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John R. Houk, Blog Editor

February 24, 2022

I’m on the Christian Ministry website Let Us Reason email list for its monthly e-newsletter put out by Mike Oppenheimer. The February Newsletter meanders a bit but is a great voice on authentic Patriotism (as opposed to those claiming patriotism but really are extremist bigots cherry-picking Scripture to justify violence), Traditional Christian Values, exposing Medical Tyranny, exposing a Globalist Marxist-leaning agenda AND MORE.

In full disclosure, Let Us Reason is an apologist for traditional Christianity and considers the Christian path I follow (Word of Faith) to be heretical.  I can get over that rather than take offense and here’s why.

The current political tyranny infecting the once Free World of the West will make ALL practices of Christian Faith a crime. It is time for ALL Christians to disregard our differences and STAND (peacefully yet forcefully) against governments who would make ALL Christians criminals who place more credence in the Bible and Biblical Morality rather State-defined moral relativism. AND I have the personal opinion that Christians might have to arise to join a resistance – American Founding Fathers-style – that brought us our Declaration of Independence that inspired then-Colonial Americans to resist British government tyranny in the 1770s. A document the current tyranny would rather YOU (We The People) would not remember or read.

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JRH 2/24/22

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A new year- has anything changed? The same rhetoric, lies and trials are before us!

By Mike Oppenheimer

Sent 2/20/22

Sent From Let Us Reason

Before I start this newsletter, I want the readers to know this is an accumulation of a few months in research, I apologize if some things are dated. I try to double check each item for relevancy and accuracy to keep us up on what is taking place that affects us all.

What exactly is taking place throughout the world? Nearly everything the political leaders do and say shows they want chaos, not order, they want control. The plan is quite simple, division, overwhelm the people with confusion, which has brought lawlessness so we become distracted from the larger issues to keep ourselves safe.

We are dealing with leftist/globalist revolutionaries (totalitarians, utopians) that do not care what you think of what they do or how they do it. They have designs for a new country, a new world with or without you included. Join with them or be ostracized from society.

Now that they have momentum of fear this will never end unless they are forced to stop. The media has been the main influence in driving this fear needs to be restrained by truth. When media forces by coercion does not work, will they use brute force? This is something we are just beginning to see take place in some countries. But will it succeed? For the population who exercises reason, rationality and common sense, these qualities overcome fear.

General António Guterres told the UN General Assembly, his priorities for 2022.That countries “must go into emergency mode”, and now is the time to act as the response will determine global outcomes for decades ahead. Indeed it will.

There are many criminals in the legalized system called politics. It has become a main criminal enterprise. Welcome to the new dark ages, caused and propagated by political and media activists, ‘utopian change agents.’

Which is worse, the pandemic or the politicization of the pandemic? Some say we are entering an endemic but there are those who do not want it to end. They know how to orchestrate a crisis because they created it. They too are fearful, afraid to lose their power of control. We have been taken as hostages by this pandemic, step by step taking away out choices. If you speak contrary to the decided consensus you are silenced (cancelled).

They have yet to distinguish those that died directly because of Covid and those that died with Covid. They have not yet distinguished those with natural immunity that science has always taken into account, that is now ignored. We are far better off being ‘fat free’ than ‘fact free.’

The virus has taken over people’s mindset, not by infections but by fear. I personally experience the fear that has spread. As I went to bring my son to the emergency room, we waited hours. I was told everyone with a sniffle is coming in thinking they have the new variant. We left after 3 hours not being treated.

An over concern, hysteria has developed by constantly being fed fear of this and the next one that they say is coming. Probably the most accurate prediction they have said. But the people have had enough!

The shouts heard around the world Johnson and Johnson has finally been taken off the market, the CDC recognized it produce adverse side effects and had to finally act. But these same side effects are in the other vaccination shots (which are not really vaccines as we had in the past).

Over the last year we have gone over meticulously the Covid vax both 1, 2 and the booster. What is fully vaccinated, 2 shots or with a booster, or a second booster or many more….

Does the vaccination help, this may now be in question as we read that NEW YORK Hits Highest Daily Covid Infection Ever – MI, MN, VT, and MD Also See Surging Numbers. Will those who get Covid who are vaccinated realize that it does not work like they were told? I don’t think so; CAN WE FULLY TRUST A FAILED MEDICAL ESTABLISHMENT.

