Depopulation by mRNA Jab

John R. Houk, Blog Editor

© May 4, 2023

The pseudonymous Elgato Weebee is on many Social platforms so you may have ran into him in one fashion or another. I’m about to share a video he shared on the MeWe Social Platform but is from his UGETube video channel.

I suspect the video was borrowed and then posted, a practice I also do. I wish Elgato was more forthcoming source-wise. In the video description there is no source link but only this source notification: “INDEPENDENT BRITISH TV CHANNEL”.

The video is a collage Jab injuries and Jab deaths which includes commentary and there are many insertions of pro-Jab propaganda (from lying Leftists, lying RINOs, deceived Conservatives, and some people you might even admire such as President Trump or Dolly Parton) FOLLOWED by the outcome many have faced from being Jabbed.

I’ll be upfront in admitting a vast majority of those Jabbed have not experienced injury or death – at least in the immediate sense. BUT THE NUMBERS of who have experienced injury and/or death far exceed any vaccine il-effects from other illnesses vaccinated by  traditional non-mRNA medicines. AND to make matters worse, the mRNA Jab is so ineffective against COVID that the lying science encourages multiple mRNA boosters which are magnifying Jab-injuries and the potential for Jab-death.

SO, watch the result of lying science which eerily looks more and more like a part of a DEPOPULATION AGENDA.


[Blog Editor: Unfortunately UGETube still does not embed on WordPress. CLICK THE LINK TO EDUCATE YOURSELF (the photo below is a screen capture):]

Posted by Elgato Weebee

Published on 03 May 2023


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