Mystical Marxism Cannot Sweep Traitorous American Democrats Into Utopian Paradise

Kelly O’Connell wrote (and added a Rumble video) an excellent post at the Canada Free Press yesterday entitled, “Mystical Marxism Cannot Sweep Traitorous American Democrats Into Utopian Paradise.” The video presentation by O’Connell though informative is presented with elevator music in the background making me sleepy. So unlike the post placing the video at the top, I’m placing at the the extremely well thought out end of text.

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Mystical Marxism Cannot Sweep Traitorous American Democrats Into Utopian Paradise

By Kelly O’Connell – Bio and Archives

March 20, 2022

Canada Free Press

Instant Utopia: The year and a month reign of Joe Biden has resulted in one of the most jaw-dropping and illuminating denouements of any modern Western leader. With strong poll support and riding the winds of hurricane-force anti-Trumpism, Biden immediately began defying public opinion, common sense, and precedent in all of his decisions. And Joe’s every choice, guided by a hardened cadre of ultra-leftist zealots & wickedly anti-American saboteurs, whipsawed brain-damaged Joe into his wildly destructive and typically doomed decisions. But no US decision has been accidental and the impact has been shocking. Yet, no act of American sabotage will actually give the illiterate leftists what they secretly toil for: Instant Utopia. 

Mystical Marxism screen grab

Since US Failure is Goal of Democrats, They Must be Removed From Public Life

Diabolical Leftism: Most trenchant, Biden symbolizes incipient weakness and indifference towards his own Americans and international order. Running on Anti-Trumpism, Biden’s tenure has agonizingly exposed the wisdom of Trump’s decisions, layer by layer. And like a brain-addled, orphaned lamb wandering in a jungle, Biden has now provoked 2 nuclear dilemmas—w/ Russia & Iran, and has the world perched on the precipice of WWIII, yet never understanding he’s disaster personified.

What Unfettered Leftism Resembles: It’s quite obvious when a group of far left zealots hides behind a stalking horse puppet like Biden, their choices are both uncompromising and disastrous. So liberal socialist ideas on energy, immigration, foreign policy, hyper spending, economics, education, public health, democracy, bipartisanship, taxation, race, public spending, etc are defective. They are both ineffective but can’t be abandoned, masquerading as Truth incarnate. Why? Leftists adopted the Christian conviction of how God’s Word is sacrosanct and can’t be abrogated or carelessly applied, then adopted this for their beliefs.

Humanism as God’s Truth: So liberals, despite only employing humanism, emphasizing the latest trendy theories, delude themselves into thinking their ideas are absolutely true and cannot be altered, just like God’s revelations. Then, shocked to see themselves failing, liberals convince themselves their failures are proof for deeper success, in perversely inverted logic. The end result is always tragic. Just look at Communist China’s history, where the Great Leap Forward communal farm movement led to 40 million deaths. And much like Biden’s tenure, no communist policies ever really panned out, as disconnected from reality.

Traditional Marxism Abandoned as Utterly Failed: Marx described his theory as entirely  “scientific,” boldly predicting a future which was totally mistaken. This destroyed traditional Marxism and led to an enormous identity crisis. In Explaining Postmodernism: Skepticism and Socialism from Rousseau to Foucault, Stephen Hicks describes this failure, as briefly noted after the turn of last century:

Marx’s class analysis yielded 3 definite predictions

Marx’s class analysis yielded 3 definite predictions:

1. The proletariat, ie workers, would both increase as a percentage of the population and become poorer: as capitalist competition progressed, more and more people would be forced to sell their labor; and as the supply of those selling their labor increased, the wages they could demand would necessarily decrease.

2. The middle class would decrease to a very small percentage of the population: zero-sum competition means there are winners and losers, and while a few would consistently be winners and thus become rich capitalists, most would lose at some point and be forced into the proletariat.

3. Capitalists would also decrease as a percentage of the population: zero-sum competition also applies to competition among the capitalists, generating a few consistent winners in control of everything while the rest would be forced down the economic ladder.

Yet that’s not how it worked out. By the early 20th century it seemed all three of the predictions failed to characterize the development of the capitalist countries. The class of manual laborers had both declined as a percentage of the population and become relatively better off. And the middle class had grown substantially both as a percentage of the population and in wealth, as had the upper class. Marxist socialism thus faced a set of theoretical problems: Why had the predictions not come to pass?

And so as Marxists panicked, many moved from “scientific” socialism to “religious” leftism, no longer accepting scientific doctrine, but as a pseudo-religious cult.

Magical Thinking, or Mystical Marxism

Modern Marxism: Revolution via Self-Sabotage: Marx and Stalin both believed a holy revolution must occur before mankind accepts communism. But after the spontaneous revolution failed to materialize, a Neo-Marxist ideology emerged claiming society had to be sabotaged into failure for the revolution. And so theorists like Cloward-Pivin, and others taught a full-fledged war against functional society must take place to trigger the inevitable implosion. This is where Biden & Co. enters with their appalling record and complete indifference to the damage to our society and harm to individuals.