CDC Announces 79% All US Omicron Cases Have Occurred in Vaccinated Individuals.


Watch 1 Covid murders? Then watch 2 On ivermectin. Certainly this makes one question the standard solution. There is more than one side to what has taken place.

Many news organizations or businesses that are reporting on the Vaccine harm are being silenced by removing their voice in social media, not just in America, but worldwide.

Athletes collapse –More than 1,000 lawyers and over 10,000 medical experts, led by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, has initiated legal proceedings against the CDC, WHO and the Davos Group for crimes against humanity. Whether this gets traction to have transparency remains to be seen.

CDC Withdraws Use of PCR Test for COVID and Finally Admits the Test Can Not Differentiate Between the Flu and COVID Virus

Many have said the PCR test was never designed to detect pathogens and is 100% inaccurate at 35 cycles. All PCR tests monitored by the CDC are set at 37 to 45 cycles. This invalidates over 90% of the alleged Covid case “infections” detected by the use of this incorrect test.

Covid Corruption

There has been reported a 40% rise on deaths among 18–64-year-olds according to those looking at the statistics (Richard Urso, scientist and physician).

Unprecedented: Deaths in Indiana for ages 18-64 are up 40%

Something is killing healthy people at an unprecedented rate. It isn’t COVID. Could it be the ‘safe and effective’ COVID vaccines, or mask wearing?

“The head of “Indiana life insurance CEO says deaths are up 40% among people ages 18-64″ “Just to give you an idea of how bad that is, a three-sigma or a one-in-200-year catastrophe would be 10% increase over pre-pandemic,” he said. “So 40% is just unheard of.”

“What the data is showing to us is that the deaths that are being reported as COVID deaths greatly understate the actual death losses among working-age people from the pandemic. It may not all be COVID on their death certificate, but deaths are up just huge, huge numbers.” (The deaths are up in huge numbers since the vaccine & boosters roll out)

It’s hard to accept that we are at this point with less improvement. John Hopkins University watched and tracked the Covid activity and now they say lockdowns did very little to help stop the spread.

Stunning German analysis finds that COVID-19 vaccine death rates are FAR higher than previously reported.

Embalmer reports what he found in deceased people who got COVID-19 vaccine

mRNA Jab Deaths And Injuries Are Soaring In Europe

6-Year-Old Child Develops Myocarditis Two Days After Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine

Lawyer Thomas Renz accuses military of COVID cover-up -increasing number of illnesses in US military following COVID vaccines. Attorney Thomas Renz explained to Sen. Johnson that he received significant and damaging data from the DoD whistleblowers under the penalty of perjury.

Israel is Overrun with Covid- Israel Sees A Dramatic Surge In New COVID Cases.

Israel now endorses natural immunity as the best preventer of the virus.

CDC Quietly Updated COVID-19 Numbers – Only 9,210 Americans Died From COVID-19 Alone – Rest Had Different Other Serious Illnesses.

Jab-Injured Pilot Speaks Out:

Covid Vax Death Rate 21 Times Higher Than All Other Vaxxes!

Here’s what to know on booster

Justice is spoken of Emergency restrictions began with our being told “two weeks to stop the spread,” this turned into 100 days, then two years later a continual emergency with lock downs and permission papers to travel that we have no end to. People have had it with the restrictions continuing, even escalating.

The Nazi Physicians practiced Eugenics and ‘Euthanasia’: Lessons for Today, A series of recurrent themes arose in Nazi medicine as physicians undertook the mission of cleansing the State: the devaluation and dehumanization of segments of the community, medicalization of social and political problems, training of physicians to identify with the political goals of the government, fear of consequences of refusing to cooperate with civil authority, bureaucratization of the medical role, and the lack of concern for medical ethics and human rights.

The Nuremberg code violations are being mentioned, the very basic law begins with # 1: Voluntary consent is important No person should be forced to take a medical experiment without informed consent. No one knows what it will do in the long run.



their complaint:  Violations of the Nuremberg Code – Violation of Article 6,7,8, and 8 bis3 of the Rome Statute. Are Nuremberg Trials 2.0 Coming Soon?

