Major media coverage of APT’s findings about mosque…

ISB Mosque plaque

Any assertion that Islamic terrorists Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev were not a part of a terrorist organization foreign or domestic sounds like load of bull manure to me. Let’s pray that political correctness does not impede a thorough investigation of the probable network of Islamists that pushed buttons to activate Bostom Marathon Bombers.


I am on the email list of Americans for Peace and Tolerance (APT). Below is the email I received on April 24. That email includes an USA Today article that highlights the radical Muslim connections of the Tsarnaev brothers. As more and more information is becoming available it is quite evident that yet again the Obama Administration is attempting to manage the media to present a story to the American people which are quite different from the actual conclusions that can be drawn about Muslim terrorists the Tsarnaev brothers.


The email dates the USA Today story as April 23; however if you click the source link it seems the story was updated because the date I see is April 25. I am cross posting directly from the link rather than from the email.


JRH 4/25/13

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Major media coverage of APT’s findings about mosque connected to Boston marathon terrorists


Sent: 24 Apr 2013 10:52 AM

Americans for Peace & Tolerance


USA Today has just published a major story that includes some of our research on the radical nature of the Islamic Society of Boston (ISB), including its Cambridge mosque, which has been connected to the Boston Marathon terrorists.


Fox News also interviewed APT President Charles Jacobs about the ISB.


Fox News VIDEO: Motivated by extremism? Feds explore suspects’ Islamist ties


These are the first major media stories on the radical leadership and teachings of the ISB in almost ten years.


We expect that the ISB will now launch an effort to attack us because we exposed them. Certain members of the media will likely join this effort.

This is an important story. Please share it with your friends and contacts. 


Mosque that Boston suspects attended has radical ties


By Oren Dorell

8:47 a.m. EDT April 25, 2013

USA Today


Terror suspects, fugitives and radical speakers have passed through the Cambridge mosque that the Tsarnaev brothers are known to have visited.


BOSTON — The mosque attended by the two brothers accused in the Boston Marathon double bombing has been associated with other terrorism suspects, has invited radical speakers to a sister mosque in Boston and is affiliated with a Muslim group that critics say nurses grievances that can lead to extremism.


Several people who attended the Islamic Society of Boston mosque in Cambridge, Mass., have been investigated for Islamic terrorism, including a conviction of the mosque’s first president, Abdulrahman Alamoudi, in connection with an assassination plot against a Saudi prince.


Its sister mosque in Boston, known as the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center, has invited guests who have defended terrorism suspects. A former trustee appears in a series of videos in which he advocates treating gays as criminals, says husbands should sometimes beat their wives and calls on Allah (God) to kill Zionists and Jews, according to Americans for Peace and Tolerance, an interfaith group that has investigated the mosques.


The head of the group is among critics who say the two mosques teach a brand of Islamic thought that encourages grievances against the West, distrust of law enforcement and opposition to Western forms of government, dress and social values.


“We don’t know where these boys were radicalized, but this mosque has a curriculum that radicalizes people. Other people have been radicalized there,” said the head of the group, Charles Jacobs.


Yusufi Vali, executive director at the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center, insists his mosque does not spread radical ideology and cannot be blamed for the acts of a few worshipers.


“If there were really any worry about us being extreme,” Vali said, U.S. law enforcement agencies such as the FBI and Departments of Justice and Homeland Security would not partner with the Muslim American Society and the Boston mosque in conducting monthly meetings that have been ongoing for four years, he said, in an apparent reference to U.S. government outreach programs in the Muslim community.


The Cambridge and Boston mosques, separated by the Charles River, are owned by the same entity but managed individually. The imam of the Cambridge mosque, Sheik Basyouny Nehela, is on the board of directors of the Boston mosque.


Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and his brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, attended the Cambridge mosque for services and are accused of setting two bombs that killed three people and injured at least 264 others at the April 15 Boston Marathon.


