Do YOU Want an mRNA Collective?

John R. Houk, Blog Editor

© January 16, 20232

I’m keeping my post simple today.

I Telegram (my channel: SlantRight 2.0 – If you Telegram please join). I found this short video on Telegram (sorry I don’t remember where) of Amy Webb explaining the WEF agenda to utilize mRNA technology to manipulate the human genome. YUP, that is the same mRNA used in the Jab that lying Globalists claim will not alter human DNA. Webb is giddy about the potential to make a better human. I’m concerned about the potential for a WEF manufactured compliant humans.

Our U.S. Government is dominated by these kind of cultural manipulators. Protect your individuality and NOTHING as in ZERO to do with any mRNA technology! Despite the glowing packaging of a better life, it’s closer to a life of being manipulated into what to think, believe, accept and act. ALL according to controlling Elitist agendas for their hoped for collective slaves.


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Posted on January 16th, 2023 16:59 UTC]

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