Mystical Marxism, Change Without Cause: Perhaps the most puzzling aspect of the supposed Marxist revolution is the absolute faith leftists have in the effectiveness of their schemes. And yet, if one simply studies these various stratagems, there is no clear agency, or causation between them and the fabled utopia. For example, how does the rampant spending of fiat, aka printed money, which inevitably causes hyper-inflation, end up in assembling a utopia? Clearly, it cannot do so, despite all the naive hosannas.

Leftist Magical Thinking: And so the often deviously smug, but also simplistic socialists simply assume their work will spontaneously coalesce and erect a communal way of life, in a rank act of Magical Thinking, or Mystical Marxism. In this, the individual either thinks of themselves as connected to the universe via God, or sets religion aside and sees themselves somehow directly connected to reality. And in doing so, think what they believe and work on is somehow coming into reality simply via sincere will.

Philosophical Mysticism: Wallace’s book, Philosophical Mysticism in Plato, Hegel, and the Present—discusses “the doctrine that we sometimes have direct knowledge of a higher reality or God.” It’s this kind of audacious, yet profoundly naive conviction which Karl Marx picked up from his intellectual lodestar, George Hegel, whose ideas are described as “hermetic,” being abstruse, occult and mystical. Others claim Hegel is kabbalistic, employing ancient Jewish themes mixed with Eastern esoterica, birthing gnosticism.

While Hegel believed the universe was God, and therefore evolving—Marx rejected any deity

Ancient Mystical Consciousness: While Hegel believed the universe was God, and therefore evolving—Marx rejected any deity. And yet, it’s impossible to see how Marx’s ideas for socialism could work without a divine agency, or more likely—via a universal consciousness arising from all good communists. Marx wrote a letter to someone helping him found a journal which may sound like gobbledygook. But he mentions an active and ancient mystical consciousness needed to  take Marxist strategies and spontaneously transform them into viable utopian communities without any causation:

Hence, our motto must be: reform of consciousness not through dogmas, but by analysing the mystical consciousness that is unintelligible to itself, whether it manifests itself in a religious or a political form. It will then become evident that the world has long dreamed of possessing something of which it has only to be conscious in order to possess it in reality. It will become evident that it is not a question of drawing a great mental dividing line between past and future, but of realising the thoughts of the past. Lastly, it will become evident that mankind is not beginning a new work, but is consciously carrying into effect its old work.

Biden’s Magnificent Failure Project: Now examine Biden’s continuing commitment to massive border incursions, foreign enemy oil deliveries and continuing attempts at deficit spending with abandon, spiking inflation ever higher. Remember that everything done by Marxists, every single failure, is on purpose and to ruin America’s previous greatness. We must see Biden as a cognitively ruined socialist, who therefore cannot make any good decisions. He was always lacking wisdom.

Joe’s Satanic Brigade: But Joe’s cadre of leftist decision-makers are completely disconnected from reality, and are committed to America’s demise. They constantly inject him with false facts, talking points and whatever B12, Adrenochrome or other methamphetamine cocktails & pep pills to keep him on his feet for a few more blubbering hours.

One of the most misunderstood parts of Marxism is its relationship and debt to Christianity

Godless Liberals Measuring America’s Coffin: Cosmonaut mentions how deeply Marxists are beholden to Christianity for all its elements, but especially mysticism:

One of the most misunderstood parts of Marxism is its relationship and debt to Christianity. Much has been said about Marx and Hegel’s relationship, what it means for the dialectic to be mystifying, his relationship to Hegel’s understanding of history, and so forth. However, worse than this is the sheer lack of discussion around Marx, utopian socialism, and Christianity. While some have commented upon Marxism as a form of millenarian Christianity, including members of the far-right like Mircea Eliade, there has been little discussion within the far-left, save for a few like Ernst Bloch and Roland Boer. Marx has a deep and ongoing debt to mystical currents in Christianity.

Satan Cackling With Delight: This hatred of the faithful is to be expected from a false religion, which seeks God’s demise to take over His universe, and especially America.Now, with such a godless and diabolical crew, would anyone be surprised if they even worshiped Beelzebub to destroy America? Because they are all on the same satanic page and every day brings us closer to economic and military failure. Of course Democrats ignore our allies and enrich our sworn enemies while planning old America’s funeral as our mortal foes dance in glee as Satan cackles with delight. God save us in our hour of need.

Rumble VIDEO: Mystical Marxism Cannot Sweep Traitorous American Democrats Into Utopian Paradise

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Published March 20, 2022

Cowering Biden Admin Exposes Failure of Socialism as Ukraine Errors Threaten WWIII

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Kelly O’Connell is an author and attorney. He was born on the West Coast, raised in Las Vegas, and matriculated from the University of Oregon. After laboring for the Reformed Church in Galway, Ireland, he returned to America and attended law school in Virginia, where he earned a JD and a Master’s degree in Government. He spent a stint working as a researcher and writer of academic articles at a Miami law school, focusing on ancient law and society. He has also been employed as a university Speech & Debate professor. He then returned West and worked as an assistant district attorney. Kelly is now a private practitioner with a small law practice in New Mexico.

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