The FBI has not indicated that either mosque was involved in any criminal activity, but mosque attendees and officials have been implicated in terrorist activity:


• Alamoudi, who signed the articles of incorporation as the Cambridge mosque’s president, was sentenced to 23 years in federal court in Alexandria, Va., in 2004 for his role as a facilitator in what federal prosecutors called a Libyan assassination plot against then-crown prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. Abdullah is now the Saudi king.



Aafia Siddiqui is shown after her graduation from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. (Photo: AP)


• Aafia Siddiqui, who occasionally prayed at the Cambridge mosque, was arrested in Afghanistan in 2008 while in possession of cyanide canisters and plans for a chemical attack in New York City. She tried to grab a rifle while in detention and shot at military officers and FBI agents, for which she was convicted in New York in 2010 and is serving an 86-year sentence.   



The 2009 booking photo of Tarek Mehanna, of Sudbury, Mass. (Photo: Sudbury Police Department via AP)


• Tarek Mehanna, who worshiped at the Cambridge mosque, was sentenced in 2012 to 17 years in prison for conspiring to aid al-Qaeda. Mehanna had traveled to Yemen to seek terrorist training and plotted to use automatic weapons to shoot up a mall in the Boston suburbs, federal investigators in Boston alleged.


• Ahmad Abousamra, the son of a former vice president of the Muslim American Society Boston Abdul-Badi Abousamra, was identified by the FBI as Mehanna’s co-conspirator. He fled to Syria and is wanted by the FBI on charges of providing support to terrorists and conspiracy to kill Americans in a foreign country.


• Jamal Badawi of Canada, a former trustee of the Islamic Society of Boston Trust, which owns both mosques, was named as a non-indicted co-conspirator in the 2007 Holy Land Foundation terrorism trial in Texas over the funneling of money to Hamas, which is the Palestinian wing of the Muslim Brotherhood.


What both mosques have in common is an affiliation with the Muslim American Society, an organization founded in 1993 that describes itself as an American Islamic revival movement. It has also been described by federal prosecutors in court as the “overt arm” of the Muslim Brotherhood, which calls for Islamic law and is the parent organization of Hamas, a U.S.-designated terrorist group.


Critics say the Muslim American Society promotes a fraught relationship with the United States, expressed in part by the pattern discussed by Americans for Progress and Tolerance in which adherents are made to feel cut off from their home country and to identify with a global Islamist political community rather than with America.


Zuhdi Jasser, president of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, said the radical teachings often follow a theme of recitation of grievances that Islam has with the West, advocacy against U.S. foreign policy and terrorism prosecutions, and efforts “to evangelize Islam in order to improve Western society that is secularized,” he says.


Jasser, a veteran of the U.S. Navy and author of the 2012 book A Battle for the Soul of Islam: An American Muslim Patriot Fights to Save His Faith, says the teachings make some followers feel “like their national identity is completely absent and hollow, and that vacuum can be filled by (radical) Islamic ideology, which is supremacist and looks upon the West as evil.”


The Cambridge mosque was founded in 1982 by students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard and several other Boston-area schools, according to a profile by the Pluralism Project at Harvard University. Its members founded the sister mosque in Boston in 2009.


The leadership of the two mosques is intertwined, and the ideology they teach is the same, Jacobs said. Ilya Feoktistov, director of research at Americans for Peace and Tolerance, said much of the money to create the Boston mosque came not from local Muslims but from foreign sources.


More than half of the $15.5 million used to found the Boston mosque came from Saudi sources, Feoktistov said, who cites financial documents that Jacobs’ group obtained when the mosque sued it for defamation. The lawsuit was later dropped.


Vali said that the vast majority of total donors were in the United States and that “no donations were accepted if the donor wanted to have any decision-making influence (even if benign).”


Vali characterized Americans for Peace and Tolerance and its founder, Jacobs, as anti-Muslim activists who spread “lies and half-truths in order to attack and marginalize much of the local Muslim community and many of its institutions.”


“It’s the new McCarthyism in full swing,” he said.


