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Post Date: April 4, 2022

I subscribe to a free dose of online The New American. There is an old-fashioned print version available twice monthly. Around April 1 or 2 (I actually don’t remember which because I saved the link of interest), I found a link to a print version article that is dated 4/11/22. Today I am sharing that article entitled, “Covid-1984: A Pandemic of the Deep State.”

But first I want to share an excerpt from The New American ABOUT PAGE enabling you to understand their viewpoint:

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Here are the topic sections to the post, “Covid-1984: A Pandemic of the Deep State”:

  • Economic Tyranny
  • Medical Tyranny
  • Total Surveillance Tyranny
  • The Great Reset and Tech Tyranny
  • Submit or Resist?

Frankly, I’ll be surprised if the topics do not spur further reading.

JRH 4/4/22

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Covid-1984: A Pandemic of the Deep State

COVID Business Closing – shaunl/iStock/GettyImagesPlus

By Alex Newman

Magazine dated 04/11/2022

Vol. 38, No. 07

The New American

Covid-19 is helping usher in the Great Reset, a plan to enslave the global population under techno-feudalism formulated by elite power brokers who openly admit their motives.

Governments worldwide seem to be retreating from the lawlessness and tyranny unleashed under the guise of fighting Covid-19. But looks can be deceiving.

This is almost certainly “two steps forward, one step back” in the face of massive public resistance, rather than a genuine acknowledgment of error. Covid has already helped the Deep State — the invisible government behind the scenes — accomplish or advance multiple key objectives. The infrastructure laid down during “pandemic” hysteria, much of which is still in place, can and likely will be re-activated to deal with the next supposed crisis.

If the Deep State gets its way, the biomedical police-state nightmare is only just beginning. Already establishment bigwigs warn that Covid was simply the warmup and that much-deadlier pandemics will soon hit humanity. The architecture of tyranny rolled out during the pandemic — vaccine passports, medicine at gunpoint, censorship, endless propaganda, lockdowns, arrests of pastors, shuttering churches, forced masking, destruction of the middle class, and more — will come roaring back with a vengeance.

Not only did the tyrannical Covid countermeasures prove devastating to public health, they shattered the economy and stifled whistleblowing experts in unprecedented ways. The feature articles of this special Covid issue of The New American detail these crimes. Here, we discuss how they shed light on Deep State plans for the future.

Economic Tyranny

Perhaps the greatest advances in the Deep State agenda took place in the economic realm. From demolishing independent businesses and the value of the dollar to waging war on cash and the market system itself, Covid has been the greatest boon to economic totalitarians in American history aside from the world wars. Endless bailouts and relief bills transformed Americans into wards of the state.

Global lockdowns crushed small businesses and the independent middle class while centralizing power in the hands of government and megacorporations. Insiders exploited the economic chaos to unleash unprecedented government spending and currency creation, moving away from the free market toward fascism, or what World Economic Forum (WEF) founder Klaus Schwab and the Rothschild banking dynasty deceptively refer to as “stakeholder capitalism.”

God-given rights came under unprecedented assault. Decrees from mayors and governors suddenly stripped us of the right to have a job, go outside, visit friends, open businesses, go shopping, worship God, or eat out. Propagandists claimed it was murder to go out for other than state-sanctioned reasons. They deemed churches and small businesses non-essential, while “Black Lives Matter” riots continued unabated, and abortion clinics, liquor stores, and marijuana shops remained open.

These policies forced permanent closure on millions of “non-essential” small businesses, according to data from Yelp. Meanwhile, “essential” megacorporations (e.g., Walmart, Amazon, Pfizer, and other “woke” companies) saw record profits and massive share-price gains as government ruthlessly eliminated their competitors to “fight Covid.”

Amid economic carnage, the Deep State demanded massive taxpayer-funded stimulus programs. “The stimulus package that just passed is the biggest wealth transfer from common folks to the super-rich (Wall Street and bankers) in the history of mankind,” warned Congressman Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) at the time. “Done in the name of a virus with $1,200 checks as the cheese in the trap.” On March 3, he reminded Americans that the $7 trillion in “stimulus” to businesses and government agencies represented a $53,000 tax per household.

Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and congressional Deep State toadies such as then-Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky peddled the notion that the trillions in unconstitutional federal spending were a “Marshall Plan” to rescue America. That plan coerced World War II-decimated European nations into surrendering sovereignty to a regional government now known as the European Union.

Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve showered trillions in “Covid relief” on its cronies. As this writer warned in the April 20,  2020 “Freedom Is the Cure” special issue of The New American, that currency creation led to the now-plummeting purchasing power of the U.S. dollar. It is a massive looting operation transferring wealth from the poor and middle class to the Deep State.

The very nature of business is under attack amid a push for “stakeholder capitalism.” Think of it as fascism with new marketing: an inexplicable shift away from focus on customers and shareholder value toward “Environmental, Social, and Governance” (ESG) metrics. Deep State interests such as BlackRock, a WEF “strategic partner” led by Council on Foreign Relations member Larry Fink, pushed the change by weaponizing its $10 trillion financial empire.

The Deep State also advanced its global-currency agenda. For generations, globalist operatives have been scheming to create a fiat currency to fund “global governance.” Covid provided the perfect excuse, with the International Monetary Fund showering unprecedented amounts of its proto-global fiat currency known as Special Drawing Rights on governments.

Medical Tyranny

Healthcare decisions, traditionally regarded as sacrosanct and supposedly protected by federal privacy laws, were surrendered to medical tyranny that would have been unthinkable three years ago. Vaccine mandates, forced masking, and silencing all dissent have become the new normal.

Early in his administration, Biden announced unprecedented federal mandates. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) intended to require millions of U.S. employers to force injections or weekly Covid testing on their workers. Another decree, issued by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), forced the injection on more than 17 million workers at taxpayer-funded facilities. Biden also pushed the jab on all federal employees, contractors, and military service members. These mandates affected more than 70 percent of working Americans.

Though the U.S. Supreme Court struck down OSHA’s edict as unconstitutional, countless coerced workers got the shot, and OSHA has promised a revised order that may survive the Supreme Court. Regardless, numerous state governments have implemented similar orders, even as many government schools have forced the experimental shots on children, who are at virtually zero risk from Covid.

The Orwellian push to vaccinate every American included one of history’s most ruthless campaigns of demonization against a domestic population. Even the U.S. president parroted the lie that Covid was “a pandemic of the unvaccinated” who were selfishly endangering others. “You’re not going to get Covid if you have these vaccinations,” Biden falsely claimed last July.

Government at all levels also decreed that people cover their faces with unsanitary masks. Federal “guidelines” and state orders enforced cruel “social distancing” policies, even on children. Churches across the country were shut down; some pastors were arrested and persecuted.

Government bribed hospitals with huge tax-funded bonuses and bullied them into using dangerous treatment protocols. World Health Organization (WHO) and National Institutes of Health research proves the popular protocol drug remdesivir is 20 times more toxic than other antivirals and devoid of clinical benefits. Multiple doctors have told The New American this drug has killed large numbers who are falsely counted as Covid deaths. Meanwhile, effective treatments are ridiculed as doctors and pharmacists are threatened and persecuted.

Additionally, censorship by Deep State-controlled Big Tech has exploded, following the template laid out in “exercises” such as “Event 201,” backed by WEF and the Gates Foundation. In an early 2020 CNN interview, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki pledged her outlet to remove content that contradicts WHO’s supposedly infallible pronouncements.

Facebook is equally guilty, even censoring President Donald Trump for posting in October 2020 that the flu is more lethal than Covid, basing his claim on data suggesting Americans had been deceived on the issue. Even medical doctors were persecuted and threatened, with at least one being forced into psychiatric examination for questioning the narrative.

As the federal government’s propaganda campaign imploded despite this ruthless censorship and de-platforming, the flailing Biden administration issued a “National Terrorism Advisory System” bulletin in February painting skeptics of the medical tyranny as a terror threat. “False or misleading narratives and conspiracy theories, and other forms of mis- dis- and mal-information (MDM)” regarding Covid-19 and election fraud represents a terrorist threat to the “Homeland.” The bulletin provided no actual examples.

