MORE Woke Blogger Censorship of Past

My Guess: Woke Trigger is Probably Breivik Symbolism

John R. Houk, Blog Editor

© April 10, 2022

SOME HOW I’ve gotten on some Woke Blogger (owned by Google) Censor’s agenda. Apparently that Censor is sifting through old posts that were A-OK with Blogger Guidelines in years gone by YET current guidelines are now being retroactively applied.

The latest in Blogger censorship is on a SlantRight 2.0 post entitled, “Breivik’s Christian Revolution” originally posted 7/29/11. YUP the year is 2011!

I am willing to bet most readers today do not even know who Anders Behring Breivik is.

Breivik was a European (Norwegian) White Supremacist Neo-Nazi who used the writings of legitimate Counterjihad writers and authors who understand that Islam was and still is dangerous to a Christian influenced Western Civilization. Breivik took those legitimate Islamic exposes and twisted them into excuses to perpetuate serial killings of Norwegians under the delusion it would result in the violent expulsion of Muslims from Europe. The nutjob actually sought parole in 2022 after killing 77 people in 2011. If he was in the U.S., I have no doubt Breivik would have received a death sentence in his trial.

Does Anyone See the Irony of Unmasked Villain & Masked Guards?

Anders Behring Breivik parole hearing 1/19/22

The Blogger censored post is me responding to a relative – who then and now – I will NOT reveal the identity of which  we together had theological and ideological differences that persist. The relative – which I call “Dear one” – was criticizing my Christian faith by associating my Counterjihad sentiments to those of Breivik.

Honestly, I found it infuriating that Breivik twisted the writings of legitimate critics of Islam so effectively, that one writer in particular – the Norwegian who went by the pseudonym Fjordman [SlantRight 2.0 SearchCPCR (formerly NCCR) Search] – had to defend himself in Court [Last Legal Foundation Endorsement demonstrating legal issues] and reveal his actual name placing a target on him from Muslim-nutjobs who desire the death of all critics of Islam. [You can see the reason I am such a Fjordman fan by reading a host of his old posts linked the Gates of Vienna under the moniker The Fjordman Files]

The link of SlantRight 2.0’s post entitled “Breivik’s Christian Revolution” is a dead link now due censorship:

The same title at The Conservative-Patriot Politics and Christian Right (CPCR – formerly NCCR) is updated as of 4/10/23 if you wish to read my stand with the “Dear one” that Blogger censored: Keep in mind the original post was in 2011 originally thus most of the embedded links are dead links.

JRH 4/10/23

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