Free Thinking People are the Miracle of the USA!!!!!!!!!!

Illegitimate Govt. Corruption

Tony Newbill has not sent me a good Conspiracy Theory article for some time; however he delivered one to me in the form of a comment to a post entitled, “IRS has become Political Abusive Attack Dog”. Newbill’s comment had nothing to do with the post. My post was about IRS corruption as an attack dog for Obama and focused on the unconstitutional seizure of Carole Hinders assets because her cash only business made bank deposits that was just short of $10,000.00 mandatory bank reporting of any deposit greater than that number. The only thing the post had in common with the Newbill comment is the force of the power of government upon We-the-People Americans to be molded to the whims of a Leftist government.


Tony Newbill has long contended that cures for catastrophic illnesses such as cancer has long been available; HOWEVER the cure is never addressed because there is no profit in cure. There is profit in repeat customers; hence pharmaceutical companies invest time and money into drugs that are balancing with only a chance of overcoming a catastrophic illness.


I am a proponent of Capitalism; however this kind of Capitalism is the dark side. Honestly I have not watched the nearly two-hour documentary shared by Newbill. If you join Newbill in the outrage of covering up for profit watch it – perhaps in pieces at a time.


Then Newbill sources an article by Mac Slavo located at D.C. Clothesline exposing the Leftist paradigm to place the USA into such debt that a dictatorship might be accepted by the people to usher in a new era – Obama’s Fundamental Transformation of society.


Then Newbill posts a Youtube video of Greg Hunter interviewing Egon von Greyerz, Founder of Matterhorn Asset Management. Von Greyerz talks about how printing money to uphold markets will eventually collapse a government’s economy.


JRH 11/17/14

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Free Thinking People are the Miracle of the USA!!!!!!!!!!


By Tony Newbill

November 1, 2014 8:55 AM





Published: Jul 25, 2014





Here we see what GREED and POWER TO KEEP THAT GREED GOING DOES!!!!!!!!

The fundamental transformation to a Peaceful result of totalitarianism was the plan by the elite and why they put Obama up, they thought he could sway the public to peacefully accept a dictatorship that would flip an economic train wreck into a new era. This explains why? ….. It Will Take 6.25 BILLION “Man Years” To Pay-Off Federal Government Liabilities: “A Mathematical Impossibility”.



We often hear government officials and mainstream financial pundits throwing around numbers like a billion or trillion. To most Americans these numbers are indiscernible. They are so incredibly enormous that we can’t even imagine what one billion dollars actually looks like, let alone what it takes to generate such capital. And a trillion, or better yet, the $17.9 Trillion that is our national debt? Forget about it! That’s so much money that we’re talking piles of cash the size of skyscrapers.


PHOTO – US Debt Ceiling Visualization 2.013

 US Debt Ceiling Visualization 2.013




But even a visualization like this makes it difficult to understand how much money this actually is.


Ann Barnhardt, who in 2011 shut the doors to her investment firm and urged her clients to withdraw their money from all markets because she says the entire system has been utterly destroyed, will blow your mind in her most recent blog post.


It turns out money the way we were taught to understand it in school isn’t really how we should be valuing economies or debt. Instead, we need to be looking at what that money represents.


How do we define the sizes of economies?  In dollars?  Nope.  These systems should be measured in terms of a transcendent, invariant unit.  Currencies are, by definition, variant, because they are constantly changing relative to one another.  This includes the dollar, which is itself measured against a BASKET of other currencies.  I propose that GDP should be measured in the unit of MAN HOURS or MAN YEARS.  $20 per hour average wage.  2000 hour average work year.  Because the buying power of an average man hour or man year shouldn’t change much at all.  Think about it.


So, if we take the latest bee-ess GDP for the former US of $16.8 trillion, and if we use an average wage of $20 per hour, or $40,000 per year, we get an economy of 840 billion man hours, or 420 million man years.


Puts a different spin on it, huh?  Now, you really want your mind blown?  Do that same calculation with the debt (now $18 trillion).  Now do it with the unfunded liabilities of the FEDGOV (conservatively $250 trillion).

450 million man years, and 6.25 billion man years respectively.