Sheik Basyouny Nehela, the imam of the Cambridge mosque, which is located across the Charles River from Boston, is on the board of directors for the Muslim American Society of Boston, which runs the Boston mosque. The Tsarnaevs attended the Cambridge mosque.


A statement issued by the Cambridge mosque said the Tsarnaev brothers were “occasional visitors.” The mosque’s office manager, Nichole Mossalam, said neither brother expressed radical views. “They never exhibited any violent sentiments or behaviors. Otherwise, they would have been reported,” Mossalam said.


The Cambridge mosque said Tsarnaev, 26, who died Thursday night in a shootout with police, “disagreed with the moderate American-Islamic theology” of the mosque. Tsarnaev challenged an imam who said in his sermon that it was appropriate to celebrate U.S. national holidays and was told to stop such outbursts, the mosque said in a statement.


Talal Eid, a Muslim chaplain at Brandeis University, said focusing on individual radicals that prayed in a building is unfair.


“In 2011, the two brothers were right under the nose of the FBI and they didn’t find anything,” Eid said, who never met the Tsarnaevs. “How do you want me as an imam to know enough to tell them they are not welcome here? How can I figure out those people have that kind of criminal intent?”


The Muslim American Society says on its website that it is independent of the Muslim Brotherhood. However, early Brotherhood literature is considered “the foundational texts for the intellectual component for Islamic work in America,” the website states.


Jacobs says claims of moderate Islam do not square with the mosque’s classic jihadi texts in its library and its hosting of radical speakers.


Jacobs said Ahmed Mansour, his co-director at Americans for Peace and Tolerance, found writings by Syed Qutb, the former leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and other jihadi texts at the Cambridge mosque’s library when Mansour went there in 2003. Qutb pioneered the radical violent ideology espoused by al-Qaeda.


Yusuf al Qaradawi, the Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader who espouses radical views in videos collected by Jacobs’ group, was listed as a trustee on the Cambridge mosque’s IRS filings until 2000, and on the mosque’s website until 2003, when he addressed congregants via recorded video message to raise money for the Boston mosque, according to a screenshot of the announcement that Feoktistov provided.


Vali said Qaradawi was listed as an honorary trustee years ago only because his scholarship and high esteem in Muslim circles would help with fundraising.


Yasir Qadhi, who lectured at the Boston mosque in April 2009, has advocated replacing U.S. democracy with Islamic rule and called Christians “filthy” polytheists whose “life and prosperity … holds no value in the state of Jihad,” according to a video obtained by Jacobs’ group.

Vali said Qadhi was a guest of a non-profit organization that was renting space at the Boston mosque and has changed his views since that video was made.


Jacobs and others say it is not only renters who express sympathetic views for terrorists. Leaders of the Boston and Cambridge mosques, and invited guests, have advocated on behalf of convicted terrorists, urging followers to seek their release or lenient sentences.


Imam Abdullah Faaruuq, sometimes a spokesman for the Boston mosque, used Siddiqui’s case to speak against the USA Patriot Act, the anti-terrorism law passed under the George W. Bush administration. “After they’re done with (Siddiqui), they are going to come to your door if they feel like it,” he said, according to a video obtained by Americans for Peace and Tolerance.


Anwar Kazmi, a member of the Cambridge mosque’s board of trustees, called for leniency for Mehanna and Siddiqui at a Boston rally in February 2012, in a video posted to YouTube. He characterized Siddiqui’s 86-year sentence as excessive.


In an interview with USA TODAY, Kazmi insisted that the Cambridge mosque is moderate and condemns the marathon bombings. On Monday, the mosque e-mailed members to caution them that the FBI may question them and that they may want to seek representation.


[NCCR Editor: USA Today used Bing map below is Google map]




“This kind of violence, terrorism, it’s just completely contrary to the spirit of Islam,” Kasmi said. “The words in the Quran say if anybody kills even a single human being without just cause, it’s as if you’ve killed all of humanity.”