People may be dumbed down but they are not brain dead. The wannabe controllers manipulating the public (known and unknowns) may have overestimated the people’s compliance as we now see massive crowds saying ‘enough!’ Protests are breaking out everywhere, Europe, Australia, including Canada.

Australia’s tyranny being used by governmental authorities may be a prelude to what we all may be facing; but take notice, the citizens in various countries living under the present COVID tyranny are fed up with oppressive mandates from the globalist elites that are removing our freedoms who claim to know what’s best for your health and safety.

A ‘fringe minority’ (a few hundred thousand) protest outside of the Parliament in Canberra, Australia.

Canada’s government went from calling the truckers fringe people, to ‘terrorist truckers’ calling a state of emergency. These are the workers that continually helped get everyone supplied during the pandemic. Now the Workers assemble, opposing what many see as Tyranny and control. Some who fled communism understand once the authorities have this kind of control over you, you do not get it back. That’s why people are doing this, they know it’s now or it’s never. Their own authorities are using other laws for terrorists on them as they exercise police powers. Will Canada go the way of Australia; the world waits and watches.

The politics of fear

Trust for all kinds of officials, especially the medical industry is at all-time low. The Church along with politics in America are in the same declining state.

The virus has made people react in such violent inhumane way, people have lost their minds and it will only get worse as they try to make this a mass event to shift the population to be part of this cultural shift.

The Power plays, corruption in leaders, hatred and vitriol are everywhere, which can bring the collapse of any nation quickly. I would hope we are more resilient as a society but strength and endurance may not be enough for this onslaught of coercion and manipulation.

There are some people in high places that do not want safety or a civil society, nor freedom of speech. We have the wrong people running nearly everything, this is why law and order are being stripped away. The opposite of law is now becoming dominant. Western civilization is based on law, often Bible principles. This is what is being diminished and dismantled.

The Bible speaks of governments established by God to restrain evil, NOT empower it, or ignore it! America’s essentials are in its founding documents. At its core is freedom, and the Bible is its basis of the principles of freedom.

The leaders know they have a problem but they don’t care, they have an agenda and a goal, which makes this all more serious for the citizens of our country.

‘They,’ those holding power will say whatever they need to stay in power. They are unprincipled people who do not care about the truth, some are so utterly sinful and depraved that they cannot stand any morality that was once understood as tradition. This is underlying reason for the problems we see that people do not care, love has grown cold. We need people who
actually care; in action, not just in words so we can have things restored and working again. Not bureaucrats, but those who have the courage to do what is right for people.

This is not the old America where things can be said openly, where free speech reigns. Expect a united forceful reaction against any contrary view. The politicians in power lie without an equivocation, they have no conscience and it is part of their goal that there is nothing said in opposition to them.

America WAS formed as a country that recognized there is an authority over the nation beside government, which is to protect the people. America is worth standing up for, so is freedom.

Contrary to freedom

The pursuit of restoring paradise has been a goal of man since we were first expelled from Eden.

Communism advertises a utopian era as they bring the perfection of the collective society (not the individual) by equity, not real equality. This is a very different than the freedoms we have ingrained in our country. For their concept is based at the lowest common denominator, with no ability for improvement.

Firing workers and replacing them with National Guard and others is similar to what Communist Mao did. He killed off the doctors and nurses and appointed new ones from the masses who knew nothing of medicine. Is this what is now taking place for replacing those who are let go because of their refusal of the vaccine?

Marxist or opportunists? Former Black Lives Matter leader Khan-Cullors, a self-described “trained Marxist” bought four high-end homes, according to reports. Those at the top enjoy the benefits of the workers.

What we are seeing is what literal Darwinism brings. Survival of the fittest means the elimination of the weak or the violent override the meek.

Jan.6 — justice or injustice

The president, Joe Biden angrily declared what he says matters. It isn’t so much who gets to vote as “WHO COUNTS THE VOTES.”

[Blog Editor:  Oppenheimer at this point adds a Youtube from
DUmmie Funnies mocking CNN’s Jake Tapper and faux-Prez Dementia Biden over “WHO COUNTS THE VOTES” posted 1/16/22:

Youtube VIDEO: Joe Biden vs Jake Tapper on “Who Counts the Votes”]

News anchor Jake Tapper actually finds fault with Trump noticing and voicing his concerns on how the Democrats denied access to Republicans at the 2020 voting but has had nothing to say on Biden’s declaration.