Source: Notes for Apres la Guerre Part 2: Banking and Financial Market Theory


So, when we talk about trillions of tax dollars being spent on banks or infused into shadow investment houses around the globe, we’re actually not just talking about money being stolen from one group of people that’s being distributed to another. What we’re talking about is the literal theft of READ THE REST (It Will Take 6.25 BILLION “Man Years” To Pay Off Federal Government Liabilities: “A Mathematical Impossibility”; By Mac Slavo; D.C. Clothesline; 11/1/14)


VIDEO: Egon von Greyerz-Reset Will Be Dramatic [30:11]


Published by Greg Hunter

Published: Oct 28, 2014


Egon von Greyerz, Founder of Matterhorn Asset Management, says, “You can’t have governments borrow more than ever and have interest rates at zero. You can only do that temporarily because you have governments printing money and artificially holding interest rates down. That will not last either. So, the reset will be dramatic. It won’t happen overnight, but there will be events that trigger short term pitfalls, but this is a long term thing.”

Printing money to support the stock market and the bond market will work for a while, but Greyerz warns, “The ammunition that they have will, of course, be so devalued that nobody will want it. So, any support they try to muster in the future will have no effect. This is why markets are going to be in a terrible state in the next few years. It will be all the bubbles that have been created over a very long period.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Egon von Greyerz, Founder of Matterhorn Asset Management.



Edited by John R. Houk

Text enclosed by brackets are by the Editor.


© Tony Newbill

Ann Barnhardt Podcast #4

Ann Barnhardt - pink machine gun

I am subscribed to Ann Barnhardt’s Youtube channel. Every so I actually check the notifications. I am glad that I did. This Youtube video is actually a copy of a Barnhardt podcast. You get to see a picture of her in the backdrop of a Charlie Brown Christmas still. The podcast is a bit lengthy at 1 hour and 4 minutes. Here are the topics that I roughly gleaned from the Youtube post:


1)     MF Global


2)     Putin’s calculated faux-Christian schtick


3)     Direct Saudi Govt. involvement in 9/11


4)     Pope Francis named “Man of the Year” by sodomite agitprop magazine “The Advocate”.


5)     Reading of the PULCHRA VERA essay


The Barnhardt about page for this podcast breaks down the time stamp of these discussions. I am posting this breakdown prior to the cross post of the Youtube video.


JRH 12/21/13

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Ann Barnhardt Podcast #4 December 19, ARSH 2013


Posted by AnnBarnhardt

Posted on Dec 19, 2013


Topics and timestamps:

0:0013:57 Explaining how the MFGlobal victims had to sell their claims to recovery sharks at a heavy discount long ago. The time value of money (aka interest) is discussed as a corollary.

13:5822:33 The importance of not falling for Putin’s calculated faux-Christian schtick. The guy is a murderous tyrant who is also clearly insane, as evidenced by his multilation of his face via plastic surgery. Just because he can cross himself and is making a calculated political stand against the sodomites does NOT make him a “good guy”.

22:3433:20 The news of the Saudi government being directly involved in 9/11, the need to declare war on the caliphate, the precedent of the deportation of the members of the German American Bund (Nazis) during WWII, and a tangent on petroleum and fusion.

33:2152:14 Pope Francis named “Man of the Year” by sodomite agitprop magazine “The Advocate”. Our Lord’s words to Doctor of the Church St. Catherine of Siena regarding the sins of sodom are discussed.

52:151:04:07 Reading of the PULCHRA VERA essay – On Beauty and Truth, specifically when the truth is ugly.

Pulchra Very Essay link:



Barnhardt Webpage


About Ann Barnhardt


It is a bizarre tale.


I was born outside of Kansas City in ARSH 1976.  I dropped out of public high school after being skipped two grades because I feared for my safety and the “education” was a complete joke.  I graduated from Kansas State University in ARSH 1997 with a degree in Animal Husbandry (beef cattle production) with an emphasis in Agricultural Economics.  Again, the education wasn’t much to write home about, especially the economics which was 105% Keynesian agitprop, but it served its purpose.


After graduating I immediately moved to Denver and became a commodity broker, specializing in cattle and grain hedging – PURE hedging, as in forward contracting actual cattle and actual grain for farmers and ranchers.  I was NEVER a “money manager” or a so-called “hedge fund”.  I was a pure, old-school commercial agricultural hedge broker.  In ARSH 2004 one of my clients, a salty and brilliant old-timer, trained me in the art of cash cattle marketing and cash market arbitrage, and I began teaching cattlemen this lost skillset.  This was my most important professional achievement.  I am a good teacher, and I loved teaching, and I especially loved being able to teach such good people as there are in the North American cattle industry.


