GEORGIA WITNESS: Trump ballots called for Biden ‘three times in three minutes’

Even in a so-called recount, Dem-Marxists are committing fraud. Project Veritas has the details.


JRH 11/17/2020

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GEORGIA WITNESS: Trump ballots called for Biden ‘three times in three minutes’


Sent by James O’Keefe <>

11/16/2020 7:12 PM

Sent via Project Veritas


Project Veritas released a new video today exposing Trump ballots being called for Biden during the ongoing Georgia recount process.


A Republican National Committee monitor in Georgia’s election recount, Hale Soucie, told our undercover journalist there are individuals counting ballots who have made continuous errors.


Soucie said that one auditor called out votes for Biden “three times in three minutes,” but a second auditor went on to correct the record saying: “No, this is Trump.”


Here are some of the highlights from today’s video:


  • Hale Soucie, Republican National Committee monitor in Georgia: “I’ll give you the full story of what happened. So, three times in three minutes, she [auditor] called out Biden. The second auditor caught it and she said: ‘No, this is Trump.’”


  • Soucie: “The next table I went to right after that — the only reason why I went to that table is because there was one where, the first person reading it off, handing it to her — she’s not even looking at it [ballot], she’s just putting it in.”


  • Soucie: “So Table 17 was the first one where the woman got it wrong three times. Table 18 was where the first person called out Biden or Trump, she passed it across the table and the other person would not even look at it and put it wherever the first person said. That person is supposed to be auditing it, checking the second one.”


You can watch the full video here:


VIDEO: GA Recount Auditors Call Multiple Ballots For Joe Biden That Were Actually Marked For Donald Trump

[Posted by Project Veritas

699K subscribers – Nov 16, 2020]


How can the American people trust that a serious and fair recount is taking place in Georgia?


With all eyes on the state, Georgia’s election auditors have a duty to the American public to accurately report votes.


It is troubling that events such as these are taking place, and it is a reason why many Americans have lost faith in the electoral process.


Project Veritas will continue reporting on the events in these contested states and exposing wrongdoing such as this.


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