Leftist Human Manipulation Examined

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Yesterday I posted “1984-Propaganda in 21st Century” which was a series of cross posts on the Coup-Biden Administration’s 1984-style Ministry of Truth given the crazy-obvious name of Disinformation Governance Board to be led by Lie-Creator Nina Jankowicz. I am glad to notice the near viral reporting by many others exposing the thought-control agenda by Dem-Marxists and Globalists in general.

In this process of Social Platform sharing I ran into two posts dealing controlling what people think and believe and act. The first is from American Thinker sharing theory about belief-manipulation called the Asch Conformity Experiment. The second post is presented by Dr. Joseph Mercola which has three informative videos with his commentary interspersed between videos on cradle-to-grave manipulative-control of human lives focusing on the use of technology. Mercola’s post will disappear from free access 48-hours from its original posting. Be sure to approach the Mercola post critically. I agree with most of it but I’m kind of in the fence with some it.

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This Scary Experiment Explains Two Years of COVID Hell

CoronavirusImage: qimono via PixabayPixabay License.

By Vic Hughes

April 29, 2022

American Thinker

In case you were wondering why all views contrary to the Official Narrative have been canceled, it’s because of the Asch Conformity Experiment.

We have just gone through a nationwide, and actually a worldwide, Asch Conformity Experiment. As implied, the goal of the experiment was not to get to the truth. It was to get conformity. Only conformity is allowed.

Asch showed that people will actually believe things that they know to be false if they think everybody else believes those things. That is the point of the COVID nightmare experiment we just lived though. You must believe:

  • COVID is hugely riskier than it actually was, so any actions are justified.
  • Vaccines are your only hope, even though the technology has never worked.
  • Vaccines are safe and effective, although they were tested for only a few months.
  • The unvaxxed are subhuman murderers, to be shunned and even left to die.
  • Not wearing a known-to-be-useless mask is a sign of relentless selfishness.
  • Children, who are at almost no risk, must be vaxxed, or they will kill Granny.

None of these makes sense. However, no dissent can be allowed because the Asch Conformity Experiment showed that if one person stands up to the narrative, it is easier for the second one to dissent. Then another and another stand up, and then control is lost.

That is why every dissenting voice must be silenced. If one person cries, “The Emperor has no clothes,” people will see the naked truth. And that can’t be allowed.

What is the Asch Experiment?

The Asch Experiment, conducted by Solomon Asch, found out that most people, when seeing a “consensus” of participants agreeing on something that is fairly obviously false, actually ends up agreeing with those false opinions just because everyone else seems to think so.

Here’s more, via Wikipedia:

The critical element of the experiment was that eight college students were included in an experiment where seven of them were actors and one was actually the real subject. The seven actors would go first and agree to a falsehood that was obvious to the real subject.

Even knowing that the others were agreeing to something the real subject didn’t believe, an incredibly large number of the subjects went along with the falsehood.

Overall, 75% of participants gave at least one incorrect answer out of the 12 critical trials. In his opinion regarding the study results, Asch put it this way: “That intelligent, well-meaning, young people are willing to call white black is a matter of concern.”

Getting people to believe known falsehoods (white is black) is a pretty strong psychological tool. It is also very dangerous.

Equally critical is what happened if there was any dissent.

In studies that had one actor give correct responses to the questions, only 5% of the participants continued to answer with the majority.

As Asch showed, if only one person stands up, the sheep aren’t sheep anymore.

Constant bombardment of the narrative from every direction was critical. If only a few cracks in the wall develops, or even one, it all falls apart. To ensure conformity, all sources must push the same narrative. And they did. Since all followed along, it also means they (Big Media/Big Pharma/Big Government/Big Business) were all in on the scam. They created the appearance that everyone else believed the lie, and great masses went along with it.

If you think this is some esoteric thought experiment, try Googling some thought counter to the narrative. Google knows that if the first three search items are positive (such as Hillary is great) or negative (Trump sucks), a high percentage of their users will adopt that position — often without even reading the articles. Thank you, Mr. Asch.

I was giving a speech on artificial intelligence to a major university graduate computer program with a Google representative as another speaker. Not so surprisingly, the Google exec didn’t address this issue.

If you are wondering why Barack Obama (lie of the year recipient) and Hillary (of the disappearing email fame) are out pushing more censorship, one person telling the truth is too dangerous. Thank you, Mr. Asch.

That is why no dissent by the heroes of the resistance, such as Drs. Malone, McCullough, Koury, Urso, Cole, and Alexander; the Barrington great three; and the incomparable RFK Jr., was allowed. They were censored and vilified not because what they said wasn’t true. It wasn’t the facts. It was the acts.