In ARSH 2006 I opened my own Independent Introducing Brokerage, which consisted of just me – a one-man shop.  It became very successful very quickly.  I considered hiring other brokers and expanding, but never did.  Thank God.


After years of reading and research, trying earnestly to disprove or discredit it, and despite the fact that the Kennedy family is Roman Catholic, I was received into the One Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church on April 7, ARSH 2007.  As this was before Summorum Pontificum, I was unaware of the Latin Mass parish in Denver, and thus entered the Church in a Novus Ordo parish, through the “RCIA” program.  Novus Ordo Masses, while illicit, are indeed (mostly) valid, and Our Lord is physically present therein.  I know this for a metaphysical certitude.  I am NOT a sedevacantist.  It is precisely because the Novus Ordo Masses are valid that the sacrilege built into the Rite by Bugnini and the other infiltrators matters, and why the Novus Ordo Rite MUST be exterminated as quickly as possible.  There will be no civilizational recovery so long as the Novus Ordo remains.


On April 3, ARSH 2011, after seeing Sen. Lindsey Graham advocate for Sharia Law and the punishing of American citizens who “disrespected” the islamic political system and its manifesto, the koran, I rebutted Graham’s remarks and then burned a koran – bookmarked with raw bacon – and concluded by announcing my address and inviting all musloid and/or FEDGOV comers to come and get a piece of me.


My actions were … appreciated.  The two videos went viral instantly and have been mirrored countless times.  A translation and subtitling project was begun, and the videos were translated into at least ten languages.  The Arabic version was done by Egyptian Copts, some of whom may already be martyrs, and is the most-viewed version with over 650,000 views, most of which were in Egypt.  My Arabic-subtitled koran burning video stood instantly as proof of the lie of the 9/11/12 Benghazi attack motivation, as my video had hundreds of thousands more views in North Africa than READ THE REST

Ann Barnhardt burning Quran

Ann Barnhardt – Counterjihad and Economic Warning


Ann Barnhardt pink semi-auto rifle


John R. Houk

© December 7, 2012



Thanks to Danny Jeffrey my memory was refreshed on this Ann Barnhardt that now has a desire to expose Islam’s nefariousness. Go Ann Barnhardt!


Barnhardt’s background is in marketing and you can read about that influence from her website’s about page. However, I want you to know another side of Ann Barnhardt which I found at Seraphic Secret:


Every once in a while Seraphic Secret comes across a story that is jaw dropping.


Yesterday, Christoper D., a silent film scholar and one of our faithful readers, drew our attention to Ann Barnhardt.


Barnhardt is a businesswoman, a devout Catholic, an American patriot, and a brilliant provocateur of Patton-like intensity.


She understands that we in the West are fighting a war against radical Islam. Further, she correctly perceives that some Americans, mostly the chattering classes—never underestimate an Ivy League education—are sliding comfortably into dhimmitude, subservience to Islam.



1. I have no doubt that some will accuse Barnhardt of insensitivity and being unnecessarily provocative. But let’s be clear, the jihadist strategy is designed to elicit this exact response. Thus, if appeased, Islam becomes a specially protected ideology and free speech is thrown out the window. Next comes polygamy, female genital mutilation, honor killings, the repression of Jews, Christians, homosexuals and finally, an inevitable slide into sharia, Islamic law, the antithesis of this Constitutional Republic.



4. You might object to Ann Barnhardt’s strident tone, you might shrink at the burning of a Koran, and you might feel that her entire presentation is far too militant, but there is no denying her conviction and courage. Like it or not her DNA is America’s best hope against those who would replace our freedom loving Republic with a barbaric 7th century caliphate.


As Raymond Ibrahim, associate director of the Middle East Forum and author of The Al Qaeda Reader, asks:


“Suppose you prove beyond any shadow of doubt that Islam is constitutionally violent, where do you go from there?”


