Is Hamlin MNF Collapse a ‘Sudden Death’ (Injury) Syndrome? PROBABLY!

John R. Houk, Blog Editor

© January 4, 2023

I terminated my TV cable due to excessive billing. Sadly that meant no more ESPN. And I guess I’m too much of a cheapskate to fork out the extra cash for whatever app on my Smart TV that might carry ESPN.

That meant mega-football fan me, has missed NCAA Playoffs and whenever the NCAA Championship Game will be aired.

AND it means I miss airings of ESPN Monday Night Football (MNF). Which also means I missed the viewing of Damar Hamlin experiencing cardiac arrest after tackling receiver Tee Higgins.

I have watched the video clips. To me, I did not see a vicious hit out if the ordinary in NFL action. I have seen the propaganda machine begin to gear up though to steer blame away from a mRNA Jab result.

To my knowledge there has been official confirmation that Damar Hamlin was Jabbed, BUT it is my understanding the Buffalo Bills is fairly proud that they mandated their players to get the Jab. ERGO, it is also a fair assumption that Hamlin was Jabbed along with his teammates. (Cole Beasley resisted Jab as a Bill and even endured flak from brainwashed fans.)

First of all, just to prove there is a Jab Sudden Death or Crazy Jab Injury, HERE IS A 2-MINUTE VIDEO related to the Jab (which included Hamlin):


Posted by BANNED.VIDEOInfowars

First Published January 4th, 2023 06:59 UTC

“Died suddenly” is now one of the top searches trending on Google and Twitter as Damar Hamlin clings to life following his cardiac arrest during Monday Night Football. Speculation swirls about whether Hamlin’s collapse on the field was due to external factors, the experimental COVID injection, or something in between. After initially agreeing Hamlin may have suffered commotio cordis, renowned cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough told entrepreneur Steve Kirsch he was now under the impression the player suffered a heart attack and that if vaccinated, vaccine-induced myocarditis should be taken into consideration. No doubt Hamlin’s sudden collapse looked similar to other athletes’ recent fainting spells, which seem to have increased in frequency in the wake of the Covid jab rollout.


I uploaded 22-minutes of a CHD.TV interview conducted by Aimee Villella McBride with Dr. Peter McCullough about what he observed of the Damar Hamlin Cardiac Arrest on CHD.TV (which does not include embed video sharing). Original link: The whole video is close to 50-minutes. My UGETube upload below:

UGETube VIDEO: NFL Star Drops Suddenly With Peter McCullough, MD, MPH [Sadly, UGETube still does not embed on WordPress. You’ll have to click the link.]

Posted by John Houk

Published on 04 Jan 2023

Below are a few posts contradicting the BRAINWASH-science with the actual science of the devastation that can occur with the mRNA Jab.

JRH 1/4/23

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Posted by BANNED.VIDEOInfowars

First Published January 4th, 2023 13:13 UTC

Thomas Renz joins Owen Shroyer live via Skype to give his expert analysis of Buffalo Bills’ safety Damar Hamlin’s collapse on the field.



Youtube VIDEO: Nation Erupts After Respected Doctor Points to Reason Damar Hamlin Collapsed On Field Last Night

Posted by The Next News Network

Jan 3, 2023

Following the medical diagnosis of Buffalo Bills’ Defensive Back Damar Hamlin after he had a cardiac arrest on the field while clutching his chest, a national red-pill moment struck. Dr. Peter McCullough has suggested that the events were a potential result of myocarditis caused by the NFL mandates.



Public Health Obligation to Disclose Cause of Cardiac Arrest and Sudden Death

Events no Longer Private in Era of Mandated COVID-19 Vaccination

By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH

January 4, 2023

Courageous Discourse

Last night on Tucker Carlson Tonight (FOX News) I told America that there is a building public health obligation to disclose what happened in a case of cardiac arrest and sudden death when it is unexpected with no antecedent disease.

Dr. McCullough on Tucker Carlson Tonight, January 3, 2023 on the Damar Hamlin cardiac arrest during Monday Night Football January 2, 2023.

