Secret Service Persecution of American Christianity


Evangelist Darrel Rudus of Denton, Texas prints fake "million dollar" bills as an evangelistic tool to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. I say fake because there is no such thing as a "million dollar" bill, it is a monetary denomination that does not exist in America.


Evidently someone in North Carolina had taken one of the "million dollar" bills to his bank attempting to deposit it. The Secret Service found the source of the "million dollar" bill because the Rudus ministry address was on the back of it. The "million dollar" bills are obviously designed as a Christian witnessing tool. The Secret Service did not care; it ordered the confiscation of the 8,300 "million dollar" bill Gospel Tracts. If Rudus refused to turn them in, the Secret Service was going to arrest him for counterfeiting.


I can see the Secret Service arresting the moron trying to make bank deposit; however seizing Gospel Tracts in America is purely religious persecution. There are powerful elites within government that are left wing that would do anything to weaken the Christian foundations of morality in America. Christians are in a fight for survival as the Left uses the manipulation of the Law to depreciate the Good News from being spread in the Land of the Free – America. 

Terrorist Islamofascists Stopped & Arrested in Canada

Hat tip to Conservative Thinking.

An al Qaeda cell was prevented from pulling off a 9/11 style terrorist attack on Canadian soil. The thing of note is that these were all Canadian citizens or legal residents of Canada. Every American should note this because Canadian citizens can simply drive the cars across the Canadian/American border with few questions asked.

Another item to note is that this terrorist cell was apprehended via means that left wingers are crying about it in America. These Islamofascists had their chatter monitored; meaning thousands of lives were saved by their arrest.

Canada had instituted monitoring after 9/11 occurred in America.

This terror prevention touches many issues in America: illegal immigration (the ease thereof), Security VS Civil Rights and the War on Terror.

The Left Wants to Enfranchise Felons and Pedophiles

 Clinton/Kerry Want to Enable Voting for Convicts and Felons. I report how Clinton and Kerry tried to slide legislation on a federal level through the Senate.
Now the ACLU and CURE are trying to work the Courts.

Apparently the ACLU is using the Courts on a State level, for the left wing organization had filed suit in Colorado to enfranchise Felon and Pedophile parolees. Fortunately the case was thrown out of court on the first go around by the ACLU. Another leftwing group with the acronym of CURE (Citizens United for Rehabilitation for Errants) had joined in the law suit.

Diversity or Perversity

Dr. Michael L. Brown of the Coalition of Conscience questions the position of “gay rights” as a path toward diversity. He has submitted an opinion to Christian Newswire that alludes rights for homosexuals is more akin to perversity.

Moral depravity is the true essence of so-called "diversity." As homosexuals and trans-sex nuts march in international "gay pride" parades, displays of moral depravity are made public that might even make a New Orleans Mardi Gras parade blush (or maybe not). Homosexual rights are merely a call for individuals to normalize that which is debased in society. Medical and Psychiatric associations have given the depraved ammunition by validating these counter-culture depraved individuals and organizations. This validation has occurred even though (as of 2004 studies) there is no proof that homosexual tendencies are genetically biological. Evidently Science is taking a normalization stand RELATIVE to numbers of professed homosexuals; ergo sexual orientation (i.e. choices of physical attraction by gender) is not a mental disorder.

Secular Humanism measure ethics and morality based on the view of evolving cultural mores, not Biblical or religious standards. Secular Humanism (in which a huge amount of scientific and philosophical community gravitates) increasingly and actively portrays faith as an anachronism that is counter to what is relative to the common good of an objective society. In essence people of faith are becoming excluded from practicing Godly morality by the minority intelligentsia elite of the Western world. The depraved of the world receive validation while those endeavoring to practice a godly path are discredited as valueless.

This is a perversion of any goodness that is in a concept of "diversity." This is wrong.

FBI Access to Billions of Personal Records for Ability to Seize Guns

Anti-gun zealot Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY) has launched her most recent effort to use Orwellian Big Government in order to seize your guns. In fact, her anti-gun bill was recently reported out of a House subcommittee.

HR 1415 — the McCarthy bill — would require states to "make electronically available to the Attorney General records relevant to a determination of whether a person is disqualified from possessing or receiving a firearm under [federal law" [Section 102(c)(1)(A)].

