They Did Not Take a Knee

Great post on Rittenhouse NOT GUILTY verdict!

No Thought Police

  1. Count One – Not Guilty!
  2. Count Two – Not Guilty!
  3. Count Three – Not Guilty!
  4. Count Four – Not Guilty!
  5. Count Five – Not Guilty!

An important day in history today when the Rittenhouse jury came out and bravely, and I say bravely came out and acquitted this young man!

The Rittenhouse story was more than just about a young man unjustly accused of murder but it was a story about all of us who still believe in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and our God given right to defend ourselves when we or a loved one’s lives are clearly in danger. Because self-defense and the right to bear arms in order to protect our lives and our families lives.

Today both Kyle Rittenhouse and self-defense won, thanks to a group of 12 brave Americans who were not going to listen to the lies and propaganda that’s been coming…

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