Contributing: Yamiche Alcindor


Major media coverage of APT’s findings about mosque connected to Boston marathon terrorists


APT About Page:




Americans for Peace and Tolerance is a Boston-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting peaceful coexistence in an ethnically diverse America by educating the American public about the need for a moderate political leadership that supports tolerance and core American values in communities across the nation.


About Us


Americans for Peace and Tolerance is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization composed of concerned citizens, academics, and community activists. As Christians, Moslems, and Jews, we are united by the need to keep America hate-free. We believe peaceful coexistence among diverse ethnic populations is only possible if we promote  a climate of tolerance and civil society.




Americans for Peace and Tolerance is headed by Dr. Charles Jacobs, named by the Forward as one of America’s top 50 Jewish leaders. Jacobs has founded and READ THE REST


Mosque that Boston suspects attended has radical ties




Oren Dorell covers breaking news and foreign affairs. He’s been to almost all the Lower 48 and a dozen countries, covering disasters, crime and revolution. He loves the outdoors and prefers good local food.

The Rimsha Case – Two Posts

Rimsha Masih

I first heard about the Pakistani eleven year old girl arrested for blasphemy charges from Mehwish Aleem of the Facebook group Free Hector Aleem. A Free Hector Aleem group member found a praiseworthy update on imprisoned Rimsha Masih.


JRH 9/9/12 (Hat Tip: Tamara)

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Rimsha case: Arrested prayer leader presented in court


From Geo.TV

September 02, 2012 – Updated 1219 PKT


ISLAMABAD: The ‘imam masjid’ (prayer leader in mosque) Kahild Jadoon, who was accused of tampering with evidence against Rimsha Masih and arrested last night, has been presented in the court on Sunday here, Geo News reported.


Kahild Jadoon aka imam masjid


It may be recalled that Rimsha Maseeh has been in detention since she was allegedly found holding in her hand burnt pages with holy verses printed on them.


‘Imam masjid’ Khalid Jadoon, who after getting the case registered against Rimsha Maseeh had mysteriously disappeared and was arrested last night, as he allegedly himself put the holy verses into the ashes of the pages for strengthening the case against Rimsha Maseeh.


Khalid Jadoon has been presented in the court today.


Meanwhile, Chairman All Pakistan Ulema Council Allama Tahir Ashrafi has urged the ulemas from across the country to pave way for the punishment of accused Khalid Jadoon by the court, while he has demanded from the President Asif Ali Zardari to immediately set free Rimsha Maseeh and order for her security.


SlantRight: Here is an update I found from a blog of Geo TV called The News. The author Jafri correctly sees the hypocrisy of making the convicted lady al Qaeda agent into a hero while Christian gals like Rimsha are given death sentences for insulting Islam. It is even worse for Muslims to desire Rimsha’s death since she was eleven years old when persecuted for allegedly having burnt pages of the Quran in here possession. Even worse we are talking about an eleven year old girl that has a physical impairment like Down’s syndrome (could be something else the details are sketchy).



Aafia Siddiqui

Dr. Aafia Siddiqui



Aafia is Pakistan’s Pride, but Rimsha?


By Saman Jafri

5, Sep 2012

The News Blog


The Rimsha Masih case has been in headlines since 2 weeks now and the frustration and helplessness that one feels over the whole issue is just indescribable. The feeling of despair is quite extreme. Rimsha Masih, a Christian girl, who’s (sic) age is said to be either 11 years or 14 is a resident of Meharaabd, a small village on the suburb of Pakistani capital is accused of blasphemy. It’s almost 2 weeks since she has been in the police custody and just has also been denied bail. Rimsha was arrested on August 16thwhen a neighbor accused her of committing blasphemy by burning some pages of the Islamic holy book, Quran, she is also said to be suffering from Downs syndrome.


The other day while going to work I ‘noticed’ a wall chalking which I am sure I must have seen before as well, as I use the same road for commuting to my work place, but the irony of the wall chalking in the present situation slapped me hard on the face, the writing on the wall read ‘Aafia is Pakistan’s pride.’