Rumble VIDEO: An Obligation to Investigate Possible Role of COVID Vaccination in NFL Collapse

[Blog Editor: There is no Rumble Embed available so here’s a Twitter video of the Tucker segment:]

[Posted by Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

Published  January 4, 2023]

I walked Tucker through the differential diagnosis and concluded that in the case of Damar Hamlin, that COVID-19 vaccine-induced subclinical myocarditis and then arrhythmic cardiac arrest on the field was at the top of the list. Tucker said that’s “fair.” I think it’s more than fair since the NFL had a COVID-19 vaccine mandate, as did the military, many corporations, universities, and schools. If an EUA vaccine is mandated, then those who have imposed this product on their players, employees, and students have an ethical public health obligation to tell the world what has happened as a result of the mandate and help all those impacted brace for what could happen next. Damar Hamlin is not just another “unexplained sudden adult death syndrome” case. It was “prime time” for the NFL and now “truth time” for the family, Buffalo Bills doctors, and the University of Cincinnati Medical Center staff. Did he take the vaccine, brand, and doses given? Is the clinical evaluation consistent with COVID-19 vaccine induced subclinical myocarditis and resuscitated cardiac arrest? If not, what is the proven cause of his calamity (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, anomalous coronary arteries, catecholaminergic ventricular tachycardia, long QT syndrome, Brugada syndrome, Takotsubo cardiomyopathy, pulmonary embolus, spinal cord/intracranial injury, etc.). I anticipate Hamlin will neurologically recover and come off the mechanical ventilator, so it is possible that the moral obligation of disclosure will be in his hands at some point in the future. Likely is NFL career has ended, an ICD will be implanted, but a new mission in public health may lie in front of him. We pray for his swift and full recovery in the hands of excellent medical staff and the support of his family and team.

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Yahoo Sports Damar Hamlin Update January 4, 2023

Thompson RJ, McCullough PA, Kahn JK, O’Neill WW. Prediction of death and neurologic outcome in the emergency department in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survivors. Am J Cardiol. 1998 Jan 1;81(1):17-21. doi: 10.1016/s0002-9149(97)00798-4. PMID: 9462599.

© 2023 Peter McCullough MD MPH – Courageous Discourse


MURDER charge Pfizer & Moderna & Fauci (FDA, CDC, NIH) makers of mRNA/DNA gene injection (vaccine), indict them, killing a black man on live television DAMAR HAMLIN, while lying about commotio cordis

What you need for murder charge to stick is below in my substacks; he ‘died’ on the field, they are lying about commotio cordis, they killed him with this deadly gene vaccine they made Chauvin 2.0

By Dr. Paul Alexander

January 4, 2023

Alexander COVID News-Dr. Paul Elias Alexander’s Newsletter

It is time to lay murder charges on Pfizer, Moderna, CDC, NIH, FDA, NIAID, Fauci, Francis Collins, Walensky, Ashish Jha etc. It is time.

They are telling us to STFU, that we who are asking the right questions as to what went wrong here, we must STFU. I say under NO condition will we. Yes, they killed him, they killed DAMAR and know it and we will continue to go after them for we want all who did this, who brought this fraud so called vaccine, this entire pandemic fraud, all of it from lockdowns to the fraud vaccine, properly deposed in proper legal settings, proper tribunals with proper judges and we want accountability and justice. If judges rule that all of their money is to be taken, we take it. If judges rule those involved must be imprisoned, at the highest levels of government, we jail them for life. We lock them up! If judges rule capital punishment is the remedy, we seek the death penalty! Does not matter to me who.

They killed a black man, they stopped his heart in front of you, stopped his breathing with their death shot. DAMAR died for 10 minutes. From all we know so far. New reports indicate they had to bring him back to life in the hospital too.

They committed murder on live national television during an NFL game! They killed a black man! Their gun, weapon of choice was a mRNA/DNA gene injection ‘so called vaccine’. They know it. They know we are beginning to grapple with it and ask the right questions and they know the players on that field who cried, they cried out of love and horror for their teammate, yet they cried too because they know they are juiced up with the gene fraud injection and they know that that means, the bell may toll for thee too! Soon.

We want the congressional black caucus in the US congress to stand up now and defend this black American, DAMA HAMLIN, do the right thing, get accountability and not just for him and his family, but for all Americans, for all the other NFL players. We want the NAACP to stand up. You say you seek justice, you did not get it before, now here is your chance!

Pfizer placed their criminal corporate boot, with CDC and FDA and NIH and NIAID and Fauci and Francis Collins and Walensky and Albert Bourla and Bancel, all of them, their placed their money-hungry power-hungry malfeasant boot on the neck of DAMAR HAMLIN, this is Derek Chauvin once again, Pfizer is Derek Chauvin with its boot on the neck of George Floyd, this time George is DAMAR. Yes, DAMAR like George Floyd, could not breathe for 10 minutes, “I can’t breathe”. Pfizer took the life of an African American man on live national television.

Yes, I am saying it plainly, the Pfizer gene injection mRNA/DNA vaccine, unless we are shown otherwise, based on all the uncertainty still, and based on all the unanswered questions, but based on all we DO know, was the murder weapon that killed DAMAR HAMLIN. Yes, thank God for the medical response but he died for 10 minutes in front of us. And we know the killer. We know all involved, the DIRTY DOZEN.