Canada witnessed even more outrageous abuses. When a harried public peacefully resisted mandates with the truckers’ Freedom Convoy, the regime of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau savagely suppressed it, using mounted police to trample activists in the streets. Trudeau used emergency powers to freeze protesters’ bank accounts as if they were terrorists, highlighting the dangers of the “cashless society” advanced by elites amid Covid.

Total Surveillance Tyranny

Totalitarians have always viewed surveillance and control of movement as critical to their tyranny. In the past two years, Deep State tyrants have made the most significant advances on that front in human history: “contact tracing,” digital IDs, vaccine passports, and a war on cash leading to an eventual “cashless society.”

Contact tracing, where government tracks people using technology such as smartphones under the guise of tracking Covid exposure, became commonplace. The U.S. Congress even considered legislation (H.R. 6666) to spend $100 billion to hire an army of contact tracers. Numerous states launched contact-tracing schemes, too. In Washington State, the governor employed the National Guard.

Many other states, both red and blue, teamed up with the far-left “Partners in Health” for contact tracing. The outfit’s partners include the Gates Foundation, Microsoft, Facebook, WHO, the Clinton Foundation, George Soros’s Open Society Foundations, Big Oil, Big Pharma, and numerous other Deep State players. Chelsea Clinton serves on its board of trustees.

WHO, which set standards for smartphone tracking apps, publicly called for contact tracing to separate individuals from their own homes and families. “In some senses, transmission has been pushed off the streets, and pushed back into family units,” said WHO “emergencies” boss Michael Ryan. “Now, we need to go and look in families to find those people who may be sick, and remove them and isolate them in a safe and dignified manner.”

In many places, from California to China, this has happened and continues to happen. In Ventura County, California, the health chief announced in late 2020 that government would remove the Covid-infected from homes that could not maintain separate bathrooms for them. And in Hong Kong, authorities took an 11-month-old baby from her parents after she tested positive for Covid in early 2022, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The vaccine passport proved to be another powerful surveillance and control mechanism. National and local governments worldwide began requiring them for virtually everything. In some jurisdictions, including the once liberty-minded Hong Kong, even grocery shopping now requires a vaccine passport.

Media pretends the passports are on their way out, but the reality is far different. Every Canadian province and almost half of American states are deploying Microsoft-backed “SMART Health Card” technology. It will provide every individual with a smartphone QR code showing ID and vaccine status — for now. Oklahoma [Blog Editor: Full disclosure, I live OK and have never been compelled to use a smartphone QR passport proof and I have NEVER received a COVID-Jab], South Carolina, Mississippi, West Virginia, and Utah have adopted the scheme. So have governments across Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean.

Bigwigs behind the effort such as Dr. Brian Anderson, co-founder of the Vaccine Credentialing Initiative and chief digital-health physician at Deep State outfit MITRE Corporation, celebrated the shift toward “a coordinated international approach.” The Council on Foreign Relations has been promoting an international standard for many months, too.

WHO has been working on providing global technical standards for a global vaccine-passport system. Politico reported on February 24 that WHO was convening member states to develop a “trust framework” for a global vaccine-credential regime harmonizing and making compatible the various vaccine-passport schemes from around the world.

Deep State organizations behind the Covid tyranny peddled the concept long before the pandemic. In 2015, Microsoft and other Gates operations teamed up with the Rockefeller Foundation on The plan: give everyone on Earth a “digital identity” from birth to death, tracking health and vaccine information.

Some Gates-funded vaccine status-tracking schemes are even more terrifying. For instance, the Gates Foundation sponsored research at MIT to develop tattoos invisible to the naked eye but scannable with smartphones. “The patch can be customized to imprint different patterns that correspond to the type of vaccine delivered,” MIT boasted in a press release announcing the technology just weeks before the Covid outbreak started to dominate the news cycle.

The next big leap may be into implantable vaccine passports. In fact, thousands of Swedes have already inserted such microchips under their skin. In 2020, then-Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu proposed microchipping every child in Israel to supposedly guard them from Covid. 

