Hmm…A Trump Indictment & Woke Politics = Censorship?

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John R. Houk, Blog Editor

© April 4, 2023

Blogger has embarked on censoring older posts from SlantRight 2.0 based on their Community Guidelines (WHICH CAN BE READ HERE). Here are the Sub-Headings to the Community Guidelines page which upon first perusal appears reasonable but when applied to Conservative thoughts you can guess the skewed hypocrisy (especially in light of the recent President Trump witch hunt indictment of nothing-burger law):

Blogger Content Policy

Community Guidelines

Adult Content

Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation

Dangerous and Illegal Activities

Harassment, Bullying, and Threats

Hate Speech

Impersonation and Misrepresentation of Identity

Malware and Similar Malicious Content

Misleading Content

Non-Consensual Explicit Imagery (NCEI)

Personal and Confidential Information


Regulated Goods and Services


Violent Organizations and Movements

Unauthorized Images of Minors

Violence and Gore


Enforcement of Blogger’s Content Policy

When you compare that which was Blogger (actually Google) censored, closest I MIGHT come to a violation a reporting on the violent LEFT. OR the godless immoral LEFT. Do you think Blogger censors actual Leftist calls for violence against Conservatives or Patriots or Christians or Jews? Does Blogger censor Drag Queen shows for children or transgender promotion among children? I DOUBT IT!!!

So I’m embarking to sharing the content to mirror Blog The Conservative-Patriot Christian Right (CPCR – formerly NCCR when I once agreed with Neoconservative principles until they proved unworkable in Islamic dominated nations) by link only enabling you the reader to decide if the censorship is valid.  KEEP IN MIND the Blogger censorship is occurring NOW to posts in many cases that happened a half a decade or longer ago.

Unpublished by Blogger for Community Guideline violation:

Defining Core Beliefs

Original Link (now a dead link):

Original Date: 9/15/12

CPCR still exists:

The post contrasts two platform views from 2012 between Democratic Party and the Republican Party on Abortion and Traditional Marriage. The post is so old most of the embedded links do not even work. The source is the politically active Christian organization Wall Builders (which as of 1:30pm CT 4/4/23 the link would not open in my browser).


Half Citizens

Original Link (now a dead link):

Original Date: 9/28/16

CPCR still exists:

Shamim Mahmood (sometimes spelled Mehmood) who is a Pakistani-Christian shared a short history of Muslim discrimination against Christians in Pakistan. The post occurred in 2016. This same Shamim was since punished for his years of civil rights activism in Pakistan with an abduction and torture incident in 2021 (Read about incident HERE & a 30-minute interview between Sheraz Khan & Shamim about 2021 incident on Facebook) and has since left his homeland Pakistan. The “Half Citizens” then are the oppressed Christians in Pakistan. I guess writing about oppressed Christians is against Blogger Guidelines.


Is Fundamental Transformation Sealed by Marxist Anarchy?

Original Link (now a dead link):

Original Date: 8/22/17

The post exposes violent Leftist organizations in 2017. Apparently in 2023 the post now violates Blogger Community Guidelines. CPCR still exists:

FOCUS: Antifa violence and Antifa sub-organizations


AND NOW two posts Blogger claims have a reader warning slapped on it (implying the warning may continue, be removed or post might be “unpublished):

Woodward’s ‘Blue Wave’ Launch Pad: Fear Crazy Trump!

Original Link (Currently with a Reader Warning):

Original Date: 9/12/18

CPCR Link:

This is a cross post of Mark Alexander from The Patriot Post evaluating similarities between a Bob Woodward book and a NYT article by “Anonymous” castigating President Trump.


Booker Nightmare: Republicans Call for Investigation as Gay Man Goes Public with Sex Assault Allegation

Original Link (Currently with a Reader Warning):

Original Date: 10/22/18

CPCR Link:

If you click the CPCR link, you’ll notice the Western Journal requested I take the post down. But not for egregious content, rather because WJ is a bit more jealous of their copyright brand being shared so I complied. No such WJ request came to Blogger. My sense the “Reader Warning” has more to do with accusing Dem-Marxist Trump-hating Senator Cory Booker of sexually assaulting a homosexual. If WJ requests the removal on copyright grounds at Blogger – sigh – I will comply.

JRH 4/4/23

Thank you to those who have stepped up!

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