Idiot Antisemitism Leading to Canary Mission MEDICAL LIST

John R. Houk

© September 18, 2020

Jew-hatred is a horrendous racist practice. A host of non-Jewish believe a host of idiotic notions from Christ-killers, Jewish-Communist perpetrators of genocide, Jewish Bankers intent on ruling the world and not to mention the Jew-hatred blood libels encoded in Islam’s Quran, Hadith and Sira.


Roman soldiers (hardly all Italians) killed Jesus on the Cross at the behest of greedy Jewish leaders (leaders loathed by many Jews as Roman collaborators) fearful of losing economic power. For that matter if Jesus hadn’t died on the Cross forgiving ALL his murderers, HE never would have Arisen offering Redemption to all who Believe whether Jew or non-Jew.

Communist-Jews Committing Genocide:

What a load of mindless crap. Kind of like the idiocy of American Jews taking up Leftist causes that absolutely run contrary to their Jewish religious heritage by supporting Dem-Marxists. People of Jewish heritage embracing atheistic Communism essentially rejected their Jewish faith. The same is also true of a person of Christian heritage or Buddhist heritage becoming Communists. Communist inspired genocides came from people of many religious backgrounds, NOT just Judaism. Asserting a Jewish-Communist perpetrated genocide is simply a load of racist crap.

Jewish Banker New World Order Idiocy:

This derives from a multinational family with a Jewish heritage namely the Rothchilds. I strongly suspect I can Google some very wealthy non-Jews who support the exact Globalist/Left-Wing Crony Capitalist transformation desiring power among a few to the detriment of the many. I am even willing to bet the Rothchilds though a cabal member are NOT supreme leaders guiding any such NWO cabal. AGAIN – Jews ruling the world unless that ruling is by King Jesus, is a load of racist crap.

Which takes me to the Jew-hatred being exposed by the Canary Mission among Medical Professionals in all stratospheres of medicine. Below is a cross post of an email that only gets to a few Medical Antisemites. To see if this Jew-hatred infection is in your area, you should consult the entire Canary Mission MEDICAL LIST.

JRH 9/18/20

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New Vital Resource Exposes Bigoted Medical Professionals


Canary Mission Medical List Antisemites


Email via action@CanaryMission

Sent 9/16/2020 11:30 AM

Canary Mission

Canary Mission Launches NEW Medical List


Anti-Semitism has continued to rise. Anti-hate watchdog Canary Mission recognizes that for the sake of patient safety, there is an urgent need for greater scrutiny of medical professionals.

For this reason, Canary Mission has launched a NEW Medical List – a resource dedicated to helping the public become aware of anti-Semitic and bigoted doctors, nurses, med students and other medical professionals.

The list was launched on September 15th, 2020, with 45 medical professionals and students.

Canary Mission’s New Resource Exposing Anti-Semitism




Most of you will remember Canary Mission’s exposure of Cleveland Clinic resident, Lara Kollab, who posted numerous anti-Semitic tweets, including a threat to give Jews “the wrong meds.” Just last month, Kollab’s medical license was permanently revoked by the Ohio State Medical Board.

Kollab is one of many medical professionals that Canary Mission looked into. Another very concerning example is Walid Khass.

VIDEO: Canary Mission EXPOSES Another Anti-Semitic Doctor!

[Posted by Canary Mission

783 subscribers – Sep 16, 2020

Walid Khass made numerous threatening anti-Semitic remarks on social media while pre-med and during medical school, which were documented by Canary Mission. In March 2019, Dr. Khass matched as a pediatric resident at NYP Brooklyn hospital. After discovering his hateful posts they removed him from the position, citing significant risk to their “large Jewish population.” Dr. Khass successfully sued the hospital, forcing them to reinstate him. The hospital is currently appealing the case to try and protect their Jewish patients from this potentially dangerous doctor. Khass is one of many anti-Semitic medical professionals on Canary Mission’s NEW Medical List, which includes doctors, nurses, med students and more. Find out more:]

In March 2017, Canary Mission published the profile of then-medical student, Khass. His social media was replete with threatening anti-Semitic posts, including “Kill the Jews” and “Go beat up a Zionist.” However, Khass did not face any consequences for his statements — that is, until they went viral two years later.

By that point, Khass had secured a Pediatric Residency at the New York-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital. When the hospital learned about Khass’s bigoted views, they immediately attempted to sever their relationship with him by seeking a waiver from the National Residency Matching Program (NRMP).

Following the NRMP’s outrageous refusal to grant the waiver, the hospital chose to break its contract with Khass. Khass successfully sued the hospital and was reinstated. However, the hospital is currently appealing that decision, citing their very real concern for patient safety.

A visit to a medical professional should be an experience of complete security. Medical professionals inhabit a powerful space in our society and they have a responsibility to be free from bias or bigotry. It is the antithesis of the medical profession for a practitioner to threaten patient safety with hateful or violent views.

Canary Mission’s Medical List is an important development to ensure patient safety, by making vital information about biased medical professionals publicly available for patients, practices and State Medical Boards.


Monty Rydel Stanton is listed as a Pharmacy Technician, license (200123), in Texas, which is set to expire in September 2021.

Monty Rydel Stanton

On June 2, 2017, while working as a licensed Pharmacy Technician, Rydel Stanton tweeted:

“It wasn’t even 6 million fake Jews for Hitler to kill…Made up numbers to have the world feeling sorry for dey identity thieving a**.”

Yara Elhindi is listed on as an active Behavior Technician in San Diego, CA. She was Program Manager at SUPPORT LIFE FOUNDATION, from “Jan 2019 – Present.” Elhindi was also a Project Coordinator at Rady Children’s Hospital – San Diego, from “Jan 2019 – Jul 2019.”

Yara Elhindi

On March 11, 2016, while she was a Maternity Volunteer at a Children’s hospital, Elhindi tweeted:

“YI5RIB BEYT IL YAHOOD. [May Allah destroy the homes of Jews].”

Abdul Kareem Alkadi is listed as a Registered Nurse, license (95135299), in California, which is set to expire in March 2021. Alkadi also once held a New York nursing license, as well as a Texas nursing license.

Abdul Kareem Alkadi

On January 15, 2013, while a Nursing student at the University of Buffalo, Alkadi tweeted:

“@Fat_K411 I was brutally beating a Jew!! My life calling is to take down these Jews! And if yu become one of them then I’m sorry..yur next!!”

[Blog Editor: MORE Jew-Hater medical professionals that just might be pretending to take care of your family on the Canary Mission MEDICAL LIST. Jews! Be alert from whom you receive medical care from ALL strata medical professionals. NON-Jews, for God’s sake DO NOT be supportive of Antisemitic racism!]


Idiot Antisemitism Leading Canary Mission MEDICAL LIST

John R. Houk

© September 18, 2020


New Vital Resource Exposes Bigoted Medical Professionals


Copyright © 2020 Canary Mission, All rights reserved.

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