Conservative Anger Condemned as Extremist Violence

Actual Leftist Violence Ballyhooed as Necessary Transformation – Can ANYONE See the Hypocrisy?

By John R. Houk

© August 14, 2022

A roughly 8-minute video shows MSM brainwashing in full swing protecting corrupt FBI-Brown Shirts raid on President Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago. Repeatedly using the threat to America’s “Democracy when in reality is a Representative (long ago diluted to nonexistence by a non-elected Bureaucracy) Republic. Thanks Vlad Tepes!


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First Published August 14th, 2022 14:59 UTC

We know this, but its good to have it this well laid out for those who still do not.

Notice over and over again the cherry-picking of info of Trump supporters calling for civil war or violence. WHAT A BUNCH OF LEFT-WING MARXIST HYPOCRITS! Has America and MSM propaganda mouthpieces forgotten so soon of the nationwide violence, rioting and looting in cities across America over Black criminals just like George Floyd lost their lives committing criminals acts. TALK ABOUT A PROMOTED SEASON OF VIOLENCE without a shred of consequence.

BUT fed-up Conservatives and Patriots FINALLY becoming weary of government tyranny and beginning to voice the all too often last resort emerging to resist government tyranny – which will probably be a civil war unless serious changes peacefully occur – are being painted as villains by propagandists AND ZERO CONSERVATIVE-PATRIOT violence has even taken place as in the days of MSM/Dem-Marxist Leftist Rage.

If violence erupts, guarantee it won’t be instigated by Patriots. It will be in self-defense at the very least a la Kyle Rittenhouse. Though I doubt you will hear that narrative from propagandists looking to expand tyranny at the cost of Conservative-Patriot lives and the Founding Fathers’ Founding Documents!

JRH 8/14/22

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4 thoughts on “Conservative Anger Condemned as Extremist Violence

    1. I don’t always agree with President Trump (e.g. the Jab), but he is the biggest monkeywrench to break the Leftist machinery. Left hatred makes Trump an American hero!


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