SGT Report on Bitchute begins with the Dem-Marxist $1.9 TRILLION so-called COVID legislation vilifies White Americans rather than supporting benefits for ALL Americans. Then touches on ever increasing COVID vaccine failures.


JRH 3/7/21

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IF YOU THINK THINGS ARE BAD NOW, JUST WAIT FOR 2022. THESE PEOPLE ARE SICK, AND IT’S NEVER BEEN MORE CLEAR THAT OUR GOVERNMENT HAS ABANDONED US, and it is now by definition an illegitimate criminal ‘government’, an enemy of the very people it is meant to serve.




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I am a Neoconservative Christian Right blogger. I also spend a significant amount of time of exposing theopolitical Islam.


  1. Such a wealth of topics here. Looked at topic of israel and wow. I wish to add or enhanse all presented. God put blindness in part on israel for 2000 years. We know this as scripture says so. But few ask what method did God use for that blindness? The method was christian hate and vatican perversion on scripture so no jew could accept. By my sources, today 20% of all jews now believe in their savior Jesus Christ. Yes, that 20% includes strong to weak in Christ like in Christianity. And this 20% of jews in Christ is only since 1967. It was the 6 day war victory that had majority of christians respect jews as strong instead of weak in the holocaust. Suddenly christian love to jews sprung up. Result is jews became interested in this Jesus their christian friends lived by. The gospel spread by love and respect. Even though antisemitisn has returned, its too late to stop jews receiving the gospel. On a side, the antisemitism rise is from the moslems and the left but the fuel for it is 2 items; many christians no longer really know their entire bible coupled with an israeli govt refusing to claim and annex its own land, thus the bible illiterate or partially illiterate believe the lying arab narrative of stolen land for if israels why do they talk about giving up holy land is their logic. The logic would be correct if it werent that israel controlled by apostate leaders or leaders that fear america and europe govt more than God. I prefer not to get bogged down in franchises like illuminati, skull and bones, bankers, bilderbergs, round tables etc etc. Sadly in every nations are just wheat and tares. Even wheat has good to poor quality but is still wheat. Like wise there are many many bundles of tares but all are still tares. The truth is all wheat must in God unify against all tares. Some wheat can be in Christ or not yet in Christ but in unity the gospel will enter those souls in time by example and Gods work on that soul. In Christ, blessings from galilee israel. And no matter what the cost, please please dont do even one warp speed jab, myself in an unjabbed minority but soul safe in Christ.

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