Papers, please: While some Covid tyranny has been relaxed for now, the vaccine-passport agenda of total control and surveillance is continuing full-speed ahead with help from the UN’s WHO. (Photo credit: AP Images)

Pundits also push the technology as a convenient replacement for credit cards and cash, making the implants an obvious tool in the push for a cashless society. This longtime objective of the Deep State went into overdrive during the pandemic. In Congress, Democrats repeatedly introduced legislation to give Americans “stimulus” payments in the form of “digital dollars” held in “digital wallets” created by the Federal Reserve. Many businesses even stopped taking cash altogether.

With Communist China in the lead, central banks worldwide accelerated the coordinated push for what they call “Central Bank Digital Currency” (CBDC). Some of the world’s most powerful organizations, governments, and institutions — including the UN — have been promoting the “Better Than Cash” agenda since at least 2012. Numerous governments around the globe have eagerly joined the movement to phase out cash, along with the privacy and freedom it protects, as soon as possible.

The Great Reset and Tech Tyranny

The assaults on freedom, national sovereignty, privacy, and the middle class fit neatly with WEF’s “Great Reset” agenda, announced at its 50th anniversary meeting in 2020. WEF boss Schwab touted the scheme alongside socialist UN chief António Guterres, IMF director Kristalina Georgieva, Prince Charles, and other globalist bigwigs. Everything — including you — must be radically transformed, they believe. Schwab has been working on the vision for decades; Covid was the perfect pretext.

In his July 2020 book COVID-19: The Great Reset, Schwab said the pandemic offers an “unprecedented opportunity” that should be “seized” to “reimagine our world.” The last five centuries, the book explains, prove that “acute crises contribute to boosting the power of the state.” There is no reason the Covid crisis should differ, it continued. “Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed,” Schwab said, calling for a “new social contract” and “entirely new foundations for our economic and social systems.”

Author and retired NYU Professor Michael Rectenwald said the Great Reset, at least on the economic front, could be described as a move toward “capitalism with Chinese characteristics”— “a two-tiered economy, with profitable monopolies and the state on top and socialism for the majority below.” He is right. Schwab, like other Deep State operatives, is a great admirer of Chinese dictator Xi Jinping and his murderous regime.

“The Great Reset represents the development of the Chinese system in the West, but in reverse,” Rectenwald wrote recently in Imprimis. “Whereas the Chinese political class began with a socialist political system and then introduced privately held for-profit production, the West began with capitalism and is now implementing a Chinese-style political system. This Chinese-style system includes vastly increased state intervention in the economy, on the one hand, and on the other, the kind of authoritarian measures that the Chinese government uses to control its population.”

Another key element of the Great Reset is what Schwab has described as the “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” a concept openly embraced by Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin alike. Schwab, the main frontman for the agenda, has summarized it concisely as “a fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity.” In other words, human beings will increasingly be merged with technology — a movement known as “transhumanism.”

“Today’s external devices — from wearable computers to virtual reality headsets — will almost certainly become implantable in our bodies and brains,” Schwab wrote in his book The Fourth Industrial Revolution. He regularly speaks in media interviews and conferences about microchips implanted in the brain that will be able to read one’s thoughts and communicate with the digital world. And at some point, he expects the state to mandate it under the guise of ensuring “security.”

“COVID19, if anything, has accelerated this industrial revolution,” Schwab said in a video broadcast at a recent Chinese event. “If COVID had happened even 10 years ago, we could not have imagined entire companies, schools, and government offices so fast online. Today, that is a reality. The Fourth Industrial Revolution has become a reality, not just for the pioneers but for a broad range of people and workers.”

Government on your mind: Deep State bigwigs behind the Covid narrative, such as Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, are peddling a merger of biological people with technology, including brain implants, as part of the Great Reset. (Photo credit:

However, the Great Reset is broader than mere cyborg transformation. WEF has disgorged endless propaganda promoting a world free of private property, meat consumption, carbon-dioxide emissions, and other alleged evils. WEF is also partnering with the United Nations to implement its Agenda 2030 and other “sustainability” schemes. “The world as we knew it in the early months of 2020 is no more, dissolved in the context of the pandemic,” Schwab explained.