The old adage “the nail that sticks up gets hammered down” is true, and all of the heroes mentioned have been hammered. But you don’t even need to hammer down any nails, if you don’t let any stick up in the first place. Again, no dissent is allowed.

So now we know. The whole COVID narrative has been an Asch Conformity Experiment. So has been the climate scam, the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, and the Critical Race theory hustle…Ukraine…

So here’s the question for America. Are we going to be governed by continuing Asch Conformity Experiments, or are we going to be free to think our own thoughts? Are we going to be an Asch Nation? That is the question, and the only question, and the one question that destroys the narrative.

Fortunately, while Mr. Asch showed the devil how to march us into hell, he also showed us how to avoid that fate. One voice can have a huge impact on freeing others to see the truth. It is not coincidental that “ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”

If you don’t think one man can make a difference, let me quote from Thomas Fleming’s Liberty! On December 30, 1776, George Washington was going to lose most of his army as their enlistments were up. He pleaded with them to stay only another six weeks.

He admitted they had done “all I asked of you and more than could be reasonably expected.”  But now their country’s future was at stake. Every man who would stay and serve — step forward now.

The regimental drums rolled. Not a man moved. Washington rode down the line, asking, even pleading with them to stay. Friends exchanged glances. The total sincerity, the absolute commitment of the man before them reached deep into their souls. The drums beat again. One man stepped forward, then another. “I will stay if you will,” said a man to a friend beside him. In a few minutes everyone except the invalids volunteered.

They went on to win the battle of Princeton, the War for Independence, and your freedom.

Tell all your friends, before it is too late. One dissenter can have a huge impact on getting the truth out. Step up. History is calling. You can make all the difference.

For showing us the way out of the pit you have led us into, we really do thank you, Mr. Asch.

© American Thinker 2022


Parents Beware: They’re After Your Children

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola

April 29, 2022


Rumble VIDEO: How an Obsession with SAFETY Leads to Mental Illness & Tyranny – Academy of Ideas

[Posted by After Skool

Published April 23, 2022



  • Psychological obedience training is being used to control the global population, from cradle to grave. The technocratic elite are after our children, and they’re using a variety of psychological tools to shape and mold them. The more we know about their strategies, the better we can protect ourselves and our children from these predators
  • The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (HR 3684) grants control over what and when you drive to the transportation system. It will control the type of vehicle you can use and when you can drive. It will control the vehicle-to-grid 5G technology and its kill switches (which will be built in). The bill also includes an integrated payment system and a per-mile driving fee
  • The effort to control you starts from birth. Social emotional learning (SEL) is a programming effort that uses the relabeling and changing of words to alter perception of reality and mold children’s beliefs and behaviors
  • Companies are collecting and analyzing your child’s personal data to build their social credit score. In addition to demographics and grades, the data collection also includes behavioral information, such as scientific, financial, cultural and civic literacy, and competencies such as critical thinking skills, problem solving, creativity, communication and collaboration, plus character qualities such as curiosity, initiative, persistence, grit, adaptability, leadership, social and cultural awareness
  • Unless we refuse to comply or participate, our social credit scores and climate scores will soon dictate everything we can and cannot do in life

In the video below, finance expert Catherine Austin Fitts, Polly Tommey and Carolyn Betts interview investigative journalist Corey Lynn, who runs a blog called “Corey’s Digs.” She’s also the author of “Global Landscape on Vaccine ID Passports,” available from her website.1

In this interview, Lynn discusses how psychological obedience training is being used to control the global population from cradle to grave. She reviews programs that mine your personal data and indoctrinate users to become reliant on digital currency, and offers practical advice for those who recognize the dangers and want to break free.

As noted by Tommey, the technocratic elite are after our children, and they’re using a variety of psychological tools to shape and mold them into obedient and clueless serfs. The more we know about their strategies, the better we can protect our children from these predators.

Rumble VIDEO: They’re Coming for Our Kids: Psychological Infiltration + Mind Control Tactics

[Posted by childrenshealthdefense

Published April 27, 2022

In this crucial episode of “Financial Rebellion,” guest Corey Lynn of Corey’s Digs discusses the push to use “major psychological obedience training” to control the population, “cradle to grave.” Corey breaks down the programs that utilize data mining and indoctrinate users to rely on digital currency. She also provides practical advice on how to push back and break off from this dangerous downhill slope.


What the Infrastructure Bill Is Actually Funding

Lynn starts off with a potent example of how the U.S. government is using our own money to build the prison walls around us. The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (HR 3684) was passed by Congress and signed by President Biden in November 2021.

This $1.2 trillion spending bill includes a number of questionable and outright nefarious allocations. Importantly, this bill grants control over what and when you drive to the transportation system. It will control the type of vehicle you can use and when you can drive, Lynn explains.

