical euphemism called `land for peace.‘Obama embraces the darkness of the Arab world and chooses—not from ignorance but from hatred—to enact under his watch the eventual annihilation of the Jewish state.”


Is there any light in this bleak picture? According to Professor Barry Rubin, director of the Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) Center, “Israel is not going to allow a president with no credibility, who clearly doesn’t understand what’s at stake, fails to support his Arab allies, is soft on his Iranian and Syrian enemies, doesn’t learn from his past errors, is sacrificing U.S. interests in the region, and pays no attention to what’s happening in Egypt, to determine its future.”


But the last word (at least of this article) has to go to writer and Army veteran J.D. Longstreet, who cites Amos and Jeremiah and Ezekiel in “America’s Betrayal of Israel,” in which he states:


“Let me be very clear here: ISRAEL WILL NOT LOSE.  Its enemies WILL lose…as a result of the Obama’s announced policy demanding that Israel return to the pre-1967 war borders.


What Obama, and Israel’s other enemies, fail to understand (or understand it and choose to ignore it) is this:  That of all the dry land on this planet earth, there is only one tiny little piece of geography that God, Himself, has designated as belonging to a single people—ISRAEL.


What the evangelical Christian Americans rightly understand is this:  When God brought the people of Israel, His people, home and gave them a “state,” a nation, in May of 1948, God had already made it as plain as possible that Israel would never be moved from that land again—forever.


Joan Swirsky is an award winning author and journalist. Her work can be found at


More about Joan Swirsky


Review Antisemitism International

John R. Houk

© April 11, 2011


Have you heard of the Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of AntiSemitism (SICSA)? It is actually an academic fellowship that groups prominent intellectuals that study the ramifications of global antisemitism. It is a part of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Here are some self descriptive excerpts from the Center’s website:


The Vidal Sassoon International Center (SICSA) was established in 1982 as an interdisciplinary research center dedicated to an independent, non-political approach to the accumulation and dissemination of knowledge necessary for understanding the phenomenon of antisemitism. The Center engages in research on antisemitism throughout the ages, focusing on relations between Jews and non-Jews, particularly in situations of tension and crisis.



The SICSA puts out an annual publication that has essays related to the issues involved in antisemitism. The essays are intent on finding understanding of the insidious phenomenon of Jew-hatred. This is vitally important because there has been a discomforting resurgence of antisemitism in the West and a horrifying indoctrination of Jew-hatred among Muslim dominated nations.


The 2010 “Special Issue” Antisemitism International is a good read that is best NOT to skim through. Read each essay with the intent toward attention. These are scholarly essays so it might take some time to digest the written words; nonetheless the essays will enlighten you to that which Jewish people have faced for aeons. And if you are Jewish you can examine these essays to gain an understanding how the teaching of antisemitism has been ingrained into non-Jews to make Jews the scapegoat for all the ills of the world. Blaming Jews for global ills is insane. The biggest agenda Jews have had while living in non-Jewish oft times prejudiced lands is to survive while retaining their identity in a non-threatening way. For many Jews this has translated into assimilation into Western nations. For the rest of Jews this translated into a dedication to faith insulated by Jewish religious communities from suspicious gentiles who always seem to think the worse about something that is different.


AntiSemitism International 5-6 – Special Issue

An Annual Research Journal

Edited by Robert S. Wistrich

October 2010, 192 pp, English, Paperback

ISSN: 1565-4850, SKU 45-654850

Price $49.95



Robert S. Wistrich – Jewish “Otherness” in Historical Perspective

Anthony Kauders – Liberalism, Multiculturalism, and Jewish Identity in the Federal Republic, 1945-1990

Nelly Las – Secularism, Feminism, and Antisemitism: The Islamic Veil in France

Martina Libertad Weisz – Micro-physics of Otherness: Jews, Muslims, and Latin Americans in Today`s Spain

Suzanne Rutland and Sol Encel – Australian Multiculturalism: Immigration, Race, and Religion

Micahel C. Kotzin –
Pictures at an exhibition: Art Galleries, the Academy, and Anti-Israel Polemics

Heidemarie Wawrsyn – Nazis in the Holy Land 1933-1939

Jeffrey Herf – Nazi Broadcasts to the Middle East during the Holocaust

Menahem Milson – A European Plot on the Arab Stage

Robert S. Wistrich – Antisemitism: The European and Islamic Legacies

Annexe: Interview with the Author


Jewish “Otherness” in Historical Perspective


Wistrich examines how Jews have been looked upon as “the other”. This otherness has existed against Jews even when a Jewish population was sometimes non-existent. “The other” is a kind of … READ THE REST at 

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