These are not idle threats. If anyone has the means to accomplish such a dramatic global transformation, it is Schwab and the Deep State cabal he represents. Indeed, Schwab openly brags that he has “penetrated” governments all over the world to bring about his vision, training up totalitarian-minded “young global leaders” ranging from Vladimir Putin in Russia to Justin Trudeau in Canada.

Submit or Resist?

The Covid madness appears to be fading somewhat in light of the Ukraine-Russia war and major pushback from citizens. But it is far from over. Globalist billionaire Gates, a key player in pandemic policy, has already stated that the “next” pandemic may be far more serious. His new book, expected in May, purports to teach humanity how to “avoid the next pandemic.” Spoiler alert: Tyranny and globalism.

“If every country does what Australia did [impose some of the most draconian measures in human history], then you wouldn’t be calling [the next outbreak] a pandemic,” Gates declared at the annual Munich Security Conference in January. Schwab has made similar comments about the alleged difficulty that liberty poses during pandemics.

Gates, a member of a secretive organization of billionaire population-control fanatics known as the “Good Club,” is open about his goal of using vaccines to reduce world population, claiming that people would have fewer children if their offspring were less susceptible to viral disease. But throughout the pandemic, numerous voices celebrated the virus’ apparent increased lethality among older, more conservative voters, who are more likely to resist “climate” action and other globalist policies. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that Gates is far less interested in saving human lives than he would like people to believe.

Whether the Deep State-engineered changes brought about by Covid will ever subside remains unclear. The 2010 Rockefeller report “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development” includes a cryptic suggestion that the answer is no. In one scenario with eerie overtones of the Covid pandemic, the report conceptualized: “Even after the pandemic faded, this more authoritarian control and oversight of citizens and their activities stuck and even intensified.” Is it any wonder that so many tyrannical measures remain in place as the pandemic fades? Children particularly have been conditioned to believe this sort of tyranny is normal and even desirable.

Clearly, the Deep State gained major ground. But public resistance played a major role in stifling it. When asked by CNN why the quarantine period had been reduced from 10 days to five, CDC boss Rochelle Walensky said it “really had a lot to do with what we thought people would be able to tolerate.” In other words, the power-mad bureaucrats and the Deep State swamp monsters behind them recognized that if they pushed too far, the whole scheme might fail.

Throughout the pandemic, the importance of federalism and local politics also became more evident than at any time in modern history. Florida led the way in protecting the rights of citizens in defiance of the Deep State. In the jurisdiction where this writer resides, for example, there was never a city, county, or state mask mandate. In other parts of America, all three were in place, in addition to a wild array of tyrannical measures ranging from curfews and lockdowns to vaccine passports.

“If you are trying to restrict people and impose mandates; if you are trying to lock people down; I am standing in your way and standing for the rights of the people in Florida,” Governor Ron DeSantis said in a press conference in response to Biden telling governors to “get out of the way” if they would not impose mandates. “If you are coming after the rights of parents in Florida, I’m standing in your way — and not letting you get away with it.”

Even some liberals have started awakening to the danger. Former Clinton advisor Naomi Wolf, a longtime Democrat, sounded the alarm over lockdowns and other Covid-inspired tyranny, warning that the United States was undergoing a “coup” on its way to becoming a “police state” in which the Constitution would be shredded. “That transcends everything that you and I might disagree or agree on,” Wolf told Fox News. “I really hope we wake up quickly because history also shows that it’s a small window in which people can fight back before it is too dangerous to fight back.”

The Deep State achieved some major victories amid the pandemic. But the largely invisible government behind the scenes also revealed its hand to more people than ever before, sparking an unprecedented public awakening and overwhelming global resistance. Americans can resist successfully, but it will take education, hard work, organization, and dedication. With everything good under threat, there is no other choice.

Alex Newman is a senior editor of The New American, Alex Newman is also a regular contributor, earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Florida in December 2007. Alex had been working for TNA as a freelance journalist and also owns a consulting firm. His frequent topics include economics, education, finance, banking, business and politics. Alex grew up in Latin America, Europe, and Africa, giving him a unique insight into world events. [Blog Editor: Complete Newman bio taken from STAFF PAGE.]

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