Ivermectin Kills COVID Animation

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Dr. Bryam W. Bridle shared this amusing 30-second animation of Ivermectin giving COVID the old down-for-the-count terminal KO. The Substack Post is entitled, “Ivermectin Animation”. I decided to rankle the Big Tech censors by embellishing the title on my Bitchute channel (seen below) and my UGETube Channel. The video description is essentially a cross post of Dr. Bridle’s Substack.

Bitchute VIDEO: Ivermectin Kills COVID Animation

Posted by SlantRight2

First Published May 10th, 2023 17:50 UTC

This video was share by Dr. Bryam W. Bridle on his Substack COVID Chronicles. Post link: https://viralimmunologist.substack.com/p/ivermectin-animation

The story on how Dr. Bridle found the video from his Substack post:

A reader sent me a great animation that they made. It punctuates the reality that ivermectin is effective against SARS-CoV-2. I have kept up with the literature on ivermectin and can tell you that the studies that disparaged its use were based on incredibly flawed designs. So poor were the study designs that the authors of the papers were either incompetent or there were more nefarious reasons. If I conducted my pre-clinical research studies the way that the ivermectin-bashing experiments have been run, I would never be able to get my work published. I have been shocked over the past three years to see how often human clinical trials disgrace the scientific method.

The link to the animation can be found here [Shortened url link of original Google Drive source]: https://tinyurl.com/2p8fnm92

Thank you to the kind and talented lady who made and submitted it.

JRH 5/10/23


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