Coronavirus Not Viewed by MSM

John R. Houk, Blog Editor

Posted April 7, 2020


I found this video on Facebook Messenger. As is typical there was only a file name and not a title. Subliminally the name “Pains Angels” flashes across the screen. That leads me to believe this may be already on Youtube but I’m uploading ti my channel anyway under the title “Coronavirus Conspiracy”.


VIDEO: Coronavirus Conspiracy Facebook download Pains Angels


Posted by John Houk

229 subscribers – Apr 7, 2020



Also I am post an April 3 video from A & Ω Productions that comes with the warning, “SHARE AND DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO BEFORE IT GETS DELETED!”. It is a 45 minute video so I did download. AND as of today (4/7/20) the videi has not been deleted by Youtube censors. But you never know about Leftist censors these days. The video is quite interesting touching on the Coronavirus and 2020 prophetic predictions not to mention loads of source links in the description section.


VIDEO: These Strange Things Are Happening Worldwide While You Are Quarantined.. 2020 PROPHETIC TIMES


Posted by A & Ω Productions

619K subscribers – Apr 3, 2020




We have known for a long time that we were living in the end times for several reasons, but the things that are happening behind our backs at this moment and time, confirms it without a doubt! A New World Order Is entering the stage, the warnings are all over the internet. But we should not be surprised this is something the globalists have planned for centuries.


This will not be the typical video you are used to watch on this channel, but I feel that I need to share the information and warn you, it has come to my knowledge that there are some strange things going on right now while we are asked to stay at home. And I can not simply watch from the sideline and do nothing about this. I’ve been looking into this for a week now.


Therefor I will use the power of this channel to spread this information. You can make whatever you want with the information, but please consider praying about it, if there is any truth to this then let the truth shine bright and overcome the darkness and lies.


Remember to not fear, remember who is coming on a white horse with all his saints to judge the world! ALSO Don’t take anybody’s word for it, do your own research!




Corona Virus -FEMA and CDC Meeting at UPS


AGENDA 21 Film


Coronavirus Caused By 5G?

[Blog Editor: 5G assertions EASILY debunked – including 1918 Spanish Flu –]


When Trauma Based Mind-Control Goes Global (The Scariest Movie Ever Channel)


Madonna, Quavo – Eurovision Song Contest 2019


What Bill Gates is afraid of


The next outbreak? We’re not ready | Bill Gates


Event 201 Pandemic Exercise: Highlights Reel


FEMA Coffins on the way.


Martial Law is Here!!!


IT’S Happening!!! Martial Law 2020 (What the News is not telling you!) (Reloaded) ATTN: DESCRIPTION!


JRH 4/7/20

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