It was Josef Stalin who said, “Comrades I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, but what is extraordinarily important is this: who will count the votes, and how.”

Other activities were reported in the election. Marilyn Todd stumbled upon evidence that suggests auditors in Windham, New Hampshire reopened the election, wiped the data, and reset the machine. Why would anyone do that?

History always repeats itself when there is an unawareness of what took place. Both good and bad lessons are to be learned from it, if we are willing to learn.

We are giving up our freedom in exchange for others who are reacting in fear. The Hegelian dialectic*** is used profusely, they have moved the goal posts for the masses. Convincing people of something HAPPENING that is not happening! That is called [JRH] ‘Diaprax,’ and it has been used numerous times in the past.

***[Blog Editor: The Hegelian Dialectic is like theology to Marxists. So I thought it a good idea to have an inkling of the Leftist reasoning that ultimately seeks to destroy religion and especially traditional Christian faith:

Dr. Malone recently used the phrase “mass formation psychosis.” It is to cause hysteria that is unfounded. The social media sites have buried the phrase. This a type of Hegel’s dialectic that was used in Marxism. You focus on the problem, but the solution offered is not viable.

When one joins a Cult they lose their individualism in exchange for group think. Open-mindedness, to FREELY THINK is not in the nature of this woke/cancel culture movement or they would not react so quickly to ban, intimidate or shame others, they would exhibit tolerance and look deeper into what is said. You can’t arrive at a logical conclusion when there was no
logic involved.

Those who supported Trump, or the freedoms we have in the constitution are now being considered enemies of the state by those who want to change it all. This is part of their revisionism, ‘the great reset.’ Calling themselves Democrats, they use the word Democracy which sanitizes their activities so it is not easily recognized by those who are not savvy to their disguises.

Clearly what took place with those who went into the capitol, especially those who caused any damage were in the wrong. However, we learned some were invited in by the police. So to call it an insurrection is hardly accurate.

[Blog Editor: The link in the above paragraph is to a Youtube video debunking the Dem-Marxist assertion the January 6 Protest was an insurrection. The link starts the 26-minute video at about the 5:44 mark. Here’s the embed of the video:

Youtube VIDEO: Insurrection Narrative Completely DEBUNKED By Ray Epps Fiasco

Posted by Timcast IRL

Posted Jan 15, 2022]

An insurrection is defined as “Organized opposition intended to overthrow authority: insurrection, takeover, coup, coup d’état, dethroning, insurgency, mutiny, overthrow, putsch, rebellion, revolt, revolution, rising, sedition, subversion, uprising. (American Heritage Dictionary)

Did the “protestors’ try to stop the very thing some of the Republicans in Congress wanted to do on the floor; to further look into any flaws in the election process?

Are they looking at the evidence or are they purposely ignoring it? What happens next to those involved directly and those asking for fairness is going to be very disturbing. If the truth of the many things going wrong is not known now it may not matter later.

With Over 550 riots that actually destroyed lives and cities throughout the country in 2020, without any repercussions, is this justice being pursued or a facade.

A Capitol Rioter is let go

ANTIFA TERRORIST WITH PIPE BOMB Who Targeted Jan. 6 Patriot Event Is Released from Jail

Division is the goal

Everyone seems to have chosen a side. Neil Young who was [sic] once sang against the establishment has joined them to protest Joe Rogan’s openness and independent thinking and tried to have him removed from Spotify, claiming he was spreading false information on Covid. Young who once was a part of a Freedom of Speech tour in 2006, has become the Old (man) he once sung about in his song. Maybe Rogan should sing to him “old man take a look at my life I’m a lot like you are.” Canadian native Joni Mitchell, now 78, has also joined the establishment choir with her old friend Neil Young.

Joni Mitchell had albums ‘Court and spark,’ ‘Ladies of the canyon.’ She is remembered for songs like blue, the circle game and morning Morgantown; even today “Big Yellow Taxi” and “A Case of You” have both been streamed on Spotify more than 100 million times. There are 3.7 million monthly listeners to her music. Have they heard both sides now, or are they now listening to only one? Eric Clapton on the other-hand has kept the rhythm.