Yes Pfizer and Moderna did the unthinkable, they murdered DAMAR HAMLIN, a Black African-American man as you watched, on national television, for they, their actions, their product, the COVID gene injection caused his heart to quit on him and he suddenly fell in cardiac arrest, in your face. They stopped his heart for 10 minutes we were told, and then began the cover up and lie on national television too and even sent out their television talking head dangerous deceitful corrupted medical doctors and media to lie about commotio cordis. They know the chance of this being commotio cordis is slim. They know it happens in children mainly, they know generally using a ball etc.

They know that this is more than likely ‘silent’ vaccine-induced myocardial scarring (from prior COVID injection) that lead to a high-adrenaline (catecholamine) arrhythmia episode causing cardiac arrest. They know that the catecholamine surge due to exertion in the backdrop of a myocardial damaged heart, can stress the heart and cause cardiac arrest.

They know! Fauci, Walensky, Bourla, Bancel, Ashish Jha, Francis Collins, Baric, Hotez, Wen, Njoo, Tam etc. They know! They know this will be repeated over and over! They know it already has been playing out! They know what will happen to many young persons and infants and children due to the COVID gene injection.

You want to shut me up for asking the right questions, NEVER! The record is now in place. Criminal charges must be laid at the feet of Pfizer and Moderna, along with CDC, NIH, FDA, Fauci, Birx, Walensky, Francis Collins, Ashish Jha, Bourla, Bancel etc. Murder charges!

I say murder charges!

I am riding with real warriors in this who with me, decided NO, enough is enough and we reacted with the right response and I mean myself, Oskoui, McCullough, Berenson, Stock, Wolf, Mark Crispin Miller, Rogers, Kirsch etc. We did not insert our heads into ours assess afraid, like some of the freedom fighters who recoiled and stood back. Somehow when they saw the cardiac arrest, they stapled their stones to their thighs and who had no staples, glued theirs to their thighs. They lost the ‘warrior’ in them and put on some pink ‘woke’ pussy hats. But Oskoui and McCullough and Jeff Tucker said NO. I said NO. Miller said NO. NO, we said NO, we know something is and was wrong and we told them 2 years now this will happen and more of it will. We asked the questions while many, shockingly in our movement, slinked away. Shrunk when we needed them most. The hope is that they grow back the backbone we know they have and stand up!

Warriors with balls of steel and I tip the hat to them! I tip my hat to Tucker Carlson!

NFL players be warned, what you saw with DAMAR will happen to many more of you. To our police, the best among us, our military, our pilots. Our border agents. We told you so. Sadly, you did not listen. Aaron Rodgers knew what he was saying. So was Novak. You should have understood.

Key documents in such a murder charge filing, based on my prior substacks including Berenson’s and the combined statements of Alexander, Stock, McCullough, and Oskoui:

Our official position (Alexander and Stock with McCullough and Oskoui) and you are free now to use this and quote it:

“The most likely diagnosis from the little certainty we have so far, is vaccine-induced myocardial scarring (from prior COVID injection) that lead to a high-adrenaline arrhythmia episode causing cardiac arrest. The chance of vaccine myocarditis scarring and subsequent arrhythmic predisposition is much greater than the chance of Commotio Cordis absent vaccine cardiac injury.  Commotio Cordis is very rare in his age range, non-projectile Commotio Cordis even rarer, vaccine myocardial scarring is very common to them, the hit on the play was not a major chest blow, and the Buffalo Bills have stated that they are 100% vaccinated.  Had he suffered onset of ventricular arrythmia at the time of chest impact it is unlikely he could have finished a tackle, let alone gotten to his feet after the play.  The most likely diagnosis from the little certainty we have is vaccine-induced myocardial scarring leading to high-adrenaline arrhythmia.  But he only reason for this uncertainty should be the player’s or his family’s desire for privacy.  The CDC, FDA or NIH can and should address this.  Cardiac MRI looking for late gadolinium enhancement, review of mis medical records including vaccine records and response to those, or autopsy in the horrific even he should pass, should be offered by the government for free, if not because the most likely diagnosis is vaccine induced myocardial injury, then for the sake of easing the population’s fears.  The failure to do so will be more telling than the results.”

[Blog Editor: BTW running spell check changed some original content. From this point Dr. Paul Alexander delves less with the anger over the death-mRNA-Jab and more into the science. I don’t know about you, but the science for a lay person is like speaking Greek. If you are a science-person willing to buck the control-narrative offered as science – READ ON. Because of length and attention span limitations, you should find the time to read the understandable science of Steve Kirsch and Toby Rogers:

Latest report: Damar Hamlin is alive and moving! By Steve Kirsch; Steve Kirsch’s newsletter; 1/3/23

Damar Hamlin: Pfizer kills a Black man on live TV and then tells us that we’re not supposed to talk about it; By Toby Rogers; uTobian; 1/3/23]

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