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I am a Prolife kind of guy. I subscribe to AbortionWiki which is a website dedicating to exposing the nefariousness of the baby-killing known as abortion. On Thanksgiving they made an announcement that they were enhancing their website. If you are Prolife as well I highly suggest you visit AbortionWiki as a resource to handle people that feel their rights over their own body includes overriding the rights of an unborn person. If you are on the fence about abortion, you should check out AbortionWiki to learn something. If you are a Left Wing ideologue AbortionWiki will anger by the confrontation with the truth.


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AbortionWiki Update

Originally emailed as Happy Thanksgiving… and an Update!


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Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

I wanted to use this opportunity to give you an update on progress at AbortionWiki.

Since its launch in Jan. 2012, AbortionWiki.org has received 1.89 million hits. We currently have just over 1,000 articles on the website. As the number of articles in our database grows, the number of hits we receive accelerates.

AbortionWiki is all about exposing all aspects of the abortion industry and abortion lobby, publishing these details in a publicly accessible online database. We are taking no part in the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather exposing them (Ephesians 5:11).

By holding to account a substantial number of those involved in the abortion industry and lobby, we can have a significant impact. No matter their degree of involvement in supporting abortion, if individuals choose to support a pro-abortion group, we will create an article about them. At AbortionWiki we are committed to increasing transparency in the pro-abortion lobby and industry. We want those involved and yet to be involved to know that their actions and words are being noted and will be made public record.

We have learned that by exposing those who support or are involved in committing abortion, we are making it increasingly less desirable for others to put their names forth and speak out in favor of abortion. In effect, AbortionWiki is raising the stakes for those considering getting involved in the abortion industry and lobby. And we are making it more uncomfortable for those already involved. Those involved in child killing should not be comfortable.

On another note –

A week ago today, with a group of other pro-life leaders, I launched www.ProLifeWire.com – the “Drudge Report” of the Pro-Life movement. Check out this article on the new website at LifeSiteNews.

If you’d like to get in touch with me to discuss any ideas for AbortionWiki, Pro-Life Wire, or anything else, please email me at andy@abortionwiki.org – I look forward to hearing from you.

This Thanksgiving let’s give thanks for the opportunity we have been given to play a critical part in exposing and bringing an end to the horror of legalized child-killing.

Andy Moore
Director, AbortionWiki

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