Will the Jeremiahs Awaken the Sheeple in Time?

John R. Houk, Blog Editor

© July 15, 2022

I can’t speak for the citizens of sovereign nations outside of the USA, but news stories reaching me not controlled by Leftist propaganda news outlets, suggest people world-wide in the once Free World are beginning to rise up against this new combination Globalist-Fascist-Corporatist-Marxism forcing WEF transformation down their throat.

In America though, I feel the few voices trying to alert WE THE PEOPLE about the darkness of Dem-Marxist tyranny forcing Americans to believe and act and submit to a godless and Anti-Liberty culture are increasingly relegated to a Prophet Jeremiah status. A status that ancient Israelis ignored until too late when most were deported from their homeland to Babylon. Israel (the 10 Northern Hebrew Tribes) were essentially deported after Assyrian conquest. The conquest occurred because the northern Israel kings rejected the worship of God Almighty in favor of a variation of pagan deities.

Roughly a hundred years later, the two southern Hebrew tribes (Judah and Benjamin) comprised the Kingdom of Judah. The southern kings followed the corruption of the northern kings – which Jeremiah tried to warn – and a population deportation was sent to Babylon. (SIDE NOTE: The people of the 10 northern tribes had been anesthetized so effectively against worshipping the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; that my guess is their deportation led to a culture absorption. Jeremiah and Daniel among the Judah deportees a strong God Almighty worship was maintained in Babylon. It is from the Judah deportees where the modern term for Judaism arises. And so also “Jew” and “Jewish”. In case anyone is interested.)

It is my observation – hence, to be fair, my opinion – America has been the victim of brainwash-creep for so long, that Americans do what they are told to do as if the government is the final divine arbiter of right and wrong. HENCE, the brainwashed have become the Sheeple shepherded by Leftist wolf-Elites that have no care for the people but only care how the wolf-Elites can be served. In case you didn’t realize it, when the Sheeple are too numerous, they are difficult to control. The secret to control – is Sheeple culling.

The wolf-Elites fear the Jeremiahs who are warning that actions are taking place (harmful mRNA Jabs, fuel shortages, food shortages, foreign wars, future plandemics, foreign threats to National Sovereignty [e.g., CCP domination & Illegal Immigration] and probably other threats that slipped my mind), that MIGHT AWAKEN the Sheeple.

My fellow Americans I am now 65 years old. I remember a time when dissent was admired. There was a time in America when this sentiment was common:

“I don’t agree with you, but I will fight for your Right to disagree with me.”

America’s current ruling elite (BTW: rule by an Election Coup), has nearly made me a criminal-domestic-terrorist for dissenting to ungodly and unconstitutional rules in a Banana Republic legal system. At age 65 my fighting days are probably behind me. But I tell you what, I WILL NOT COMPLY! Because I live under a government and a brainwashed culture that views my beliefs in Biblical Christianity and the Patriotism of America’s Founding Principles as criminal, you NO LONGER will see me defend the Right of a Leftist to be an unprincipled idiot.

I pray an America reemerges where people’s opinions are respected again irregardless of ideology or faith, I don’t know if that will happen again in my lifetime.

Here are some Jeremiahs, much to the chagrin of Left-Wing control-the-narrative wolf-Elites, have the documents and doctoral degrees to back their Jeremiads:

JRH 7/15/22

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Posted by The-Truth-Seeker

First Published July 13th, 2022 20:08 UTC

All Credit To The War Room


Vaccinated multiply variants and sustain an endless pandemic

Dr. Robert Malone

Posted by Admin

July 14, 2022

World-Signals News

“It’s called immune imprinting. And what the government has bought is the perfect vaccine combination to cause this to get even worse.”

On a Wednesday segment of the War Room with Steve Bannon, Dr. Malone dropped a bomb. But first, he cleared the air on how “bad” these new Omicron variants really are.

