Doc Tracy Follows Dick Tracy Tracks

Dick Tracy Comics

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© April 1, 2022

If you are younger than the Baby Boom Generation, there is a good chance you have no clue about Dick Tracy in the Comic Pages of a newspaper or in Comic Books. Here is a brief entry of the one-time comics detective hero:

Doc Tracy Episode screen capture

Utilizing the Dick Tracy meme, America’s Frontline Doctors appear to be preparing brief semi-documentary/entertainment episodes of Doc Tracy using documented science to expose Medical Tyranny using warped science and hearsay called science. This episode examines Kristina Lawson which the MSM has gone into overdrive to portray her as a victim of “anti-vaxxers” rather than a perpetrator of Medical Tyranny.

JRH 4/1/22 (H/T: Margaret Knueven at Wimkin Group Post at The Patriot Party)

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Rumble VIDEO: Doc Tracy, PI – S1 E1: Lawson’s Hunt

Posted by Dr. Simone Gold

Published March 31, 2022

Frontline Films™ by presents ‘Doc Tracy, Physician Investigator’ – Season 1, Episode 1: ‘Lawson’s Hunt’. Doc Tracy tracks down the California bureaucrat leading a sinister hunt to silence and terminate doctors from the frontlines. Exposing pseudoscience, fake news, and fraudulent experts ~ crack the case at

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