Thoughts on COVID-19

My wife Diana was asked to briefly share her thoughts on her experience with COVID-19 as a project that could of some benefit. In full disclosure I provided some aid on some COVID details. Below is Diana’s essay.

(A Full Disclosure: As the Editor, I embedded source links to make a point that was not a part of Diana’s original essay. Many of the embedded links point to my alternate Blog because videos operate there that do not operate on WordPress.)

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Thoughts on COVID-19

Diana Houk

May 27, 2021

After the mass fearmongering about the spread of COVID-19 I was more infected with fear of catching a virus than actually getting the contagion. I bought N-95 masks even after so-called health experts said it would do little to protect. I sterilized everything in my house.

The media began reporting COVID deaths. More fear ensued.

COVID found my eldest son (in his 40s) and he became extremely ill. He could breathe so the hospital sent him with a message something like, Don’t come back unless breathing becomes too difficult (probably meaning a ventilator).

My son could not care for himself. No appetite. No taste. High fever. Constant fatigue and weakness. I did my motherly duty: checked on him, provided what nourishment I could encourage him to consume, plenty fluids and house cleaning.

I tried to convince him therapeutic remedies I had read about; however, my son believed the controlling-science which blistered the remedy-science. My son languished for about three weeks but his health did begin to improve. Improve that is with several months of COVID-related fatigue.

During this time frame suddenly the control-science reversed their opinion on masks trying the propaganda all masks will prevent you from getting COVID. The mask directives were deception from the beginning.

If anyone paid attention to the fear-spreading on deaths, though hundreds-of-thousands have died 99% of those COVID-infected did NOT die. With only about a 1% deathrate (EVEN LESS FOR YOUNGER individuals), the fearmongering continues.

The FEARMONGERING continues the government, News Media, Entertainment Industry, Control-minded science and every brainwashed Tom, Dick and Harry pushes an EXPERIMENTAL Vaccine as if it is safe when reports jab injuries and deaths increase. The control-science informs the public this is an Anaphylaxis side-effect not directly related to the EXPERIMENTAL Vaccine. YET MOST of these people having an Anaphylaxis allergic reaction did not have allergies prior their EXPERIMENTAL jab.

I could go and on about how this COVID thing is more about political control than about community health. However, the purpose of this essay was supposed to be only one page. And I have already exceeded that a bit.


Edited by John R. Houk

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