Joe Arpaio - Sheriff

Obama’s Justice Department was investigating Sheriff Joe Arpaio obviously to intimate him and the Cold Case Posse. I have learned that Obama has suspended that Arpaio investigation. Now why do you think Obama would abandon an investigation of Arpaio? Could it be because facts that Obama does not want in the public during an election year would occur?


Check out this story by Drew Zahn.


JRH 9/3/12

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2nd Jewish Temple just ‘waiting to be unearthed’

Destruction of Jewish Temple 70 AD lg

Muslims, especially of the Arabs that like to call themselves Palestinians, have gone to great lengths to claim that two Jewish Temples never existed on the Temple to promote a lame excuse that the heritage of the Temple Mount has been Islamic in perpetuity. And in an effort to prove the Muslim assertion the Muslim custodians of two Mosques built on the most holiest real estate to Jews – the Waqf – has been feverishly making attempts to cover-up the Jewish presence. The method of cover-up has been digging underneath the Temple (SA HERE) to dredge as much Jewish antiquities as possible and throw it away as refuse to build Islamic junk like underground Mosques or a cavernous Mosque or both.


In an update to the insidious actions of the Waqf the respected archaeologist Dr. Eliat Mazar has proven that more antiquities are being destroyed to hide the Jewish heritage of the Temple Mount.


This utter destruction of Jewish heritage is important because President Barack Hussein Obama, the EU, the UN and Russia is doing everything possible to rob Jews of not only their heritage in Judea and Samaria (also called the West Bank by those who claim Israel is occupying the land) from the Jewish State of Israel. This robbery includes the City of David, the Jerusalem in which the Jewish Temple and the Presence of God Almighty resides on a location also known as Mount Moriah. Moriah is the location by which God Almighty tested Abraham’s faith and stopped the sacrifice of his son Isaac the son of Promise.


JRH 6/6/11