“Our taxpayer dollars are going to build our control grid. ~ Corey Lynn”

It will control the vehicle-to-grid 5G technology and its kill switches (which will be built in). The bill also includes an integrated payment system and a per-mile driving fee. Twenty-seven pilot programs are also listed that will given them even more control over your transportation in the future.

As noted by Lynn, “Our taxpayer dollars are going to build our control grid.” For more information, see her article, “A Clearer Breakdown of What This Infrastructure Bill Is Really Funding.”2

Social Emotional Learning Is Programming

The effort to control you starts from birth. Lynn reviews the use of social emotional learning (SEL), which uses the relabeling and changing of words to alter our perception of reality and mold children’s beliefs and behaviors.

“The Department of Education was created in 1979, and ever since then, they’ve been building up to Common Core, building in all these Marxist agendas and pulling in critical race theory (CRT),” Lynn says.

“It’s a psychological agenda. It’s not a single curriculum. This is [about] ideologies and behaviors and thought processes, it’s obedience training and conditioning that starts in preschool, and it’s embedded throughout the day. So, it’s a whole mind control system.

They’re creating what the World Economic Forum (WEF) likes to refer to as digital citizens, for the future workforce, and so they’re bringing in all this ed-tech and doing massive data mining. We have statewide longitudinal data systems that are tracking behavior …

In 2016, they started kicking billions of dollars into this … and then they started pulling in legislation. And while COVID is going on, they say, ‘Well, we really need to step this up, we need to pour more money into this because of the mental health and well being of children.’

And so, they are molding the children, they’re building their social scores … and then they’re bringing it into parents. They’re saying we need to teach the parents too, so the parents can help train the kids. And they’re bringing it into businesses … This is a major psychological obedience training to lead to AI.

This is an excerpt from ‘Dreaming the Future of Health for the Next 100 Years,’ a 2013 white paper from the Global Health Summit that was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation:3

‘We will interact more with artificial intelligence. The use of robotics [and] bioengineering to augment human functioning is already well underway and will advance. Reengineering of humans into potentially separate and unequal forms through genetic engineering or mixed human robots raises debates on ethics and equality.

A new demography is projected to emerge after 2030 of technologies, robotics, genetic engineering, nanotechnology, producing robots, engineered organisms, nanobots and artificial intelligence that can self replicate. Debates will grow on the implications of an impending reality of human-designed life.’

So, this, this is where this is all heading … It’s in 110 countries, it’s all over the US. It’s in most schools, and they’re starting in preschool. This is what you’re dealing with. So, when you’re considering homeschooling, I just want people to understand what they’re up against, and what they need to weed out. It’s more than just the school board. There are a lot of parts going on here.”

Already, there are several companies that collect and analyze your child’s personal data to build their social credit score. In the beginning, the data collection was fairly generic, such as age, demographics and grades, but now they’ve started to collect behavioral information as well, such as scientific literacy, ICT literacy, financial literacy, cultural and civic literacy.

They also collect data on competencies such as critical thinking skills, problem solving, creativity, communication and collaboration, plus character qualities such as curiosity, initiative, persistence, grit, adaptability, leadership, social and cultural awareness. You can learn more about all of this in Lynn’s nine-part series, the “2030 Psychological Agenda.”4

They’re Teaching Children To Be Nice but Stupid

Another important point made by Austin Fitts is that many of the “improvements” in education have been designed to make children less knowledgeable. For example, Common Core “is designed to make you phenomenally ignorant of math, and very obedient and easy to control,” she says, adding:

“I used to have a dental surgeon who, all he wanted to talk about was how furious he was at the schools. He said his kids had been taught that if they were going to get together and design a bridge, it was more important that they get along than they use the right number for Pi. As long as they got along, it was okay if the bridge fell down.”

Financial apps aimed at children are another form of programming. For example, the FinTech app “Greenlight,” advertised as a debit card for kids and teens, is financed by players such as Wells Fargo, JP Morgan, Chase and Amazon. Lynn explains:

“On the surface, this may look great. Parents can help their children understand investing, how to save money and whatnot. But when you start looking at the investors … and where this is really going, what they’re doing is programming. They say this is created by families, for families, even though there are 29 big investors in this …

They’re saying this is to help for parents to raise financially smart kids. So, what they do is, the [parents] pay them their allowance, or they pay them for chores. It goes through a little MasterCard Greenlight card that then goes into the bank … and then they can control their spending. So, it’s teaching them about getting involved in the banking system digitally.”

Of course, we now know that the globalist elite are planning to roll out a programmable central bank digital currency (CBDC), with which they’ll be able to control how, where and when you spend your own money. So, “Greenlight” is basically teaching children to see this system as completely normal. As noted by Austin Fitts, “They’re getting groomed to plug into a system which will be centrally controlled.”

