ObamaGate: The Conspirators Must Pay a Price

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With that blog update here is a post submitted by Justin Smith calling for accountability for the treasonous actions of the Obama Administration now coming to light resulting the persecution of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.


JRH 5/21/20

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ObamaGate: The Conspirators Must Pay a Price

Justice Matters: America Demands a Day of Reckoning


By Justin O. Smith

Sent May 16, 2020 10:06 PM

America has managed the peaceful transfer of power from one party to the opposition party extremely well, for over two-hundred years, but, documents recently released by the Justice Department on May 6th and 7th reveal, that, in some of the most reprehensible, traitorous acts in American history, President Barack Obama and high-ranking members of his administration departed from defending the Constitution and the republic, as they mounted what can only be described as a direct assault on both, and conducted a soft coup against President Donald J. Trump. The record shows that Obama knew of this plan from the beginning, he sought to escalate the coup to new heights, far beyond simply framing General Flynn for “crimes” he did not commit, and, despite their accusations against President Trump, Obama and his criminal cronies are the only ones here, in recent times, guilty of treason.


For eight long years America was led by petty fascist anti-Americans who were willing and capable of doing everything and anything to hold power, including fabricating a story against the incoming president and repeating the same exact lies and disinformation for four years, as they attempted to destroy Trump’s administration through manufactured “evidence”. In the process, they deepened America’s divisions and effected U.S. national security, and each and every single one of the conspirators must be made to pay a price for their part in this ignoble, evil plot against America, no matter how deep or minimal their role.


During the weekend of May 8th, President Trump observed in a tweet that “Obamagate” makes the Watergate scandal “look small time.” He observed that Obama “got caught”, as he also retweeted a photo of himself with the caption: “Hope you had fun investigating me. Now it’s my turn.” And he retweeted one supporter’s call for those involved to be imprisoned.


One must suspend all disbelief and logic to arrive at any remote notion that Loretta Lynch, James Comey, Sally Yates, James Clapper and John Brennan, and hundreds — possibly thousands — of other Democratic Party partisan communist operatives, all went off on their own and acted as rogue agents, in order to set in motion this infamous, disgusting display of treachery and treason without any authorization from Obama himself.


Obama conducted a covert operation, a war, against President Trump and his staff and cabinet and many other members of his presidential campaign and his administration by way of weaponized intelligence, fraudulently obtaining Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrants to spy on U.S. citizens, promoting a phony Steele Dossier funded by The Democratic National Committee, leaking intelligence and spying on many political opponents and journalists. Not only were Trump aides, members of Congress and ordinary Americans spied on, many were also unmasked by Obama administration officials and staff, while several were also charged and prosecuted with crimes, some real, some fabricated, i.e. Roger Stone, Rick Gates and George Papadopoulos.


Naturally, Obama and his criminal co-conspirators, such as Susan Rice, Samantha Powell, Joe Biden, John Brennan, James Comey, James Clapper and many others, are all denying everything. But, documents are revealing the truth and their lies. They had hoped and intended to end the Trump presidency by at least three and a half years.


As we attempt to unravel the conspiracy, one should look at an FD-302 FBI witness report and the newly declassified information in the May 6th 2020 FBI document, C58W88B61, that proves Obama was aware of the Flynn conversation before his FBI and DOJ heads, as exhibited on January 5th 2017, during a meeting held in the Oval Office. And long before FBI Director Comey’s “briefing” of President Trump on January 6th and the meeting between the FBI and General Michael Flynn, Obama knew that the Steele Dossier was a fake and Flynn had committed no crime, since he was merely fulfilling his duty as any incoming cabinet member would do.


From C58W88B61 [Blog Editor: A somewhat redacted version of Justin Smith’s finding can be found on Page 44 of this PDF]: “[Sally] Yates [Acting Attorney General] first learned of the December 2016 calls between [LTG Michael] Flynn and [Russian Ambassador to the United States, Sergey] Kislyak on January 5, 2017, while at the Oval Office. Yates, along with then FBI-Director James Comey, then-CIA Director John Brennan, and then-Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, were at the White House to brief members of the Obama Administration on the classified Intelligence Community Assessment on Russian Activities in Recent U.S. Elections. President Obama was joined by his National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, and others from the National Security Council. ……. After the briefing, Obama dismissed the group but asked Yates and Comey to stay behind. Obama started by saying he had ‘learned of information about Flynn’ and his conversation with Kislyak about sanctions. Obama specified he did not want any additional information on the matter, but was seeking information on whether the White House should be treating Flynn any differently, given the information. At that point, Yates had no idea what the President was talking about, but figured it out based on the conversation. Yates recalled Comey mentioning the Logan Act, but can’t recall if he specified there was an ‘investigation’.”