I am not a gun owner, indeed guns tend to spark a bit of unease in my psyche. Nonetheless, the right to bear arms of American citizens is a right explicit in the US Constitution. The reason for the right dates back all the way to the American Revolutionary War when one of the agendas of the British was to disarm rebelling American colonists. The Founding Fathers had a mistrust of government being the sole arbiter of weaponry among its citizens. The Founding Fathers knew the American experiment of a Federal Republic would only be as good as those that governed. Sometimes to address corruption is the same option the Founding Fathers had to make. If that choice becomes the last and final option, the ability to bear arms becomes paramount.

It does not sound nice, it definitely is not politically correct and I hope the American Republican never fails; however a corrupt government must not be allowed to be all powerful.

Neocons in the Democrat Party

It is difficult for me to view a Democrat as a Neocon. But it is a good point that some of hawkish members of the Democratic Party of the past were of a Conservative bent. The term "Southern Democrat" meant a Conservative Democrat through the 1970’s. The most famous Hawkish Democrat is an actual former political hero of mine – Senator Henry "Scoop" Jackson of Washington State. Jackson could have been Reagan’s brother on the battle against the "Evil Empire" that was Reagan’s term for the former Soviet (Communist) Union. They both called for huge militarization to bury the Communism and the fight the Cold War. Those Democrats are long gone. It will be fascinating if a Neocon Democratic Party might develop, it will be the only thing that will save that political party’s future.

Author Jacob Heilbrunn depicts current Democrats such as Connecticut Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman and such likely presidential candidates as former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner and Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack, who is chairman of the Democratic Leadership Council as the emerging Neocon Democrats. Heilbrunn also alludes that the emergence of this Neocon faction within the Democratic Party could lead to a huge intra-party struggle for the hearts and minds of Democrats. The ultra-leftists of today’s Democrats will not just step aside for Democratic Neocons anymore than they have for Republican Neocons.

You can read Heilbrunn’s analysis HERE.

Habsburg Bloodlines and the Anti-Christ

Austria‘s Right Wing Alarms EU Neighbors, US & Israel

Austria is not only the place where Adolf Hitler was born but it is also the seat of the powerful German dynasty Habsburg that reigned as German King and Kaiser of the Holy Roman Empire including Spain, Sicily, Netherlands, Hungary, etc.. In the book "The Guardian of the Grail, J.R. Church wrote down the genealogy of the famous Merovingian Bloodline which is the bloodline of Kings of Jerusalem. It was traced as far back as 1099 A.D. Charles V de Lorraine (?-1765) married Eleonore-Marie van Habsburg, daughter of Holy Roman Emperor, Ferdinand III. The Habsburg dynasty became the heirs to the title, King of Jerusalem, from this point forward. Karl von Habsburg was born 1961 and will become heir to the title "King of Jerusalem" upon the death of his father Otto von Habsburg. Juan Carlos, present King of Spain, also claims the title, "King of Jerusalem." His royal lineage also extends back to Holy Roman Emperor, Charles V. Austria ceased to be a monarchy after the abdication of Charles I (1916-1918), Emperor of Austria, when Austria became a republic.

Royal European Blood Lines that connect to the old Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem and thus to the potential Anti-Christ are in the above excerpt. [There are huge amount of wire service postings on this webpage. This one is a ways down.]


The connecting factor seems to be the Habsburg Royal bloodline.

Secretary-General William Jefferson Clinton

Ex-President Clinton has had designs to become Secretary-General for some time.

The Los Angeles Times Sunday Editorial actually is calling for such a thing.

The Editorial has asked that Senator Hillary Clinton put her asperations for the White House on hold to better enable her hubby to fulfill his dream to be the head of the world encompassing organization known as the United Nations.

The Editorial reports that Slick Willie is a long shot because of an unwritten rule to rotate regions for the top UN spot. That rotation slot falls on the Asian region this time around. Also the long shot factor is that no nation from the Security Council has served as Secretary-General either. The Liberal Editorial assumes that Hillary will win the Presidential nod, for it claims a President Hillary would seal the fate against Ex-President Clinton from the Secretariat.

