World Council for Health Stands with Dr Peter McCullough

On October 30 I posted “Dr. McCullough Fights to Keep his Board Certifications” by John Leake. The post is about the Medical Persecution Dr. Peter McCullough is receiving from medical publications that once hailed his science-genius and the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) stripping his Board certification.

Ergo, I find it gratifying that other anti-Leftist-Science doctors and associations are calling out the irrationality of ABIM and its Pseudo-Marxist leader Dr. Richard J. Baron. The World Council for Health which is very anti-Globalist science narrative.

JRH 11/1/22

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World Council for Health Stands with Dr Peter McCullough

By World Council for Health [staff]

November 1, 2022

World Council for Health

We call on the ABIM to rethink undermining its own credibility in its treatment of this outstanding cardiologist and physician. 

Dr Peter McCullough is a world-renowned cardiologist, the author of hundreds of articles published in peer-reviewed journals, and an outstanding physician who has been researching Covid-19 and how to treat it from the very beginning. His tireless efforts to alert the medical community to effective early Covid-19 treatment protocols and the risks of Covid-19 vaccines have repeatedly drawn the ire of medical bodies beholden to corporate interests.

As a result, he has been stripped of three professorships, multiple editorial positions at academic medical journals, and many other professional memberships. Now, the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) has advised that it intends to strip Dr McCullough of his board certifications, which would bar him from practicing medicine.

Dr McCullough’s clinical record is flawless. His actions throughout the pandemic have demonstrated his unfailing commitment to evidence-based medicine and doing the best for his patients. For example, early in the pandemic, he developed and shared an early Covid-19 treatment protocol, gave testimony to a U.S. Senate hearing in November 2020 calling on government to support early treatment of Covid at home, and published a paper with Dr Jessica Rose highlighting a significant increase in cases of myocarditis following Covid-19 vaccination in young people – a paper that was then subsequently withdrawn by Elsevier with no explanation.

Even as he has lost reputation and income, he has never wavered in honouring his Hippocratic Oath to do no harm. As such, this is a physician who deserves nothing but respect and gratitude from his regulatory body.

The ABIM’s decision to revoke his certification says far more about the ABIM than Dr McCullough. It has accused Dr McCullough of understating the risk of dying from Covid for people under 50 years old, and overstating the risk of death from Covid vaccines. This accusation is predicated on the assumption that the ‘science’ on Covid-19 vaccines and the illness itself is settled. Science is never settled, only dogma. It ignores the significant and growing evidence that informs Dr McCullough’s position and in seeking to punish dissenters, the ABIM demonstrates it has become high priest of a narrow and limited medical orthodoxy and is fundamentally anti-science.

World Council for Health suggests the ABIM reconsider its position for the sake of its own credibility. In the meantime, World Council for Health stands with Dr Peter McCullough and honours his steadfast commitment to helping people worldwide despite considerable personal cost.

Those wishing to support Dr McCullough can do so by subscribing to his new Substack, which can be found here

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