So let’s start off; how bad is Omicron? Let’s just get to the bottom of this. How bad is this big, spooky scary thing for the most of us? Okay, I’m going to quote from the great publication of the left, Business Insider … Here’s what they say on the symptoms of Omicron. Its symptoms are similar to past Omicron variants; this is BA.5, a sore throat, sneezing, and a runny nose. Okay, so this is what they’re trying to scare us with.”

Alright, nothing to worry about for someone with a healthy and functioning immune system. But here’s the punchline…

The problem is the data are coming in from all over the world. The people that are dying and ending up hospitalized with Omicron ba.5 are the highly jabbed.

The data from New Zealand is stunning. They managed to keep the earlier variants out, they jabbed everybody, and now Omicron BA.5, which is the escape mutant, it’s learned how to avoid the vaccine … and it is hammering New Zealand because they don’t have any natural immunity.”

So more vaccine uptake is leading to more problems, and the government’s policies are making it even worse.

Here’s the sick, sad thing. The govvies, the FDA and the CDC, have already approved and the HHS has purchased $3.2 billion worth of triple trivalent vaccine that has never been manufactured before, will not be clinically tested, will be deployed right before the elections and is probably going to have a higher dose, which means is going to have more adverse events.

And it is perfectly designed to drive immune imprinting and make people even more susceptible to infection. The whole problem that’s going on here, and they have got their heads in the sand. This is the first rule of holes. When you’re in one, stop digging, somebody has got to hammer that into their heads. Stop digging!

So here’s how the news responds as they run cover for what’s really driving infection and hospitalization. “The New ‘Ninja’ COVID Variants is the Most Dangerous Yet”

Dr. Malone then brings out the charts and analyzes how various countries are faring. The blue line is the cases, the red line is deaths, and the flat orange line is the death baseline.

World graph. Even though the daily cases are going up, the deaths are going down “because this is not very lethal.”

Omicron BA.4 & BA.5 Chart

Source: thevigilantfox.substack.com

HOMEPAGE World-Signals News: Uncensored World News


America Has Been Flirting With Leftist Disaster – It’s Time To Stop Compromising

By Brandon Smith

July 13, 2022

Humans Are Free

The political left as a movement has proven to be made up of some of the worst people imaginable – The kind of people that thirst for destruction and take joy in the oppression of others.

Kids in scene from Village of the Damned (1995 version)

They might think they are reveling in a form of anarchy, but they are actually the opposite: They are chaos creators, but only as a means to gain total control.

However, while leftists make my skin crawl with their pungent scent of evil, there is one group of people that is even more annoying, and that’s the fence sitters and fake moderates.

Though these people will never admit it, there are times when social conflict arises and one side is completely right while the other side is completely wrong.

Fake moderates pretend as if there are merits to the side that is wrong even when there are none because they want to appear as though they are “wise.” The truth is they don’t have the guts to take a stand one way or the other, and so they act as if neither side is correct, or that both sides are partially right.

Meaning, the side of destruction is given license to continue their pillaging because, hey, we don’t want to seem like we are discriminating or biased, right?

This is how societies and cultures are slowly but inevitably erased and the principles they hold dear are eroded to nothing. It’s mostly done through apathy and a sedate tolerance of corruption. Compromise is the hallmark of “democracy,” and it is also the root of tyranny.

If people did not compromise on their principles and freedoms, tyranny could not exist. This why the Founding Fathers of the US opposed pure democracy and formed our nation as a Constitutional Republic with checks and balances.

Democracy alone often demands acceptance of poisonous and oppressive behaviors we might otherwise stop, all in the name of appeasing the “majority.”

Discrimination, at times, can be a good thing. It is a biological imperative that contributes to tribalism and has allowed humanity to survive as a species for millennia.

Without the ability to discriminate, all behaviors no matter how radioactive would proliferate, and this is what we are facing today in western societies.

When tribes were faced with narcissist members, psychopathic members, or outright schizophrenic and delusion members, those people were often cast out or ignored and for good reason. When the insane and the sociopathic are allowed to integrate into a culture they are also allowed to inject a certain level of moral insanity into that culture.

