John R. Houk © July 8, 2019   In less than a week’s time the Crooked Hillary lawyer Heather Samuelson and the illegal email server have caught my attention:   BREAKING: CLINTON LAWYER CAUGHT OUT! A Vincent Vendetta Video; SlantRight 2.0; 6/29/19   Hillary Clinton’s Lawyer Changes Story on When She Knew About Emails; By … Continue reading “WHY IN THE WORLD IS CROOKED HILLARY NOT BEING PROSECUTED!?”

Hillary Clinton’s Lawyer Changes Story on When She Knew About Emails

On June 29 I cross posted a Vincent Vendetta video (a little over 7 minutes) which reported on a Judicial Watch deposition of the Crooked Hillary lawyer (Heather Samuelson)  that aided in wiping subpoenaed emails from the illegal server.   Three Search Engine Views of Person Identified as Heather Samuelson   Yesterday my Facebook friend … Continue reading “Hillary Clinton’s Lawyer Changes Story on When She Knew About Emails”

Remember the Corruption

John R. Houk © September 5, 2017   President Trump is dealing with the current events going on at this very moment: Hurricane Harvey and Texas, North Korea launching missiles seemingly every other week insinuating a nuke-warhead, Russia-Russia-Russia, DACA repeal and more I am sure I have missed. We The People that put the President … Continue reading “Remember the Corruption”

Is Crooked Hillary Finally Getting Exposed?

John R. Houk © September 1, 2017   Without the Obama Administration to protect Crooked Hillary or Crooked Comey to bury investigative information some swamp data is beginning to come to the surface.   Grassley: Comey Wrote Clinton Exoneration Statement Before Email Investigation Ended   The fix was in! Memos show Comey exonerated Hillary before … Continue reading “Is Crooked Hillary Finally Getting Exposed?”

Newbill Emails on Crooked Hillary 3rd Set

Edited by John R. Houk Sent by Tony Newbill Posted November 7, 2016   It appears Rep. Louie Gohmert was correct on the reason FBI Director James Comey notified Congress that he was reopening an investigation into Crooked Hillary emails. Gohmert had intimated Comey’s reasoning was to avoid perjury charges pertaining to Congressional testimony about … Continue reading “Newbill Emails on Crooked Hillary 3rd Set”

Editor Intro to FBI, DOJ Make Side Deal …

Editor John R. Houk October 4, 2016   Over the last few days I have posted some info that shows Comey, his FBI or both involved not only in a cover-up to protect Obama and Crooked Hillary’s hindquarters but also to make Crooked Hillary untouchable enough to get elected. Shades of Obama Administration 2012 Benghazi … Continue reading “Editor Intro to FBI, DOJ Make Side Deal …”

2 News Pieces on Crooked FBI

Compiled by John R. Houk October 2, 2016   After Rep. Trey Gowdy questioned Jason Herring FBI Assistant Director of Legislative Affairs about the uncooperativeness the FBI has been in releasing investigative data pertaining to Crooked Hillary’s illegal use of a private email server that passed on classified messages. The deflective answers by Mr. Herring … Continue reading “2 News Pieces on Crooked FBI”

Was The Fix In On FBI Investigation Of Hillary Clinton’s Emails?

Crooked Hillary and her acolytes are using FBI Director James Comey’s pronouncement that she committed many mistakes but there exists nothing to prosecute as an exoneration in an absolute sense, Now I’m a Conservative so I’m a bit incredulous about Comey’s, “Nothing to see hear – move along” pronouncement. Despite Comey’s pocket exoneration of Crooked … Continue reading “Was The Fix In On FBI Investigation Of Hillary Clinton’s Emails?”


It is my humble opinion – sure to anger some – that info from anonymous sources with the appellation “QAnon,” “Vendetta” or the such tend to deliver a message that spurs embellished excitement rather than integrity based data. HOWEVER, I just ran into a video from The Vincent Vendetta Channel that is using a source … Continue reading “BREAKING: CLINTON LAWYER CAUGHT OUT!”

Intro to ‘An Unethical Nightmare’

Intro by John R. Houk, Editor Original post by Justin O. Smith Posted April 14, 2018 I realize the news cycle today will focus on the U.S. military strike against locations believed to be chemical weapons development centers. The wicked Dems have even suggested that an attack on Syria is a smokescreen to obstruct Robert … Continue reading “Intro to ‘An Unethical Nightmare’”