During its May 7th attempt to drop the Flynn case, the Department of Justice noted that the Logan Act was an unserious dead letter law that has never been used successfully in a criminal prosecution. It was enacted in 1799 and intended to prevent individuals from falsely claiming to represent the United States government abroad.


During this meeting, Obama gave guidance to these key officials, tasking them to protect and implement this plot that used the Clinton campaign’s phony “research” and advanced the premise of treasonous collusion between Trump and Russia. They also had to prevent it from being discovered by the Trump administration, which meant getting rid of Flynn, who would certainly have uncovered it quickly, given his deep intelligence background.


It is clear now that the investigation of General Flynn was initiated and triggered by Obama, and even more clear, this was a criminal investigation that was inappropriate, corrupt and criminal.


As noted on May 12th by Judge Andrew Napolitano: “There should not have been an investigation in the first place. The FBI had no business going to the White House to talk to General Flynn [because] they had a transcript of his conversation with [Russian] Ambassador (Sergey) Kislyak,” as he went further and called the FBI’s actions a “setup” of Michael Flynn.


Upon being asked whether or not this was a plot that extended to Obama, Sidney Powell, Flynn’s attorney, stated: “Absolutely! The whole thing was orchestrated and set up within the FBI, [former Director of National Intelligence James] Clapper, [former CIA Director John] Brennan, and in the Oval Office meeting that day with President Obama.”


The newly released documents and transcripts from the Department of Justice and the House Intelligence Committee’s Russia investigation reveal top Obama officials acknowledged they knew of no “empirical evidence” of a conspiracy by the Trump administration to collude with Russia, despite their suspicions and concerns. They all generally stated that they knew nothing of any collusion, coordination or conspiracy between Trump and Russia, and yet, they all had posited this absurdity to drive the FBI’s initial case and the Mueller Special Counsel probe.


A recent bombshell statement made to Congress by Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell provided proof positive that an astounding thirty-nine Obama administration officials, including then-Vice President Joe Biden and the aforementioned Obama advisors and Cabinet members, made fifty-three requests to unmask incoming Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s name from National Security Agency phone intercepts between Election Day November 8th 2016 and January 12th 2017. This is now declassified public knowledge that has been published by Republican Senators Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson.

One must note, that it isn’t illegal to unmask someone, if the person doing the unmasking has the proper security clearance. Otherwise, it absolutely is a felony; it would be interesting to know how many new felonies were committed during these unmaskings.


[Blog Editor: Here are some articles on the legalities behind unmaking Americans when foreign surveillance is involved:






And the real hell of all of this is that none of it would have gone forward without the express knowledge and command of President Barack Obama — not the vile and treacherous actions of the Obama FBI and Justice Department that led to an investigation and a vengeful vendetta against Flynn, or the surveillance of Carter Page and George Papadopoulos; not the phony Congressional hearings led by the known liar, Adam Schiff; and not the creation of a Special Counsel, predicated on a lie, and the duplicity and corruption of the Mueller investigators who were intent on ruining all of President Trump’s top advisors and Trump himself.


During a May 8th interview with ‘Fox & Friends’, President Trump said: “These are dirty politicians and dirty cops and some horrible people, and hopefully they’re going to pay a big price in the not too distant future.”


Grassley and Johnson’s statement continued with the following promise: “The records are one step forward in an effort to get to the bottom of what the Obama administration did during the Russia investigation and to Lt. General Flynn. We will continue to review this information and push for additional relevant disclosures until we are satisfied that the American people know the full truth.”


Barack Obama and company are not above the law, and the U.S. Attorney for Connecticut, John Durham, and U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri, Jeff Jensen, must proceed full steam ahead and uncover all the traitors to America, anybody and every single last person involved to any degree in these evil machinations to subvert and undermine the Trump administration and impede its ability to properly govern by sowing chaos throughout its halls and offices. Durham and Jensen must investigate and charge the guilty with the corresponding crimes they have committed, since many, including former President Obama, are liable for prosecution in the unraveling tapestry of ObamaGate and the massive coverup that followed. Most of the good and decent Americans of this country will not be able to rest until these crimes against the American people have been avenged and they bear witness to that day of reckoning.


As White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany stated on May 8th: “Justice matters.”


By Justin O. Smith


Edited by John R. Houk

Text embraced by brackets and embedded links are by the Editor.


© Justin O. Smith


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