Wuhan Bats – Biolab or Bioweapon Mishap?

John R. Houk

© April 14, 2020


More and more credible scientists are concluding the Coronavirus/COVID-19 was the result of a Chinese biolab mishap. On a personal level I believe the ChiCom military was working on a bioweapon and screwed up. BUT no credible source will be willing to jump there due to the implications of bioweapon lab mishap in China. WHY?


Tian Junhua – bat virologist & Horseshoe Bat


Such information would mean an act of war by the ChiComs largely due to the tens-of-thousands of Americans expected to die.


Think of it. A bioweapon mishap happens in Wuhan China. FIRST the ChiCom government tries to hide the incident from its own people by permanently silencing the doctors that figured out what the virus was.


THEN lying to the world about the enormity of how contagious it was to human-to-human contact.


THEN lie to the world the U.S. Military unleashed the virus among the Chinese populace.


AND NOW the ChiComs expect us to believe they’ve solved their virus issues in China.


I watched Jesse Watters on Watters’ World Saturday 4/11/20. Great episode and you can watch the video in entirety on Fox News. Toward the end of the show Watters had Steven Mosher (a positive Roman Catholic bio and a negative leaning Wikipedia bio) on to discuss the likelihood that COVID-19 was a biolab mishap. Watters and Mosher go out of their way to stipulate the biolab mishap was not a bioweapon mishap (which I am not sold on). Rather the two discuss that in the process of studying an infectious disease from bats, carelessness infected China then the world.


Steven Mosher


Mosher provides decent facts pointing to a biolab mishap rather than mere bat-to-human at a Wuhan wet market epicenter. Below is my video cut of the 4/11/20 Watters’ World episode interviewing Stephen Mosher:


VIDEO: Watters’ World Wuhan Lab Bat Virus 4-11-20


And here are some more Steven Mosher details on his belief of a Wuhan biolab mishap:







JRH 4/14/20

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2 thoughts on “Wuhan Bats – Biolab or Bioweapon Mishap?”

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHA. The possibility is true but the reality of occurrence has NOT happened – at least not at present. BUT I believe a crisis is brewing between Dem-operated Deep State and those believing in Founding first Principles. Blood will flow. But the current status claimed in video – Horse Puckey.


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