The opposition voices of freedom (the cult of cancel) are active all over the internet.

Because of the pressure on Spotify, Rogan complied somewhat to soften the matter, Rogan apologized, though his words need to be paid attention to on what he meant. The left bullied them, and the pressure kept coming. Spotify took down altogether 100 podcasts of Rogan, altogether 20,000 podcasts on what was deemed wrong information.

War looms on many horizons

Forging Ukraine to be the spear of NATO (with Belarus) has made Russia move in ways one would expect if they were threatened. Just as we reacted when they moved in missiles to Cuba in the 1960’s. I’m amazed we haven’t had more wars over the years.

Afghanistan that has never welcomed Christians, now they have become the epicenter of persecution in the world. Allowing the Taliban to seize political power has put Christians in the utmost of danger in Afghanistan and throughout the regions of Muslim countries as they are daily being eliminated.

A new worldwide civil war has developed between workers and government control. At home we have spiritual war – some Christians were excited to see a woman vice pres., as this would prove William Branham’s prophecy from 1933 (the great Pentecostal false prophet) but even he was undecided on her being either a woman president or the Roman Church, or something else.

The best selling author on WND – Joe Kovacs has a new book on secrets revealing not just everything in the Bible but everything. Will People actually believe this? And the deceptions keep coming and escalate.

Just as certain politicians do not care for the Constitution, we have those behind the pulpit who do not care for the Bible. This ‘political’ battle is clearly between the Constitution versus a new type of Communism. Liberty versus tyranny. In plain terms, good versus evil.

Keeping your eye on the bouncing ball

Aristotle’s Law of Non-Contradiction states that if something is true, then its opposite must be false. For example, God cannot exist and not exist at the same time; or you can’t go forward and backward at the same time. An example of this contradiction of logic in a real time application; people taking off their mask to scold others who are not wearing a mask.

In the meantime while we are watching a cultural collapse, science has traversed into the occult, with AI and transhumanism, there is much we are unaware of taking place behind the scenes.

The first human-grade RFID implant was patented in 1997, followed by FDA approval in 2004, subdermal microchips have become just another device in a growing cyborg toolkit.

Sweden has been chipping their people. With the chip they then can “open doors, pay cashless, present medical records, access concert venues, and ride public transportation” with the wave of a hand. A technical journal reported a couple of years ago that at that time up to 100,000 people had implants already. Making this all normal for everyday living in the age of technocracy.

Technocracy and the elite

They consider themselves the hierarchy of intelligentsia, but they possess the worst form of thinking as the dark corners of their minds forbid the exercise of logic or reason. Anything you say that challenges their collective opinion causes friction and they react. Acting like a fire breathing dragon they go about annihilating the opposition through the social media.

Have you noticed they punish those who want to do what is right and good? They rely on others enforcement… Let me be clear – this is not liberalism, this is a revolution, green globalists who want a world governing power (called a reset). There are two revolutions taking place, one that promotes tyranny and the other that wants freedom. We must speak up now if we are going to turn this thing around.

How do they get what they want? Never let a crisis go to waste. They openly identify the opposition to their goal, exaggerate the discontentment, speak of it in one voice as if all condemn it, and repeat it on all social platforms.

Pause… there is so much wrong going on,  we all need a laugh, one of the funniest comedians of our day who takes on politics and missing common sense, he’s a bit raw at times but spot on enjoy: This one is particularly apropos Truth is Terrorism!

[Blog Editor: Here is the Youtube embed of the Conservative comedian JP Sears referenced by Oppenheimer:

Youtube VIDEO: Truth is Terrorism! – New Update from US Government

Posted by AwakenWithJP

Posted Feb 15, 2022

Truth is terrorism! New update from US government and the department of homeland security. Spreaders of online misinformation are now considered domestic terrorists. You better start subscribing to the narrative before you go to jail! READ ENTIRETY]

The Leap in science

Many companies recently announced they’re expanding their partnership to create more mRNA vaccines.

