Actual Science vs Brainwashing – You Choose

John R. Houk, Blog Editor

Posted May 7, 2021

I found an interesting Social Media post on MeWe yesterday that led with the title of a Bitchute video but had a bunch of print info related to the video but not in the video description.

Essentially the post truthfully tells how America’s Bureaucrat dominated government (that would be Dem-Marxist Globalists) is twisting data to produce the mirage of facts to fearmonger control the lives of Americans. AS IN duping Americans to believe lies. The lies center around mask-wearing, the COVID virus (aka the Communist Chinese Party – CCP virus), safe therapeutics and UNSAFE experimental COVID vaccines. I have added some editorial liberty and ends with Bitchute entitled video of former Pfizer VP Michael Yeadon warning about unsafe vaccines. READ AND WATCH!

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FINAL WARNING FROM EX Pfizer Vice President Michael Yeadon

Posted by M 🕴 [MeWe Profile]

Posted May 6, 2021 (about) 1:10 PM


The broad masses of populations are more amenable to the appeal of rhetoric than to any other force” ~ Adolf Hitler

If you’ve been wearing a mask and social distancing despite the absence of visible deaths consistent with a pandemic, and feeling unusually ill yourself, it’s because you believed in what came out of the TV instead trusting what your eyes and body should’ve told you, didn’t and doesn’t make sense.

Do the following CDC stats look like those indicative of a pandemic; let alone, an emergency (on paper alone), to justify the use of so-called vaccines that the wiser of us know, are only a pretext to a vaccine passport where digital IDs are routinely rejected?

  • Ages 0 to 19, 99.997% survival rate
  • Ages 20 to 49, 99.98% survival rate
  • Ages 50 to 69, 99.5% survival rate
  • Ages 70 and up, 94.6% survival rate

[Blog Editor: Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida quoted similar CDC statistics on Twitter account (amazingly not censored as yet) in September 2020. The updated total death/survival statistics from the CDC (which highly propagandizes to receive a COVID-jab) has the deathrate (simple calculator math on my part) as of May 6, 2021 dividing 576,238 deaths into the total COVID-19 cases of  32,356,034 (after rounding up) is 1.8% died. THAT MEANS regardless of age groups the TOTAL SURVIVAL RATE IS 98.2%. And yet the brainwashers want you to wear a mask and take an experimental vaccine that has its death/harmful side effect rates not truthfully being reported. Between 12/14/20 and 4/23/21 COVID experimental vaccines killed 3,544 people and another 12,619 had an adverse side effect listed as “serious injury”. In the same link recording vaccine deaths and injuries (We The People Convention sharing a Leo Hohman post) is a Rumble video (I previously posted the Brighteon version on one of my blogs) talking about the experimental COVID vaccine deaths and injuries voiced by Dr. Peter McCullough. The video is so important, here is the Rumble version for you to watch:

Rumble VIDEO: COVID Shot Killing Large Numbers, Warns Top COVID Doc Peter McCullough

Posted by The New American 

Published April 27, 2021


Just as an aside – YOU MUST UNDERSTAND the Globalist/Marxist making their effort to transform the whole world AWAY from Liberty-minded individualism and squash the influence of Christianity, these Communists are using Econ-Nazi/Fascist methods (the unholy alliance of wealth [Nazi-Corporatism & Fascist-Corporatism] and Gramsci-style Communism) to silence detractors and truth tellers. One sad example is Dr.  Joseph Mercola which can be read under the title, “Dr. Mercola: ‘Why I’m Removing All Articles Related to Vitamins D, C, Zinc and COVID-19’”.]

And those numbers are about the only believable thing from an agency with a vested interest in vaccines, and as such, a vested interest in maintaining the fear that masks evoke and that it’s plausible to assume, wouldn’t exist at all, were it not for the propaganda spun by the mainstream media at the behest of their owners and government.

The only pandemic is the gullibility, unwarranted fear, and mass blind compliance perpetuating the fraud [Bold text Blog Editor’s]; and given the existence of hydroxychloroquine [HCQ], azithromycin and ivermectin in combination with zinc, and even Quercetin, Vitamin D, and Zinc, means that not only, does an emergency not exist, but that neither does the justification for contrivances masquerading as vaccines; that with a risk to benefit ratio of 100 to 0; providing no fruitful benefit to the recipient or society, that aren’t procurable by what’s being subverted, banned, and stockpiled to frighten, and coerce (as a condition to employment, travel, commerce, and just general participation in society) into taking the shot.

“Jab’s” (likely coined to marginalize the act and reduce hesitancy), that by their own admission, won’t prevent the spread or contraction of that which the misinformed expect to be protected from; a so-called disease, that in truth, amounts to nothing more than a play on words, and psyop that their mask wearing, social distancing selves, have been as integral to the theatrics of, as a magician’s smoke and mirrors are integral to his trick.

And now we come to learn, that the inoculated pose a health risk to those smart enough to have avoided it; with at least one doctor, suggesting that the recipients, and now, “health risk”, wear an identifier on their chest or arm so we know who to avoid. Sound familiar?

And while some may initially delight in the irony, resulting from ignorance. anger, hate, and the frustration wrought by foolery – think about what it means to live that way for all concerned; especially when as the unmasked and wiser lot, we’ve refused to live in fear; but now need to consider, how simply living alongside those who couldn’t leave well enough alone, might now pose a risk, where no reasonable risk existed; and just as concerning is the question yet to be asked…

Is this now going to trigger a demand for the very thing we need to reject: Apps, devices, etc., just to know who’s been inoculated and who hasn’t?

Where do you want your yellow star?

How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don’t think” ~ Adolf Hitler


[Posted by Info that matters.GGT

April 21st, 2021 23:01 UTC

Michael Yeadon joined Pfizer in 1995; the company had a large operation then in Sandwich in southern England. He rose to become a vice president and head of allergy and respiratory research.]


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