Insanity is generally an inborn condition, but insane habits can also be learned, and if people think there are benefits and gains associated with acting insane, some of them will do so and the problem will grow.

The political left argues that all discriminating tendencies are a form of bigotry. Yet, they are some of the most bigoted people on the planet when it comes to opposing ideals and beliefs. We can see this attitude within their own policies and the people they seek to censor.

They readily embrace full bore erasure of all ideas that contradict their beliefs and they do this because they know, given enough time, that this kind of censorship works.

They are trying to reverse the old tribal model – These days, anyone who is SANE must be converted or cast out of society.

The examples are numerous. Anyone who points out the lack of science behind transsexual ideology and gender fluid theory is immediately a “bigot” and must be cast out. Anyone who questions extreme environmentalism and carbon controls is a “climate denier” and must be cast out.

Anyone who questions government paid “medical experts” and their draconian mandates is “anti-science” and must be cast out. Anyone who claims that Critical Race Theory is highly inaccurate and misleading is a “racist” and needs to be cast out.

Anyone that thinks teachers should not be allowed to sexualize children in schools and exploit those kids for their own psychological gratification is a “homophobe” that must be cast out. It goes on and on.

I have even seen leftists in the media defend heinous acts such as pedophilia because to be deeply opposed to any character trait of any human being is to commit the greatest sin in the leftist religion – Who are you to question the internal “truth” of an individual and set boundaries for their behavior? You have become intolerant, and therefore you are a heretic.

Make no mistake, this philosophy of “equity” might seem like random madness but it serves a very specific agenda. If all behaviors must be tolerated, then any evil can become acceptable. The only evil action you can then commit is intolerance of evil. See how that works?

Psychopaths and those that lack empathy can now rule over our culture because they cannot be confronted without great social risk.

In a world where everyone is a good person at heart the idea of “equity” might work (probably not), but in a world where inherent evil exists and such people have no qualms about hurting who they want to get what they want, a culture built on equity is doomed to self-destruct.

All they have to do is claim that they are a part of an oppressed class, a victim group, and therefore you are not allowed to question their actions.

If men want to claim they are women and overrun women’s sports, women’s locker rooms, women’s bathrooms, women’s prisons and women’s health, we have to let them, because if we don’t then we are denying their “existence” as they see it in their own heads.

If a pedophile wants to commit pedophilia we have to let them, because if we don’t we are guilty of discriminating against a psychological minority. If a mother wants to murder her unborn baby out of convenience, we have to let her, because who are we to tell her she has to face the consequences of her sexual actions?

Leftists believe in no moral boundaries, only political boundaries. The only behaviors that can be restricted are the behaviors that conflict with their ideology.

The past few months have been rather surprising in terms of the Supreme Court’s decisions and I can only hope that this represents a step away from our nation’s extreme flirtations with the leftist fold.

The end result of the “do what thou wilt” philosophy is clear as day – It can only lead to complete societal collapse and indoctrination of future generations. And maybe, just maybe, some members of the Supreme Court have realized this.

Decisions in favor of the right to self-defense under the constitution have finally shut down the political left’s obsession with disarming their opponents.

They see the 2nd Amendment as the last stronghold of a conservative culture that stands in the way of their plans to absorb America, turning it into something unrecognizable in the process.

As with all authoritarian regimes, leftists seek to take the right of defense away from anyone that does not believe as they believe. Their dreams are crushed, for now.

The decision to end Roe v. Wade and federal protections for abortion is perhaps the most surprising of all. Leftists view cultural tolerance of child murder as their greatest victory.

It’s not about women’s bodies or women’s rights; if abortion was about “human rights” then they would have to honestly take into account the rights of the child in the womb.

But, they won’t do that, because rights are irrelevant to them. What abortion is really about is changing the limits of what Americans are willing to morally endure. What long held virtues are we willing to sacrifice, and how many children are we willing to sacrifice in the name of “tolerance and equity?”

