Where Is America’s Outrage Over Ashli’s Murder?

Ashli Babbitt – Murder Victim (Photo from The Patriot Post)

Faux-president runs a Dem-Marxist government that allows the murder of Patriots and prosecutes Police killing criminals. In Dem-Marxism there are two kinds of justice. Justin Smith elaborates.

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Where Is America’s Outrage Over Ashli’s Murder?

Biden’s Two-Tiered System Favors Some Over Others – Anti-American Marxists Get a Free Pass

By Justin O. Smith

Sent 4/17/2021 9:14 PM

Nearly three months have passed, since [JOS] Ashli Babbitt, an Air Force Veteran with 14 years service, was murdered by a Capitol Police Officer on January 6, 2021; as she attempted to pass through a broken window of a door inside the Capitol Building, after several police officers stepped aside and seemingly had no real concerns over her actions, and yet, still to this day we do not know the name of her killer. We also know next to nothing, regarding the shooting itself, other than it happened and the [JOS] Department of Justice has recently decided not to charge the officer with any crime, noted in its April 14, 2021 statement, while they also refuse to publicly name him, for his safety.

[Blog Editor: Here is the video from the Bend Bulletin link from Justin Smith embedded above:

WP VIDEO: Video shows moments leading up to fatal shooting on Jan. 6


[Apparently WaPo videos don’t embed on WordPress. You’ll have to click the link to watch.]

The Bend Bulletin has a very good break down of what you see in the video posted below the video.]

Although there are numerous reports yet to be confirmed that identify this officer as David Bailey, a Brazilian immigrant and BLM extremist, we really just don’t know without the government itself being forced to tell the people who the shooter actually is. Regardless of who he is, this officer should have been made to undergo the same exact public scrutiny that we have witnessed in several recent shootings of black men, criminals in every instance, where the officers names were very nearly immediately made known and riots ensued, no matter how righteous a shooting it was.

Less than a day after armed robbery suspect Duante Wright was accidentally shot by Brooklyn Center Police Officer Kim Potter on Sunday, April 11, 2021; her name was plastered all over the Leftist mainstream media. Potter had inadvertently pulled her firearm while intending to pull her taser. It was not long before her address was also made public, and now her home is surrounded by fencing and barricades and armed guards, to prevent it from being burned to the ground by some angry mob, further agitated by Black Lives Matter, a Communist inspired organization. This is exactly how similar situations have played out, in high-profile police shootings from the days of Ferguson, Missouri in 2014, until Ms. Babbitt’s murder.

And in case anyone has forgotten, it was barely a matter of minutes after Jacob Blake was shot by police last August, that riots were raging in the streets of Kenosha, Wisconsin, just as they have raged in Minneapolis since the days of George Floyd’s death, while being restrained by Derek Chauvin, for good reason.

All Americans deserve to know the name of the officer who shot and killed Ashli Babbitt without any real provocation, little to no restraint and very little, if any, warning at all, if that is the standard we are now using in all other high-profile police related shootings. Undisclosed at the moment is just how did this Capitol police officer see this slight, 5′ 2” and 110-pound, unarmed lady as so immediate a threat that it demanded lethal force? Surely, he could have stopped her without killing her, especially with other officers nearby, who could have been called upon to help, couldn’t he? This entire tragedy should have been open to public scrutiny and questions, questions that demand answers even now. 

Only a real COWARD would shoot an unarmed woman. 

On January 11th, ([JOS] Going Home/The Death of an American Patriot) I noted:

Roughly 35 seconds after the officers moved away, (from video evidence) as Ashli moved over the rubble toward a broken section of the door, she was shot by a government agent said to have been a Capitol Police Officer, from the other side of the door, that was in fact secured and obviously guarded.

Even if she had initially moved to crawl through the broken window, which allegedly prompted the Capitol Police Officer to shoot her, at the moment she was shot, she had actually started to back away from the doors, because a couple of rioters had started trying to break them down. If she had a gun in her hand, it might have been different, but anyone single person attempting to breach that broken window would have immediately been physically disadvantaged and vulnerable in a thousand ways, and they would have posed no threat whatsoever, no matter that some Congressmen were just to the back of the room.”

Even if Ashli was “trespassing”, as asserted by leftist rags like the Washington Post, the People’s House should have had its gallery open more so on this day than any other — given the seriousness of the issue at hand that day — and what she did certainly didn’t rise to the level of violence we have witnessed in Portland, Oregon where numerous people have been arrested for felonies, only to later be released, on non-prosecution agreements, due to leftist political pressure and more threats of violence from ANTIFA and BLM. Her actions certainly shouldn’t have been taken as her death warrant.

It also should most assuredly be asserted that she couldn’t have been trespassing, not after one police officer after another is seen on numerous video feeds freely opening the doors to the Capitol Building and allowing the protesters ready entry.

Curiously enough, no one shot any of the “protestors”/rioters in Portland this past Tuesday [still rioting as 4/18], as they burned down one more police station. Just one more case of “the rule of law” for some and a free pass for others, especially if they are acting in the name of the Biden Regime, Marx, Mao and the Cancel Culture.

If police are now supposed to shoot unarmed trespassers without warning, Bree Newsome, a BLM leader, should be in a pine box somewhere by now, after she tore down the Confederate flag in June of 2015 outside the South Carolina Statehouse; but, she was simply briefly arrested and released, drawing praise from Hillary Clinton.

Newsome has since been quoted from a Twitter account as saying:

I’m definitely in the camp of defending rioting & looting as a legitimate politically informed response to state violence.”

