Death of a Nation

“REV. PATTI” of NO THOUGHT POLICE usually posts thoughts on the Word of God, but every once in and awhile she embarks on a thought provoking editorial. April First of all days is one such occasion. Rev. Patti nails her observation of the decline of the USA with her post, “Death of a Nation”. HINT: The decline of Christian Morality is the key.

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Death of a Nation

Death of a Nation – photo


April 1, 2023


If you stop and take the time to listen, you can hear the death rattles of a dying nation all around you. If you are just now noticing this, you’re probably wondering why and how this is happening to a place you believed would always be able to withstand whatever the world threw at it. Also, if you are just now hearing the gasping groans of a once great nation, now crying out in mournful agony, you’ve been sleepwalking through life for quite some time now, because the signs of its sickness have been showing themselves for years now. Sadly, most of us are guilty of ignoring these signs and unwilling to believe that the things we are now witnessing could never happen here. Scoffing at those who saw the signs decades ago and tried to warn us.

Our nation is dying and it’s exactly what the communists masquerading as Democrats, have wanted for a hundred years now. It didn’t happen as quickly as they wanted, but these people, if anything should be given credit for their unwavering patience. Until now. Now that they can see, smell, and taste the blood of our languishing nation, they can’t contain themselves, they can’t wait till they hear her final death rattle!

This grand experiment, known as a Democratic Republic, which we’ve been blessed with for 250 years is now suffering from a cancer that we as the people of this nation have ignored through our own ignorance and complacency, and this cancer is spreading like wildfire. For all of our lives, we’ve been the most unique and envied nation the world has ever seen. No one ever believed that a nation of the people, by the people and for the people could ever succeed. But, those who came before us proved all the naysayers wrong, until now. Now they are moving at light speed to finally reach their goal of the total annihilation of the United States of America. They are so thrilled about how close they are they don’t even hide who and what they are anymore.

100 Years of Patience

This destruction hasn’t happened over night. The communists have been worming their way into our nation since the 1920’s. This was when they began planting themselves into our elite educational institutions. Don’t think they stopped there, nope, they also began to infiltrate our worker unions at the same time. This is where they first planted their lie about how much they cared about the working class. Not true then and still not true today, for if that narrative was really true we wouldn’t be where we are today. These communists have been telling the same lies now for a 100 years! And for decades the American people have kept voting these liars into positions of power over and over again and getting the same results each time. Promises made but, none kept.

Those Before Us Knew

We’ve been warned since the 50’s when President Eisenhower himself said that the biggest threat to our Republic was the ever growing Military/Industrial Complex. This same entity has now become the Military/Industrial/Big Pharma/Big Tech Complex! [Blog Editor Bold Emphasis]

President Kennedy was so distrustful of the CIA that many times to communicate with other world leaders he would go through “back channels” with the help of his family and trusted friends.

J. Edgar Hoover and Andy [Blog Editor: I suspect Rev. Patti means Senator Joe McCarthy because “Andy” McCarthy was born in 1959 and is a current columnist for the National Review and former Prosecutor] McCarthy in the 50’s had the right idea when they went on a “Red Scare” mission. They were right that communists couldn’t be trusted, because they couldn’t and still can’t be. They were right to believe that everything they touched ended up in misery and death. Where they got it wrong is when they went after the wrong people.

The communists themselves were not afraid to tell us what they wanted when back in 1963, they presented their goals to Congress. Below is just a few of their goals. After reading them, you should see that most of these goals have been achieved today:

  • Develop the illusion that total disarmament of nuclear weapons by the US would demonstrate moral strength.
  • Develop free trade with communist countries.
  • Grant recognition of Communist China.
  • Set up East and West Germany as separate states (AKA – Berlin Wall).
  • Allow all Soviet states representation at UN.
  • Promote the UN as the only hope for the world.
  • Never outlaw the Communist Party in the US.
  • Capture one or both political parties in the US.
  • Use technical decision of the courts to weaken basic American institutions by claiming their activities violate civil rights.
  • Get control of the schools. Use the schools as transmission belts for pushing socialist and communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum of the schools. Get control of teacher unions. Put the party line in textbooks.
  • Use student riots to foment public protests against programs or organizations which are under communist attack.
  • Infiltrate the press, radio, movies, and TV.
  • Discredit American culture by degrading all forms of artistic expression. For example eliminate all good sculpture from parks and buildings and replace with shapeless, awkward and meaningless forms.
  • Control art critics and art directors of museums and promote ugliness, repulsive and meaningless art.
  • Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling these laws “censorship” and a violation of free speech.
  • Break down the cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, movies, radio and TV.
  • Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy”.
  • Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social religion”. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity which doesn’t need a “religious crutch”.
  • Eliminate prayer or any religious expression from schools on the ground that it violates the principle of “separation of church and state.”
  • Discredit the Constitution by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs.
  • Discredit the Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the “common man”.
  • Belittle all forms of American culture and discourage the teaching of American history on the ground that it was only a minor part of the “big picture.”
  • Support any socialist movement to give centralized control over any part of the culture-education, social agencies, welfare programs, mental health clinics, etc.
  • Infiltrate and control big business.
  • Discredit the family and encourage promiscuity and easy divorce. Emphasize the need to remove children from the influence of their parents.

Any of that sound familiar? It should, between Obama and Biden it’s all coming true. Obama didn’t work fast enough for the communists and their hope was put in Clinton believing that she would move at lightning speed, however, Trump threw a monkey wrench in their plans by getting elected, postponing the completion of their plans for four years. This is why they hated him and still hate him so much, along with everyone that supported him and continue to support him. They hate him and those who support him because they are a threat to their grand plan of total destruction of the United States of America.

Full Speed Ahead To Destruction

From the moment this demented fool took over the White House, they’ve had him pushing the pedal to the metal toward total destruction of our nation. With just one stroke of the pen he immediately erased our energy independence. From there everything has been smooth sailing for these communists. Here’s just a few of the egregious things that they’ve accomplished in three short years:

