Sharing, ‘Can Shariah Stand up to Critical Thinking?’

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Podcast by Paul Sutliff

Intro © April 14, 2023

Paul Sutliff sent an interesting video to my email on a lengthy discussion of the topic “Can Shariah Stand up to Critical Thinking? Part 10 b7.3 to c1.3” posted 4/13/23 as a live broadcast. It’s worth being informed so if you have time constraints or a low attention span, it’s worth bookmarking to go back to where you left off.

Paul Sutliff (screengrab-‘Can Shariah Stand up to Critical Thinking’) 4/13/23

For those who do not know Paul, here’s an excerpt from his Amazon author page:

“Paul Sutliff has a BA in Religion and Philosophy from Roberts Wesleyan College, a MSEd from Nazareth College of Rochester and a post-grad Certificate in Mid-Level Intelligence Analysis. Paul is an educator, a research writer and a radio talk-show host. Paul says he is only an awakened Patriot to what is happening around him.

Paul first started to look into the Muslim Brotherhood after the college where he earned his MSEd took $500,000 from the international Institute of Islamic Thought. It took only a short bit of research to realize that a former Catholic college had opened its doors to an enemy of the United States. This was easy to find since they had personally delivered a satellite phone battery pack used in the bombings of our Embassies in Tanzania and Kenya according to the FBI.

In 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden called for jihad on American soil ( and a NYC mosque called for the murder of those who insult Muhammad ( The question that needs to be answered is what does Islam teach vs. what the followers of Islam state they believe.”

READ THE REST (and check out his books)

I believe Paul Sutliff’s most recent book is “The Cancer of Civilization Jihad”, which can be purchased at Amazon.

Paul has a Blog that is not as active as in times past, but a great place to learn the actual nature of Islam which is not a pretty proposition for we non-Muslims: Paul Sutliff on Civilization Jihad.

Paul Sutliff seems more dedicated to his podcast The Sutliffian Report which I believe is easiest to access on Youtube (I used to catch it on Blog Talk Radio):

AND NOW the video shared via email by Paul.

Youtube VIDEO: Can Shariah Stand up to Critical Thinking? Part 10 b7.3 to c1.3

Posted by The Sutliffian Report

Posted on (Originally live streamed) April 13, 2023

Can Shariah standup to Critical Thinking? Does Shariah openly proclaim Islam as Gnosticism? What if Shariah promotes the concept of secret knowledge as salvation? Today we examine b7.0 to b7.2. What happens if the translation has misinformation? What happens if Shariah lies???? Worse, What if it can never be changed???

JRH 4/14/23

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