Discovering Asia Bibi

Asia Bibi 2021 John R. Houk © July 23, 2021 Do you recall the persecution of Pakistani-Christian Asia Bibi? In case you have forgotten or never heard of her ordeal, she was a Pakistani-Christian laborer who dared to quench her thirst from an apparently Muslim-only well. The offended Muslims engaged in epithets against Asia’s faith … Continue reading “Discovering Asia Bibi”

FINALLY—In Spite of Islamic Ideology, Asia Bibi Escapes Pakistan

John R. Houk © May 9, 2019   Asia Bibi Family Collage (includes husband Ashiq Masih. Daughters Eisham, Esha & Sidra)   In October 2018 the Pakistan Supreme Court – at great risk to Judges’ bodily harm – finally realized Christian-hating Muslims framed Asia Bibi of violating Pakistan’s incredulously moronic Blasphemy Law and gave her … Continue reading “FINALLY—In Spite of Islamic Ideology, Asia Bibi Escapes Pakistan”

Surprising New Allies for Asia Bibi?

Asia Bibi spent about nine years on a Pakistani prison death row convicted under Islamic Supremacist Blasphemy laws. Only because some Muslim accusers couldn’t get their story straight, the Pakistan Supreme Court set aside her conviction. Her accused crime: Refreshing her thirst at a Muslim well (which irritated Muslims anyway) in which an argument with … Continue reading “Surprising New Allies for Asia Bibi?”

Persecuted Asia Bibi NEEDS ASYLUM after Release from Pakistan Prison

John R. Houk © November 16, 2018   Asia Bibi & Pakistani Muslim Protestors   I have followed the plight of persecuted Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi for many years now. In case you haven’t heard of her, here is the simple outrageous circumstances Asia has faced for nearly a decade.   Asia Bibi (aka Aasiya … Continue reading “Persecuted Asia Bibi NEEDS ASYLUM after Release from Pakistan Prison”

Pakistan Court Overturns Asia Bibi Death Sentence!

Now That’s Some All Saints Day News   John R. Houk © November 1, 2018 For nearly a decade Pakistan Christian Asia Bibi has been on death row for drinking water from – get this – a Muslim-only well. But her death sentence was allegedly she denigrated Muhammad in favor of Jesus.   A Muslim-only … Continue reading “Pakistan Court Overturns Asia Bibi Death Sentence!”


Intro to ‘Fresh Call for Release of Asia Bibi’ By Dan Wooding Intro by John R. Houk, blog Editor May 17, 2016   If you read this blog you may have run into some occasional posts about Pakistani-Christian Asia Bibi sentenced to death for defending Christianity from Muslim bigot gals at a well after demonstrations … Continue reading “FRESH CALL FOR RELEASE OF ASIA BIBI”

Asia Bibi Gets Execution Stay – Now Push for Political Asylum

Asia Bibi 2010 John R. Houk © July 25, 2015 Asia Bibi is a Pakistani-Christian gal who has rotted in a Pakistani prison for about SIX years under threat of a death sentence under the Islamic republic’s Blasphemy Law which is derived from Sharia Law. In October 2014 Pakistan’s highest court upheld her death sentence … Continue reading “Asia Bibi Gets Execution Stay – Now Push for Political Asylum”

U.S. Govt. Can Save Asia Bibi’s Life in Pakistan

Asia Bibi, Ashaq Masih – husband & Children   John R. Houk © October 26, 2014   Asia Bibi is a Pakistani Christian. She has been in a Pakistan slammer since 2009. Why? A bunch of religious racist Muslim ladies were upset Asia drew water out of a well designated for Muslims. A common practice … Continue reading “U.S. Govt. Can Save Asia Bibi’s Life in Pakistan”

Will the West Abandon Asia Bibi to an Execution in Pakistan?

John R. Houk © October 17, 2014   Islam is peace – NOT. With Islam there is no compulsion of religion – NOT. So-called Moderate Muslims (like CAIR, IST and ISGOKC for example) claim Sharia is compatible to the U.S. Constitution – NOT.   In 2009, Asia Bibi—a Pakistani Christian and mother of five—drew a … Continue reading “Will the West Abandon Asia Bibi to an Execution in Pakistan?”

Keep Public Pressure on to Support Asia Bibi

    John R. Houk © October 27, 2011   Asia Bibi has been imprisoned for her faith in Christ in the Islamic nation of Pakistan. Her crime is leaving Islam and converting to Christianity complicated by drinking water from a Muslim well. Her punishment for such a heinous crime in a Muslim nation is … Continue reading “Keep Public Pressure on to Support Asia Bibi”