  • Stripped us of our energy independence.
  • Created a state of inflation, worst we’ve seen in over 40 years.
  • Deliberately caused supply chain issues.
  • Created a wide open border policy that has let nearly five million illegals into the country and no one knows what any of their intentions are or where they are located in the US.
  • Turned their backs on the influx of drugs into the country that’s killing over a 100,000 people a year and the human trafficking of women and children.
  • Teaching a distorted view of American History (they teach the Founding Fathers were bad people, cover very little of the Civil war, WWI, don’t start teaching about WWII until after the US bombs Japan, nothing on Korea, Viet Nam and not even one sentence about 9/11) instead they teach children to hate America and to judge people by the color of their skin and if you are a certain color you are either the oppressed or the oppressor.
  • They are teaching your children that there are not just two genders and encourage the children to choose whatever gender they want. Many sex education programs are basically porn disguised as educational films. They push ridiculous pronoun language on your children and encourage your children to do things behind your backs.
  • They push transgenderism on your children by holding drag queen story hours in schools, libraries, and even in churches along with exposing them to explicit drag queen shows portrayed as “family friendly” entertainment.
  • They’ve silenced doctors and stripped them of their right to practice medicine simply because they have different views about COVID.
  • They’ve silenced and canceled anyone who has spoken out against the COVID lies and all other questionable things that this administration has done.
  • Turned American citizens into political prisoners treated worse than terrorists at Gitmo, for trespassing and illegal parading.
  • Have gone after parents of all backgrounds with the FBI, for standing up for their children and confronting school boards.
  • Have arrested peaceful Pro-Life protestors while they’ve ignored the Pro-Choice protestors who have attacked over 70 Pro-Life pregnancy centers.
  • They named a bill the “Inflation Reduction Act” to make the people believe it was meant to help with inflation when in reality everything within the bill has nothing to do with inflation but instead contains everything dealing with the “New Green Deal”.
  • They have allowed China to buy up 350 million acres of our farmland. And another quarter of our farmland is now owned by Bill Gates, a man who wants you to eat bugs instead of meat.
  • They have purged the military of many loyal, conservative patriots because they either didn’t agree with the diversity training or refused to take the jab and were forced out leaving us with a military that is weak and will do whatever it’s told to do by their superiors no matter how immoral it might be.
  • They embarrassed us on the International stage with their pull out of Afghanistan where the left $85 billion dollars’ worth of military equipment behind for the Taliban to have free of charge making them the third largest equipped “military” in the world, left approximately 20,000 Americans and allies behind, claiming it was only a few hundred and they all wanted to stay. 16,000 of these left behinds were saved and evacuated to other countries by volunteers and they remain in those countries because the State Department won’t let them come back home!
  • They’ve sent nearly $200 billion in cash and equipment to Ukraine to help fund a war that does not benefit the US in any fashion and no one in the government can give an accounting of just where our tax money is going on top of that, they continue to send money whenever Zelensky demands it.
  • While the White House entertains raging liberal celebrities and sucks up to the trans community and goes after a former president for a misdemeanor (which the statute of limitations has expired) Russia, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Africa, and Latin America are all planning on removing the US dollar as the International Standard Reserve and using the Chinese yuan instead. When this happens, the US dollar will collapse overnight.
  • They are already on stage two of devaluing our dollar (this is why what Russia, China, Saudi, Iran, Africa and Latin America is doing doesn’t bother them) and in July they will be releasing the “FedNow” card in all banks. What this will do is create a doorway to a central banking system run by the Federal Reserve. Right now it will be voluntary but a time will come when no one will have a choice. No doubt at first they will pay you 100% for each dollar, maybe even 110% to entice you to jump on the program bandwagon but as it progresses it will go to 80% to even as low as 50% of each dollar. They want you to believe this is for your own good however, it is nothing more than eventually controlling your hard earned money. They will put stipulations on what you can purchase, how much, and how often. For instance, if they think you have already purchased enough gas for the month, the next time you try to purchase gas your card would be rejected. This will of course affect everything you buy. This basically is the exact same system that China uses to control their people and their money. They call this CBDC or Central Banking Digital Currency.
  • They have been relentlessly attacking our freedom of speech whether it’s on the job, the public square, in our churches, and of course on social media, while their side can say and do anything they want and never be held accountable. The summer riots of 2020 are a prime example how it’s perfectly fine to burn down cities, loot, even murder and not one single person is held responsible or are spending one second of their time behind bars, while hundreds of people are being held in prison for trespassing. Firebombing of over 70 pregnancy centers, no one arrested or held accountable while on the other hand grandmas and grandpas and other Pro-Life peaceful protestors are rounded up and thrown into jail for peacefully protesting in front of Planned Parenthoods. Proving over and over again that justice for me and not for thee is prevalent throughout the nation.
  • Continued attacks on our 2nd Amendment rights, especially most recently with the past four shootings being committed by their own side (1 non-binary individual and the other three being members of the trans community) and who do they attack over these shootings? The shooters with their sick ideology are made out to be the victims while they attack law abiding gun owners and blame the violence them. The most current sick example of this is the White House sending out their condolences and support for the poor little transgender community after the latest shooting and totally ignoring the six innocent people, three of whom were three innocent nine-year-olds and their families. Even worse, the very same president that is supposed to be all about the American people, said nothing to console the victims’ families and instead decided to come out and make jokes about ice cream and then go straight to demanding gun control and ending the speech with more ice cream jokes! Then laughs at the prospect that the shooting was a hate crime aimed toward Christians! (Which it was.)

Those are just some of the damage that this government has unleashed upon us and it’s only going to get rapidly worse because they know 2024 is fast approaching and their fear is that too many Americans are waking up from their long slumber, so they need to continue to inflict as much harm and pain on us before 2024 arrives. So, if you think it’s bad now, you’ve not seen anything yet. Their hope is to inflict as much damage as possible so that if they get booted out in 2024 it will be nearly impossible for the new government to fix it. And that’s my fear that so much damage will be done by then, it could be irreversible.

There has not been one single nation in history, that has survived under the kind of devastating damage that we Americans are now suffering from. The death rattles of our nation are getting louder by the minute, so if you believe in God and in miracles, now would be the time to start praying for a miracle because that’s what it’s going to take to clean up this disaster we once knew as the United States of America.

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Posted on Nov 10, 2021


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