How to Break the Indoctrination Schedule

Parents who are waking up to the nightmare planned for their children by the WEF and its allies are now starting to fight back. Here are a few key things parents need to do to protect their young children from the indoctrination currently trying to swallow their children:

  • Homeschool your children. Some parents are starting their own schools, educating five or six children
  • Get your children out in nature as much as possible
  • Eliminate mindless TV watching and cell phone use
  • Be a role model for your children. That means modeling appropriate use of television and technologies such as computers, cell phones and social media

Minimizing your cell phone use, to whatever extent possible, is one thing everyone can do. Lynn says:

“I truly believe that if we ditch [our cell phones], if 50% of the population ditched them, that would put a major crushing to their agenda, on most of what they’re rolling out. There’s geofencing on phones. Everywhere you go, you’re being tracked … You don’t even have to be on the phone. It could just be in your pocket, it can be in your car.

They’re constantly aggregating data from us so they can then use it against us, and … they have the ability to target us on an individual basis. They track everything we do on the internet as well. When I go on walks with my dog, I don’t bring my phone with me … Anywhere I go, I leave the phone at home, or I leave it in the car.”

If we do nothing to change our technology-addicted lifestyles, what will happen to us in 10 years’ time? Where will we be? Austin Fitts is convinced we’ll all be slaves — literally enslaved by the technology that is tracking and analyzing us every moment. Decisions will be made for us by AI, based on our social credit scores.

Children may even be taken from their families at a young age and brought up in facilities where their upbringing and behavior can be controlled. “Parents will have no authority over their children and the children … their bodies and their minds, will be used to prototype all sorts of transhumanism,” Austin Fitts says.

Understand the End Game and Do Not Comply

There’s really only one way to prevent the transhumanist, centrally controlled authoritarian regime from getting a foothold: Do not comply. We have to say no to all of their schemes. If you do comply, understand that you are erecting your own prison walls, and that of your children, with every data point you let them have.

“It’s all under the guise of convenience,” Lynn says. “Going back to cell phones, and technology in general … People need to start seeing these things for what they are. And instead of looking at it and immediately going, ‘Oh, this is great, oh, this is so convenient, oh, this is going to save me time,’ they need to stop and take a look at who the company is.

Who’s behind it? Dig around in their website, see who the leadership is, see who the investors are … and just understand their ultimate end game. So when they’re throwing these things out there, with all their fluff and pizzazz, you don’t take the bait. They’re trapping you into more and more control over you.”

The Planned Takeover of Your Bank Account

Youtube VIDEO: TAKE ACTION: Financial Takeover & Your Bank Account – BlackRock, Envestnet/Yodlee & The Fed Reserve

[Posted by Hive Mind

Posted Jun 14, 2021

If you have a low “climate credit score” will you be able to get a loan? Will you be able to access your hard earned money? This is a call to action. Read and share this report on Coreysdigs.com. Then check with your bank and find out exactly what 3rd parties are wrapped up in your accounts. Read the report here: https://www.coreysdigs.com/u-s/take-action-financial-takeover-your-bank-account-blackrock-envestnet-yodlee-and-the-federal-reserve/


Also, consider using cash as much as possible, and move your money out of the big banks, as they too are part of the control system. Lynn explains:

“I got out of mine about a year ago, and I wasn’t even in one of the biggest, worst ones. But I started noticing that they were categorizing my spending. I’m like, ‘What is this?’ All of a sudden, it’s showing my grocery shopping and restaurant and health care?

I tell people go into your bank right now, look at the categorizing that’s happening. They’re already getting the infrastructure set up to control spending by categorizing it all. It’s not for your convenience, so you can better budget and see how you’re spending your money.”

For more information about this, see Lynn’s article, “Financial Takeover and Your Bank Account — BlackRock, Envestnet/Yodlee, and The Federal Reserve.”5,6 The short video above also summarizes the most important points of that article.

One important point highlighted by Austin Fitts is that banks can store their data on the bank server or the provider server. Austin Fitts says, “You want to call them and make sure the bank is keeping the data on their server, because you did not give permission for all of that data to be shared with the provider.” Having the data stored on the bank server helps protect against this malicious data harvesting.

In closing, I urge you to listen to the featured interview, as I’ve only summarized some of the key points here. In it, they review and discuss several signs, things that are happening now, that clearly illustrate where we’re headed.

Sources and References

1 Coreysdigs.com

2 Coreysdigs November 30, 2021

3 Dreaming the Future of Health for the Next 100 Years

4 Coreysdigs.com 9-part series 2030 Psychological Agenda

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6 Coreysdigs.com June 14, 2021, Full Article

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