Codex has a technology that you can produce DNA. For 2022 Pfizer company announced a deal with Codex DNA to improve production of its vaccines, and a $1.3 billion deal with gene-editing biotech Beam Therapeutics (BEAM), as presented at the JPMorgan annual health care conference. They want to reduce the time of producing a very essential part of the overall manufacturing process for RNA vaccines from almost a month to a couple of days.

“We truly believe that the mRNA technology is very powerful. It’s not the holy grail, but it is very powerful,” Bourla said.

“We are just scratching the surface, and we are well-positioned to put together capabilities ourselves to produce medicines that the world needs,” Bourla said.

That includes creating a South Africa hub for mRNA production, via a partnership with the Biovac Institute, which should come to fruition this year. But beyond the mRNA platform, Pfizer also has its focus on newer technology such as gene editing. Pfizer CEO: “WE’LL CORRECT GENETIC MISTAKES IN HUMAN DNA WITH OUR GENE EDITING VACCINES.”

Say what? Think about the ramifications of his statement? Are they intending on making humans better, as hybrids by their gene editing?

George Soros And Bill Gates’ Backed Consortium To Buy U.K. Maker Of Covid Tests For $41 Million

Non-medical expert Klaus Schwab (executive chairman of the World Economic Forum) and Bill Gates are just two who insist that everyone living needs to be vaccinated with these experimental vaccines.  The mistakes being made are far graver than what they allowed with opioids, which they now deny those in genuine pain to have today. BTW the Opioid epidemic IS mainly about illegal narcotics being used for recreation, only 20% of those who have prescribed them by doctors abuse them, by adding other drugs to their prescription. This is the distinction they are not telling people on this matter making it a one size first all. Another fear tactic. And yet they have opened the borders to let these deadly opioids freely come in.

As Tom Homan Former Acting Director of ICE writes “They’ve undone every measure to secure our border, and put a big, fat welcome mat out. They couldn’t care less about COVID or “public health” when it comes to illegals.

All while they threaten taxpayers based on their medical decisions.

If Joe and Kamala cared about “public health” or keeping Americans safe, they’d CLOSE the southern border.

History has a way of repeating itself, the influences of big tech, big pharma have BIG money and Big control. This is where the money now is. They are not producing a product for a country, but what they have deemed necessary for the ‘whole world.’ And it is being used for control.

Would you be surprised to find those who own social media have investments in the pharmaceutical Companies? Don’t be.

In 1991 the USSR split away from its Communism, can this same thing happen with the US with our Capitalism? Individuality and liberty are always lost when governmental powers increase, especially when free speech is diminished. And we are watching this take place at a rate unprecedented, which certainly can lead to or contribute to the fall of America. The authoritarian approach is not welcomed by most of mankind. Usually weak minded, lazy or dependent people want this. The State granting the people their freedom is what Communism is about. Once you ALLOW this, it brings tyranny and it is very difficult to get freedom back. I’m referring to Medical tyranny, social platform tyranny, political tyranny, and soon to come – energy tyranny. Once energy is controlled or taken away, we lose one of our last freedoms.

You can’t depend on the Democrats nor the Republicans in office, except for a few that still have any integrity and believe in freedom.

The word “democracy” does not appear in either of our two founding documents because we are a Republic. (For the answer to this question read this article Do We Still Have A Republic?)

the powers of sovereignty are vested* in the people and are exercised by the people, either directly, or through representatives chosen by the people, to whom those powers are specially delegated.”  [Black’s Law Dictionary, Sixth ed., p. 695]

James Madison wrote in the Federalist Papers that when legislative, judicial and executive powers are accumulated in the “same hands” or in one person–such as a king—this is the definition of tyranny. [Blog Editor Emphasis]

To change our thinking starts in education, in elementary school. Our country’s Public schools are indoctrinating children into Critical Race Theory, and convincing America’s children that they need to be open in their sexual preferences and gender identities.  In Communism the children belong to the state, this is why the certain teachers along with certain politicians are saying parents have no say in their education. The family, religion, independent thinking are all under attack. What we have learned is that the new age policies in education that began mostly in progressive California are really more akin to Marxism.

They want you to think the way they do, not by presenting arguments to understand it as the better way, but by Power which is exercised using fear. When real problems arise and are not resolved they escalate and come into your face. This is seen in our country. One person warning of what is taking place in NY.