Ms. Babbitt could have just as easily been arrested, by the three policemen behind her, who were armed with pistols and AR-15s (“weapons of war” as Joe would say), if they had seen her as a threat. But evidently, they didn’t see her as a threat. So why did her murderer see her as such?

And yet, the good, decent, fine American Patriots, who — like Ashli Babbitt — knew the 2020 Election had been stolen and demanded the same answers she sought on that terrible and fateful day –are left with an unsatisfactory and unacceptable statement from the DOJ. We are simply told to accept their word for it, the word of a corrupt department that let Hillary Clinton escape espionage charges, at the very least, and also allowed traitors from within the Obama administration to run a counterintelligence operation against a candidate for the presidency, and then later against President Trump and his administration. Forgive me if I cannot take their word for it, that this Capitol policeman’s motivations for shooting Ashli Babbitt were pure and within the parameters of the guidelines covering a “good shoot”.

When did it become acceptable to shoot unarmed Americans without warning, simply because they are in the wrong place at the right time? This evidently is the status quo under the Democratic Party Communist regime and whoever is guiding this ship.

It’s beyond unacceptable and outrageous to the point of making a white-hot anger rise in anyone paying attention. A federal officer shot and killed an unarmed lady who had already given so much to her country, and the elitist oligarchs of the Leftist Biden administration will not tell us who did it or why.

Where are the advocates who have screamed to the rooftops about “police brutality”? Where are all those who have called for an accounting and transparency from police departments across America, as well as “defunding the police”? Isn’t it curious? They have no interest in seeking an accounting and answers for Ms Babbitt’s family and all those who knew her to be a true patriot, in the finest sense of the word.

One must certainly take note of the vast difference in approach towards police shootings today, in America, and the reactions that seem to be more in association with one’s skin color and political affiliations, than the right or wrong of the shooting. There can be no doubt that if Ashli had been black and a Biden supporter or a member of ANTIFA or Black Lives Matter, or a white liberal Biden supporter, under any set of circumstances or any given scenario, all manner of hell would have been unleashed in the streets of her hometown and across America, and we’d still be seeing the protests at this very moment.

Instead, all America bears witness to the DOJ and reporting papers, such as the New York Times and Washington Post, repeating the tired refrain that “there was insufficient evidence to prove Babbitt’s civil rights were violated”, as they attacked her personally for her political views. They all seem to act as though Ashli Babbitt deserved to die. 

There’s plenty of evidence to prove Ashli Babbitt was murdered by this Capitol police officer, and if one accepts that assertion as true, then it certainly follows that her civil rights were also violated.

[Blog Editor: Rather than believing America’s current corrupt Dem-Marxist government and the Dem-Marxist propaganda MSM, examine the reasoning that Babbitt was murdered:

This “officer” is obviously being given a blanket of protection from the Biden administration, just as long as he remains silent, on the security response to the protestors and the murder itself. 

Ms. Babbitt was treated, then as now, as though she was something less than a being deserving of the full protections of the Constitution she had defended and protected all her life, by this current two-tiered system that favors some over others. Ashli Babbitt unfortunately fell on the losing side of things because of it, and regardless of any statements to the contrary, and all their excuses, the psychopaths of BLM, the Leftstream Media and the Biden regime will never see her death for the outrage or the crime that it clearly is. 

Ashli was there because she had spent her life playing by the rules and defending those rules. She was there because the people in charge of maintaining the rules have been violating those rules. They ignored the official corruption in the 2016 election and they laughed about the grotesque Criminal Fraud that was plainly obvious in the 2020 election. Like the rest of those protestors, she was angry that the politicians were not following the rules, the Supreme Law of the Land, and rubbing conservative Americans’ face in it, as though their voices meant nothing.

And for her trouble, she died in a pool of her own blood inside what is supposed to be the people’s house in America. It is a quite ironic that a citizen exercising her Inalienable God-Given Rights would be murdered by an agent of a corrupt system that is now infringing on all of our rights. Murder is the right word here. The man who shot her was under no threat and was on the other side of a locked and barricaded door.

No amount of justice served will ever make the murder of Ashli Babbitt any less tragic or evil, and more than the Potter or Chauvin cases, if ever a case demanded to be brought before a Court and a jury, rather than a simple in-house-review, it is this one. At the very least, the circumstances surrounding it demand a full evidentiary hearing from Congress, and only then, by letting the searing hot sunlight of truth shine upon these two tiers of “law” and “justice” might we start tearing the base from the pillars of this abominably immoral two-tiered legal construct of the Biden regime’s Communists, that serves as a tool of persecution to attack their political opponents and anybody else who stands against their agenda, such as Mark and Patricia McCloskey, while justice and the truth be damned. 

Unequally applied laws and arbitrary law aimed at only a partial segment of any country’s population are a recipe for certain disaster that hold the potential to bust society wide open and move its people to civil war. This is the current path we are on, forced in this direction by an ever-increasing tyrannical regime and an illegitimate president. 

Bizarre and grotesque as it is, a young Conservative American woman, an American Patriot, is murdered by authorities and essentially the media and the leftists of America applaud the fact. And, in the meantime, her murderer is free as a meadow lark and living the good life, without a care or a twinge of conscience, and without having paid any price for his actions that day.

By Justin O. Smith


Edited by John R. Houk

Except where indicated by “JOS”, embedded links and text embraced by brackets are by the Editor. Bold text indicates this Blog Editor’s agreement with Justin.

© Justin O. Smith

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