The National Sheriffs Rebellions

John R. Houk

© May 24, 2020


Spiro Skouras shows various interviews of local sheriffs across the nation who have grown weary authoritarian Governors locking down their State based largely on contested science propounded by Globalist (actually Marxist oriented) scientists more interested political agenda control than the actual medical wellbeing of human beings.


Scientists and doctors looking at the actual data are being censored for drawing different conclusions than control-freak Globalist scientists.


The first interview is from a sheriff in Washington State under the unconstitutional dictatorship of Governor Jay Inslee. That caught my attention because I grew up in Washington State acquiring my entire primary, secondary and college education there. I last left the State of my youth in 1998. I have lived in Oklahoma since. I am tremendously saddened how the Dem Party has stolen the Liberty of Americans residing in Washington. Especially among the Washingtonians living on 2/3 of land area East of the Cascade Mountain range dominated by the more populated uber-Liberal Sheeple voters and politicians dwelling on the 1/3 of land area West of the Cascades.

GOD BLESS Sheriff Bob Songer of Klickitat County (estimated 2020 population – 21,750) Washington State:


Sheriff Songer’s Statement Regarding Governor Inslee’s Proclamation


Governor Inslee’s orders pertaining to public gatherings or businesses operating in violation of his orders in my opinion is a violation of our citizens’ constitutional rights under the First Amendment, Second Amendment, and other Amendments of the US Constitution and Washington State Constitution.


Not allowing citizens to attend church or firearm dealers to conduct business is a violation of the First Amendment and the Second Amendment, but the Governor has no problem allowing marijuana shops to stay open for business.


As Sheriff I will uphold our citizens’ constitutional rights and liberties and will NOT ENFORCE Governor Inslee’s COVID-19 Proclamation Orders on public gatherings and non-essential businesses.


No crisis should ever violate a citizen’s liberty or God-given rights under our US Constitution or Washington State Constitution.


Bob Songer
Klickitat County Sheriff


In case anyone is wondering about Klickitat and COVID-19 stats and why Sheriffs such as Songer are rebelling against Dem despotism such as is representative of Governor Inslee, check out these numbers updated as of 5/22/20:


COVID Totals (Last updated May 22nd, 2020 @ 2:15 PM – check back for changes):


Positive Cases – 24

Recovered Cases – 21

COVID Deaths – 3


Age Range Deaths:


Ages 70-79: 1 death

Ages 80+: 2 deaths  


After Sheriff Songer, Skouras interviews several other sheriffs displeased with State government despotism certainly operating counter the U.S. Constitution and I suspect violating their own State Constitutions.


JRH 5/24/20

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VIDEO: Sheriffs: We Took An Oath To The Constitution, Not to Governors & Lockdowns

 Posted by Spiro Skouras

68.8K subscribers – May 23, 2020


As the global health emergency of the coronavirus pandemic begins to wane, the fallout from the lockdowns continues to mount. Each day we see more reports of record unemployment, businesses struggling to survive and critical food supply chain infrastructure shutting down.


At the same time, we see business owners and anyone else who violates the lockdown orders being threatened with jail while actual criminals convicted of serious and violent crimes are released back into the communities.


We are beginning to see that the ‘cure’ is not only worse than the disease, it will have longstanding repercussions as the severity of the crisis appears to have been greatly exaggerated.


In this report, Spiro is joined by multiple Sheriffs from across the country who clearly state their position. Public safety and people’s constitutional rights are their number one priority.


These Sheriffs are true patriots who not only serve the people in their communities by upholding their sworn oaths, they serve as a great reminder of how this country and the rule of law is meant to be upheld, as many state’s Governors blatantly disregard the constitution and impose broad and wide-ranging authoritarian lockdowns which many would argue are causing far more damage than the virus itself.


Sheriff Mack Calls on Sheriffs: America Has Become A Catastrophe, We Need Action!


The National Sheriff Rebellions

John R. Houk

© May 24, 2020


VIDEO: Sheriffs: We Took An Oath To The Constitution, Not to Governors & Lockdowns


Spiro Skouras Youtube Channel


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