‘They can escalate everything when they can’t get their way. On an open mic Biden said inflation is a great asset, his statement on inflation shows this is part of the great reset. What else do we need to know to understand about their goals? It’s all on purpose and WE THE PEOPLE are the recipients.

Homeland security Feb 7, 2022 national terrorism advisory system

Biden admin raises terror threat alert over ‘election fraud,’ COVID ‘misinformation’

The bulletin warns of those who give misinformation, sow discord and undermine public trust in government institutions. This is related to the recent bomb threats made to at least six historically Black colleges and universities and the hostage incident at a synagogue in Texas.  A ‘Muslim’ terrorist targets a synagogue, ranting on a Facebook livestream of the services against America and demanding the release of Pakistani neuroscientist who was convicted of trying to kill U.S. Army officers in Afghanistan. Siddiqui was convicted in 2010 by a New York federal court, he is serving an 86-year sentence at Carswell Air Force Base near Fort Worth, about 15 miles away from the location of the synagogue.

Say what?

How was this terrorist allowed into America? Someone is not doing their job well. Oops, Is this what the bulletin meant?

The big misses continue in the FBI

Our intelligence has been politicized and weaponized, to not be for the people but only for certain people. Reading the news all we see is how corrupt people in power abuse their position, take advantage and cheat the system of law.

If America exists 20 years from now, they will look back studying this time of political upheaval. We must pray and be active in being salt and light or may not get another chance. There are so many news reporting sites with a Conservative view that will have to be cancelled by them. If they oppose Conservatives, it is even worse for Christians. If we stay silent surely persecution is coming for you and for me.

We had freedom to choose God but instead we used freedom to destroy ourselves, we did not understand the responsibility of being vigilant for freedom.

We as citizens are to be salt and light in this dark corrupt world, showing that true humanity is from being restored in Christ.

The way ‘they’ overreacted was not necessary and got completely out of control, or, in their control. Some may have acted without full knowledge; some on purpose. Accountability for the consequences done to our society is needed. Investigations on numerous matter that have taken place are inevitable. In a fair and just world we may see this, but not likely in the world we live in now. In the end, real accountability is in God’s hands, but for now we can do our part. ‘Pray and Speak’ what is right, as Jesus said he (and we) are to do Gods work while it is day, for the night is coming when no one can work, that future is written. For now let’s do what is right.


King Jehoshaphat prayed for God’s help for Israel: 2 Chron 20:6-13

“O Lord God of our fathers, are You not God in heaven, and do You not rule over all the kingdoms of the nations, and in Your hand is there not power and might, so that no one is able to withstand You? … our God, will You not judge them? For we have no power against this great multitude that is coming against us; nor do we know what to do, but our eyes are upon You.”

The Lord answered saying: V.14-18 “Listen, all you of Judah and you inhabitants of Jerusalem, and you, King Jehoshaphat! Thus says the LORD to you: ‘Do not be afraid nor dismayed because of this great multitude, for the battle is not yours, but God’s. v.17 You will not need to fight in this battle. Position yourselves, stand still and see the salvation of the LORD, who is with you, O Judah and Jerusalem!’ Do not fear or be dismayed; tomorrow go out against them, for the LORD is with you.”

What God did for Israel; may he do for us all. [Blog Editor Emphasis]

*My personal trial

As I wrote in the last newsletter the medical industry is not what it used to be. My point is with my son who is in diminishing health from chronic nerve pain and other problems and is caught in the middle of a health provider that refuses to help in the way they once agreed to do and showing no compassion. Needless to say I have called everyone possible in government and now have an Ombudsman that is helping.

This continues to take up much of my time as I fight the medical establishment who are stalling with answers on the problems they have caused. A lawyer is out of the question with huge price to resolve this, even though it is clear what they did is wrong.

But we have Jesus and I ask all to pray. If you can order or send a financial gift it is very much appreciated by my family in helping us stay the course. [Blog Editor: I embedded the Let Us Reason PayPal link for any person to support the Ministry’s need.]

May you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ,

Mike Oppenheimer


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I am a Neoconservative Christian Right blogger. I also spend a significant amount of time of exposing theopolitical Islam.

One thought on “Intro to Oppenheimer’s ‘The same rhetoric, lies and trials are before us!’”

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