It’s a game, you see. A game played by psychopaths. And the goal of the game is to see if they can make all the people around them act just like them.

Can you be turned to the dark side? That is the purpose of this game, and they revel in the idea that deep down everyone else is just as evil as they are.

The refusal to compromise on such issues might seem like a push to the “far right” of the political spectrum, and this is the great lie that everyone has been led to believe.

Leftists have moved the goal posts so far in their direction that any moderate shift away from their end game is treated as an “alt-right attack” that will lead to fascism (even though fascists are all socialists just like leftists). What’s really happening, in my view, is a slow return to center.

Millions of Americans do not trust the left and they certainly don’t want to live in a world where there are no boundaries and all discrimination is considered a hate crime.

At their genetic core, most people understand that certain behaviors are wrong on every level and cannot be allowed. And if acceptance is actually a mantra for leftists, then they should also have to accept the existence of principles that do not align with their own.

The backlash against these people is very real. They see it as a conservative insurrection, but really, it’s only the beginning of a pendulum swing back to center by people who have a conscience.

This swing has to be uncompromising, because if there is any semblance of weakness the leftists will use it to pull us all back into the insane asylum.

There can be no moderation at this time, no fence sitting, no slack. The time for pretending there are merits to the leftist cult is over. The time to draw a line in the sand has begun.

© Copyright 2020 Humans Are Free. Creative Commons License.



Posted by Right2Freedom

First Published July 14th, 2022 13:48 UTC

Source: www.rumble.com/v1c5fn1-against-the-wind-fda-cdc-abandon-science-to-get-products-across-the-line-wi.html?mref=6zof&mrefc=3



[Blog Editor: The Vigilant Fox uploaded a little over a minute of a much longer Maria Zeee-Dr. Seneff interview. I’m just including the web capture photo of that video and will post the full Rumble video at the end of the post (which is not included in the original post.]

Argument Debunked: You Cannot Defend This Onslaught of Adverse Events from the COVID Jab: They say more shots equals more adverse events, but Dr. Stephanie Seneff explains why it should be nowhere near this high.

Dr. Stephanie Seneff web capture

By The Vigilant Fox

July 14, 2022

The Vigilant Fox [Substack]

The common argument for why there are so many adverse events for the COVID shot is, “Well, of course, there will be a ton of adverse events because we’ve never given so many vaccines to so many people at the same time.”

While partially true, Stephanie Seneff debunks that claim by comparing it to another injection with high yearly uptake, the flu shot.

“Yes, that’s true [that the COVID jab was administered on a wide scale], but it wouldn’t be 98% [of all shots given in contrast to what we see with adverse events].

And in fact, we calculated it because you could get the numbers on what on the uptake of the flu shot, and it was over 50% of the population gets the flu shot every year. We got the numbers. We looked at that one shot, two shots, three shots, added them all up, and we got the ratio of the number of shots of COVID delivered in people’s arms, including multiple shots in one person, versus the number of shots delivered in the arms of people for the flu shot.

And the ratio of the number of shots versus the ratio of the number of events. In other words, there are many more events [in the COVID jab] than you would expect if it was comparable. Even after accounting for the excess frequency, and we put that into our paper, the number was 27. 27 [adverse event] reports for COVID shots for every one report for a flu shot, normalized by the frequency. [The COVID jab is] 27 times as bad as the flu shot.”

VAERS Quote on mRNA Injuries vs Flu Shot Injuries

Well… there goes that argument for the pro-jab crowd. Great job, as always, Dr. Stephanie Seneff.

Follow the link to watch the entirety of this remarkable interview.

[Blog Editor: The “Follow the link” is to a Red Voice Media version of the interview. Here’s the direct Rumble VIDEO:

Uncensored: Dr. Seneff – Evidence of DNA Damage, Neurodegenerative Disease, & More

Posted by Stew Peters Network 

Published July 13, 2022


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