This Is What America Is Fighting Today

Dem-Marxists are under the delusion that supporting looting, vandalism, violence and murder conducted by their Communist paramilitary wings of Black Lives Matter and Antifa will rally all Americans to their Communist transformation of America. Justin Smith gives a voice to Americans getting weary of this Dem-Marxist support of rupturing America.


JRH 10/4/20

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This Is What America Is Fighting Today  

Support of Black Lives Matter Ensures Tyranny 


By Justin O. Smith

Sent 10/2/2020 3:45 PM


Protest the police actions when they have really done something wrong and You allowed time for all the facts and evidence to prove it so. That’s fine. That’s America.


BLM Protester (Probably Rioter)


But that’s not what has been happening in America, as exhibited by the photo of this young black female “American” college student. They have been protesting and rioting over many false narratives advanced by the Communist Organizations of Black Lives Matter and Antifa. They have allowed themselves to become indoctrinated by false information and propaganda, because they want to believe the lies and that America is somehow an evil and racist nation, when we have risen miles above racism over the past 60 years.


So this young lady, Schcola Chambers, puts on her beret and marches in the street, in D.C. in August 2020 with the other marchers, supposedly to make police “Get Your Knee Off Our Necks”. To what end? Is this really about “police brutality”? Please note that the emblem on her beret is of Africa. If she identifies more as an African than an American, if she believes Africa to be so much a better region than America, why is she here helping communists tear the country apart? She’s welcome to leave at any time she desires.


If she truly wanted a better America, one would think she’d be honoring all the best parts of America that has allowed her to live a higher quality of life more free than 99% of the world … this America that had in place in its Constitution the mechanisms that eventually ended slavery and Jim Crow laws. One would think she would be wanting to expand and grow upon what has already been accomplished rather than join in with anti-American groups who espouse ideas antithetical to freedom and liberty.


Any young black person supporting BLM is supporting the same sort of tyranny and slavery that black people struggled against in Africa, Europe, the West Indies, the Caribbean and America for over four centuries, a slavery that still exists today in many parts of Africa. BLM is a product of Communists, organized and funded by communists, an ideology that has a long history of gulags, torture rooms and slavery, i.e. forced labor and death camps.


This young woman confuses destroying the founding of America and Western Civilization by herself and her comrades with “Freedom”, while failing to properly understand that what will follow will be totalitarian control and a suppression of her rights she has NEVER Experienced in her lifetime in America, under ANY police force across the land.


She knowingly or unwittingly embraces her own cold chains of serfdom and tyranny each day that she steps off her front porch and exerts her Freedom of Speech Right in the streets of America to scream “Black Lives Matter” ….. “Defund the Police” ….. or “Wrap Them In Bacon and Fry Them Like a Pig” ….. Or “Death to America” alongside their Muslim allies.


This is what America is fighting today. Ignorant young people who do not fully understand how great things could actually be for them, if only they would take full advantage of everything available to them right here and right now in this exceptional America. Nobody in America — NOTHING — Is Holding Them Back or Preventing Them from Having a Good Life OTHER THAN THEMSELVES.


You don’t want police contact? GREAT. Stop robbing people, breaking in stores, houses and cars and taking that which doesn’t belong to You — STEALING. Stop murdering your own community and anybody else who gets in your way on any particular day. Stop blaming the world and America for your own inability to provide for yourself and do like the rest of us, get a real job and get to work saving your money for the future and those things you hope to accomplish. Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps.


The world and America owes you nothing. The only one you should look towards to care for your needs is yourself. And if you can form relationships both personally and professional through your freedom of assembly that benefit you and the parties involved, so much the better. But at the heart of anything Good Lies FREEDOM Of Choice and COOPERATION, Rather Than Edicts And Coercion, intimidation and violence.


Why don’t You try fighting as hard for those things that promote liberty as hard as you are fighting to defund the police departments across the land? Why don’t you seek the truth and try living like a real American?


Stay on this path alongside the domestic terrorists of America and nothing good will ever come your way. The only thing you and yours bring to the table is more death and destruction and the suppression of Liberty, and bringing a Great Evil and Age of Darkness upon America.


By Justin O. Smith


Edited by John R. Houk

Embedded links are by the Editor. The BLM supporter photo submitted by Justin Smith.


© Justin O. Smith


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I am a Neoconservative Christian Right blogger. I also spend a significant amount of time of exposing theopolitical Islam.

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