Answer: You go to and with Ann Barnhardt. (Excerpted from post entitled, “Ann Barnhardt: Warrior,” By ROBERT J. AVRECH on 4/6/12 – READ THE ENTIRE POST)


As Danny Jeffrey pointed out on his blog Freedom Rings 1776, Barnhardt provided a spunky Youtube video that defends Terry Jones (seemingly now annual) Burn the Quran mission. Jones has been labeled as a hater especially by the Multiculturalist Left and Muslim Apologists. Astonishingly many Conservatives and Counterjihad writers also have a bit of disdain for the Terry Jones mission to expose Islam as an evil religion.


Check out this two-part video presented by Ann Barnhardt in which she also burns the Quran. If you have heard Terry Jones, you will know that Barnhardt is way more articulate than Jones.


VIDEO: Barnhardt-Graham-Part1


VIDEO: Barnhardt-Graham-Part2


I found these particular videos on an Answering Muslims post entitled, “Ann Barnhardt Responds to Critics of Qur’an Burning.” You really should read that entire post as well. However, if you read the entire post by Seraphic Secret you will notice that those videos are also located there.


Now that I have gone into a swirl about Ann Barnhardt Let’s get back to Danny Jeffrey’s write-up on her. Danny focuses on a two hour plus seminar by Barnhardt that is about the failing economy. After all the Market is Barnhardt’s actual forte.


So below is the beginning Danny’s post. I usually like to cross post entire contents however this time it is more appropriate to continue reading at Danny’s blog. At Freedom Rings 1776 Danny has the two hour plus version and links to a breakdown of Barnhardt’s seminar in eight parts. Danny encourages you to bookmark his Barnhardt post so you can come back in convenient times to watches the eight parts. That is an excellent idea!


Here on my blog I am posting the Youtube Ann Barnhardt in its entirety.


VIDEO: Ann Barnhardt – The Economy Is Going To Implode (Full Length)


Posted by Lentenlands

Posted Nov 10, 2012


This is a presentation by Ann Barnhardt addressing what’s happening right now in America. She has some interesting observations and ideas and it’s worth considering. 

She has provided an attached workbook to accompany the presentation:


Read Also: Ann Barnhardt Fights Totalitarian Islam and Its Useful Idiots


JRH 12/7/12

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By Danny Jeffrey

December 6, 2012

Freedom Rings 1776


“The Economy Is Going To Implode And You Deserve To Understand Why.
A partial explanation in layman’s terms of the causes of the end of the world as you know it and a few suggestions for those of you who will be tasked with the rebuilding.”

The above message introduces a video by Ann Barnhardt that I truly hope you will choose to view. The full length version is two and one half hours long, and for the sake of convenience, for those pressed for time, it is also available in eight segments less than twenty minutes each.

The information she presents is absolutely essential for any who hope to survive coming events.
If you are interested in learning what she has to offer you may want to bookmark this essay and return to view one or more segments at a time when time permits.

My experience with it: I started the full length version and left it running, listening to the audio, while I went on with my other work. About twenty minutes into it I realized that the other work was insignificant compared to what I was hearing and I devoted the next two hour watching Ms. Barnhardt deliver her message, and it came across well. That is why I implore each and all to view her video. What she has to say may actually save your life, or at least some of your wealth.

Ann Barnhardt is a thorn in the side of Progressive America. For the sake of clarity I shall define Progressive America as our elite leaders of both parties, all citizens who live off the efforts of other men, all corporations immersed in the Crony Capitalism that is destroying our economy, and those “Patriots” who are simply too busy watching their favorite program on TV to take the time to understand what is happening to America.

In this video that Ms. Barnhardt recently produced … just before the 2012 election, she speaks of the inevitable collapse and the war that follows, and then the ultimate task of rebuilding America.

Most are now familiar withREAD THE REST


Ann Barnhardt – Counterjihad and Economic Warning

John R. Houk

© December 7, 2012




About Danny Jeffrey


I’m sixty seven and since Ronald Reagan left office I have watched my country slowly deteriorate as freedoms are lost and the value of our currency dwindles. This has been a slow but steady decline until Barrack Obama entered the White House. I will not refer to this man as President. That is a job that deserves respect and he has earned none at all. I am convinced that were it not for the Tea Party stirring up the public we would now be living under a total dictatorship. He seeks only power and has no loyalty at all to the United States, and as long as he is in office I shall write to any who will read and speak of what he is and what he is doing to this country.

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