I found this video on Project Veritas ( dated 6/5/20. Either Youtube or Project Veritas (probably the former) has slapped a privacy mode on the video meaning you can’t watch on the Youtube platform but can view on the Project Veritas website. The video exposes an Antifa instructor teaching how to hurt people. I managed to capture the Youtube feed to share here on Bitchute.


JRH 6/5/20

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BREAKING: NEW YORK ANTIFA MEMBERS TRAIN FOR VIOLENCE: “So, if That Doesn’t Knock Them Out…Poke the Eyes…Absolutely”


Project Veritas Infiltrated NYC’s RefusFa (ANTIFA)


June 05, 2020

Project Veritas


  • Chris, Antifa Fight Instructor: “We Just Kind of Wanted to, in This Space, Reframe the Idea of Self-Defense…You’re Being Acted Upon by an Aggressor. But it’s Kind of a Decision You Make to Fight Back. In a Lot of Ways to Say, I am Human, and I Occupy This Space and I Will Not be F**ked With.”


  • Chris, Antifa Fight Instructor: “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. So, if That Doesn’t Knock Them Out, Then Yeah. The Nose, the Eyes, Poke the Eyes… Absolutely.”


  • Chris, Antifa Fight Instructor: “We Call this a Safe Space to Practice Aggression. Not Aggression Against One Another, But Really Just a Space That, if You Want to or if You Want to Challenge Yourself, to Kind of Work on Harnessing That Kind of Energy.”




[Mamaroneck, NY – June 4, 2020] In a second video installment, Project Veritas today released footage exposing the violent nature of the New York-based Antifa chapter.


“Our second #EXPOSEANTIFA installment, demonstrates just how far the group will go to engage in physical combat, evade arrests and promote the most damage possible on the streets,” said James O’Keefe CEO and founder of Project Veritas.


Here are a few statements from Antifa members in our latest video:


Chris, Antifa Fight Instructor: “If you get a good liver or kidney shot, it’s pretty much crippling them. They’re going to be doubled over and in a lot of pain. If you break one of the floating ribs, which are small and right down here. Those are also very painful, it’s hard to move after that, to catch a breath. So, one good body shot could potentially give you all the time in the world to run away while they’re doubled over in pain, or really put a beating on them after that if you really want to make it personal.”


Chris, Antifa Fight Instructor: “We just kind of wanted to, in this space, reframe the idea of self-defense as not simply, you’re being acted upon by an aggressor. But it’s kind of a decision you make to fight back. In a lot of ways to say, I am human, and I occupy this space and I will not be f**ked with.”


Chris, Antifa Fight Instructor: “Yeah, yeah, yeah. So, if that doesn’t knock them out, then yeah. The nose, the eyes, poke the eyes… Absolutely.”


Chris, Antifa Fight Instructor: “We call this a safe space to practice aggression. Not aggression against one another, but really just a space that, if you want to or if you want to challenge yourself, to kind of work on harnessing that kind of energy.”


Attorney General William Barr said Thursday: “There are extremist agitators who are hijacking the protests to pursue their own separate and violent agenda.”


Our latest video further proves how structured Antifa is, it is an international organization with sophisticated admission requirements and paramilitary physical training.


Project Veritas will continue to expose them, especially since they have been designated as a domestic terrorist organization by President Trump. We call upon Brave Insiders to take a stand and record Antifa as they continue to plan violence across our country.


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