Objective Islam, Subjective Islam

What's Quran say

Bill Warner states there are angles of thought when it comes to writing or speaking about Islam to non-Muslims (kafir). In essence then there is the negative and the positive. The negative comes from the angle of the critic of Islam. The positive comes from the Muslim apologist. The Muslim apologist may or may not be a Muslim. The apologists that are Muslim either are blind to the darkness inherent in the Quran, Hadith and Sira or are downright walking the line of deception to win the kafir to Islam or to hide from the kafir Islam’s intentions for those who refuse to believe in Islam in this temporal life.


Warner points out that the critic of Islam is often vilified as a bigot, a hater, an Islamophobe and so on. The Islamic apologist is the hero of Muslims and the hero of multicultural diversity people who unwittingly promote national and global chaos by compartmentalizing indigenous cultures by infusing foreign cultures.


For the record – I am a critic of Islam.


JRH 12/21/10

Who Rates an Arrest?

Hate mongering Islamofascists or Anti-Islamic EDL

John R. Houk

© November 18, 2010


The United Kingdom’s English Defence League (EDL) has had a reputation of being way on the Right and anti-Semitic. Now days the EDL are still on the Right yet have moved more to the center and have abandoned anti-Semitism. The EDL past is a concern and yet their primary emphasis today is an anti-Islam platform.


For Europeans which includes the Brits, even being anti-Islam still places EDL in the public view of racists.


With this information about the EDL I was pointed toward a snippet from a Michael Savage radio broadcast wondering why Muslims spewing out hate toward British soldiers and the government get a pass, while an EDL counter-protest get police harassment and arrests:




JRH 11/18/10 (Hat Tip: Occidental Soapbox)