The Editorial then opines:

"If the Security Council members were truly inspired to pick the right man for the job, and if Hillary Clinton’s candidacy were the only obstacle standing between her husband and global leadership (granted, a big if), we’d like to think she’d do the right thing and put her presidential aspirations on hold. The world needs Bill more than the U.S. needs Hillary."

Think of the Conspiracy Theory validations if either Clinton (or both) achieve their hegemonic goals. The globe would truly be on the road Novus Ordo Mundi. It would be the beginning of major Secularizing of the Planet, which ironically might lead to a huge confrontation with the Islamofascist Middle East.

Hat tip to Sound An Alarm.

Is Bush Doctrine Succumbing to its Enemies

“The survival of liberty in our land increasingly depends on the success of liberty in other lands. The best hope for peace in our world is the expansion of freedom in all the world.” (President Bush, 2nd Inauguration)
America has recognized diplomatic relations with Libya. Secretary of State Rice has announced the Libya has renounced terrorism. Really they have only renounced nuclear ambitions out of fear of the original Bush doctrine going from Iraq to Libya. Pundits are beginning to sing that this is the beginning of the failure of the Bush Doctrine.
There have been telling indications that President Bush’s vision to take Democracy to the tyrants of the world may be losing steam. Not that the vision is a failure, but the resistance of the globe’s Western Liberals have put a major dent in the execution of the vision.
President Wilson had a plan for world peace with the creation of the League of Nations to be a global response to tyranical hegemons on world domination. It was an ideal that the American Senate shot down. Without America functioning in the architect’s dream, the League of Nations evolved into a powerless world agency.
President Bush had a global vision for bringing Democracy to the Middle East. The vision saw that if people who have been governed by autocratic tyrants could be liberated with an infrastructure of Democracy, then Islamofascist terrorism would fade into the sunset.
The problem the President ran into is that the Leftists of the World were unwilling to the price. The EU and Russia would not get behind the plan. It is not surprising that China would not cooperate.
The result: President Bush was forced to go it alone. America has been stretched in its resources and therefore its resolve. America’s own leftists have been obtuse and belligerent to the Bush vision from the beginning.
If President Bush fails, it will not be his lack of effort. It will be the blindness of the West to seize an opportunity to bring Democracy to the Middle East. Yes it would have cost blood, however the World would be safer place to live in.
I predict the future will eventually see a line-up of nations that will have to eventually confront Islamofascism. This confrontation will occur because of the simple reason of survival. Nations like Russia and China may actually unite to join Islamofascists to counter Western hegemony centered around the United States.
Missing the Bush opportunity will cost the world even more lives because of the failure of Liberals and Conservatives to unite to defeat its common enemy: Islamofascist Mohammendanism.

Middle Eastern Hitler Given More Time to Militarize

Apparently the lessons of WWII have been lost on the governments of the world. Ostriches of Appeasement and petroleum politics are giving Ahmadinejad a pass on nuclear capability. When Europe, Russia and China have said there will be no Security Council coercion against Iran, it is like Hitler re-arming Germany in the 1930’s.

The United States is forced to go along with diplomacy  because of over-extension. Without supportive allies America cannot confront Iran. Ahmadinejad knows that America is spread thin. With the backing of Russia and China the Iranian President’s boldness has increased to show the true nature of his political intentions.

That nature is Shi’ite Messianism to provoke global circumstances for the perceived return of the 12th Imam – The Mahdi. Russian and Chinese backing as allowed Ahmadinejad to express in bellicose terms militaristic intentions toward Israel and America. His agenda is clouded by his Islamofascist pretensions. I am certain Ahmadinejad and the Iranian mullahs believe they are invulnerable to harm.

The question becomes: What is the motivation behind Russia and China?

It is obvious that Oil and sticking a nail in American hegemony are involved. Nonetheless, it is a dangerous game for both those nations to support Iran. They have to know the Mohammedan concept of al-Taqiyya (the art of lying and deception to non-Mohammedans) is part of the Iranian agenda toward Russia and China. Russia is nominally a Christian nation that has endured to nearly a century state enforced atheism. China is officially an atheistic Communist nation. Both concepts are contrary to Iranian Shi’ite Messianism. Eventually Jihad will be moved on them as well.

The Middle East’s Hitler will make his move; it is only a matter of time.

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