I repeatedly asked myself that If Aafia Siddiqui is Pakistan’s pride and daughter then why isn’t Rimsha Masih? Just because of the difference of the surname? Why don’t I see same zeal and enthusiasm in protest against Rimsha’s plight that we witnessed against Dr. Aafia’s arrest in form of processions and strikes on mostly every Friday, since her arrest?


I ask the same question from the people of the land of Pure, why can’t and don’t you own Rimsha as you own Dr. Aafia to be Pakistan’s pride and daughter? Why as a society we show such hatred and intolerance that we can’t even forgive a young girl for her faith!


The demand of fairness and impartiality in Rimsha‘s case by Allama Tahir Ashrafi is commendable but again my question is that when the US presented every kind of evidence against Dr. Aafia, the Pakistani nation or the larger part of it anyways was of the staunch opinion that Dr. Aafia is being framed and in reality she was innocent of all the charges being levied upon hers, so why are we not today so sure of Rimsha? The possibilities are high that the blasphemy law was used against her also the same way most of the times this controversial law is practiced. That is either for settling personal vendettas or fulfilling certain agendas. Again the unsure attitude towards Rimsha just because she has a different surname than Dr. Aafia?


We need to ask ourselves that would we condemn any young Muslim girl to the same fate as Rimsha’s if she burned or destroyed Quran by mistake. Or for that matter misspelled anything which has a religious connotation as the young Faryal Bhatti was expelled from school for misspelling Naat as Lanat in her Urdu exam? If we won’t then why are we so hell bent upon treating Rimsha such inhumanly?


My question is not towards the government, as any faith I had in them as a citizen of Pakistan died the day they failed to protect the slain governor Punjab, Salman Taseer Shaheed, another victim of Zia’s blasphemy law. They won’t protect the citizens of this country when they were not able to protect their own governor! So yes my question is from the people of this country, the same who are chanting for change and betterment of Pakistan, why is that section of the society silent? Why such apathy when you want change in the country or the change that you seek is only going to be for the ‘Muslim’ population of Pakistan. I am afraid if this is the case then the Hindu migrating and Christians fleeing from Pakistan are doing a wise thing as I don’t see any hope for them and any end to their plight. Not to mention the scores of Shiite Muslims being killed on daily basis but this issue needs a separate write up so I won’t go into that debate and stick to my question towards my countrymen!


Why doesn’t the change chanting citizens come out and ask for at least a change in the law of blasphemy which has never served the purpose and on contrary always resulted in another black mark for Pakistan. The law should be changed so that no innocent person can be subjected to such inhumanity.


My question is at large to Pakistan, how long will we let such laws govern our country which make us prioritize on bases of religion and ethnicities, which dehumanize the citizen of this country on bases of their faith, make us suspicious of our own people just because of their beliefs and faith and let us act unjustly towards our own daughters by claiming one to be our pride and other subjected to brutality and inhumanity, all in the name of religion.


Rimsha case: Arrested prayer leader presented in court


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Aafia is Pakistan’s Pride, but Rimsha?


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Radical Islamic Chaplain at Northeastern Must Go!

CV --   Brookline, MA., 09/11/06,  Interreligious leader and representatives in Massachusetts gathered together at the Greek diocesan headquarters to mark the fifth anniversary of 9/11. Prayers were said and candles were lit in remembrance.  Imam Abdullah Faaruuq, cq,  representing the Islamic Council of New England lit a candle.  Section: Metro, Reporter: Paulsen. Suzanne Kreiter/Globe staff.

Abdullah Faaruuq


I received an email that talks about Radical Islam on the campus of Northeastern University in Massachusetts. The email is from Charles Jacobs of Americans for Peace and Tolerance (APT).


This kind Radical Muslim infiltration in American government and American Universities is becoming more common in America, yet the Mainstream Media and police authorities on levels – Federal, State and Local – are largely ignoring the homegrown radicalization of Islam while looking primarily for Islamic terrorist plots from abroad.


Read the email:


JRH 8/26/12

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