Musing Leading to ‘We Will Pay the Price’

Musing by John R. Houk, Blog Editor

Original post by Justin O. Smith

© March 31, 2020


“… it perfectly exhibits the first inclination of bureaucrats in any crisis situation leans towards tyranny rather than more liberty.” (Justin O. Smith – this post)


The thoughts in this post disturbed me. BUT not because I disagree, rather I believe Justin is mostly correct. A new America is arising. Actually a new America has been arising for quite some time. In my humble opinion challenges to the Constitution largely began with Abraham Lincoln. Don’t get me wrong, Lincoln’s challenges to the U.S. Constitution kept America united and more than anything propelled the USA to future powerhouse greatness.


AND YET Lincoln chipped away at Constitution by transferring ultimate authority from the hands of the individual States into the hands of an all-powerful national government.


After the national government became supreme, the concept of Constitutional Checks and Balances became diluted to depending on ONLY the Federal Three Branches (Executive, Legislative and Judiciary) checking and balancing each other. This is when elements of a Federal democracy began to emerge over the power of WE THE PEOPLE in each State envisioned in a Republic.


So Lincoln preserved the Union – good. Ended the disgrace of slavery – good. BUT set the stage for future factionalism to battle for national supremacy – bad.


Today’s Left-Right national division of America’s future is unlikely to be settled in a peaceful manner. On a personal level I cannot see America’s Left or Right ultimately looking to our Founding Documents to achieve a national winner of vision.


The Coronavirus pandemic will tighten the screws of national government authority over the lives of individuals. I for one don’t want to live in a Marxist oriented nation forced to conform to a culture dictated by the State. Even at age 63 I am willing to exchange bullets to stop that. BUT that willingness also means putting American culture into the hands of the American Right who by necessity will also suspend the Founders’ Constitution to fight a Marxist future.


It’s time for a new Constitution. I pray the formers of that new Constitution are NOT Marxists desiring to keep fundamentally transforming America away from the Christian fundamentals original American colonialists sought to preserve.


What is America’s future? Will it be Left? Right? In between? Autocratic either way? The blood of displeased Americans on all levels of the political spectrum is the probable future? I suspect the Coronavirus Pandemic is another nail in the coffin of America’s past. God help the future of Americans


Below is submission of Justin Smith that inspired my musings. Below Justin’s most recent submission is another that I missed from 3/27.


JRH 3/31/20


We Will Pay the Price

Here a Trillion, There a Trillion


By Justin O. Smith

Sent 3/29/2020 7:41 PM


If the dream is won though everything is lost, we will pay the price, but we will not count the cost.”  ~ Rush


Madmen in America are in charge and they are driving the nation in a direction that forces Americans to pay the cost of whatever the federal government wishes to incur, as they seem to be attempting to further render the people more dependent on the government for financial handouts, medical services and general sustenance and protection, while Americans are embracing their own chains of servitude. Not only are the state and federal governments tearing asunder the fabric of the Constitution and the country, they are wreaking havoc with shutdown mandates that have further exacerbated the economy and attacked individual liberty, in one more vast overreach and expansion of government power.


As Judge Andrew Napolitano noted on March 19th: “Throughout history, free people have been willing to accept the devil’s bargain of trading liberty for safety when they are fearful. We supinely accept the shallow and hollow offers of government that somehow less liberty equals more safety.”


On February 29th, I observed that the death rate from COVID-19 appeared to be tracking around two percent, but now, it is apparent it is much less at approximately a little over five one-hundredths of one percent, .05 percent, when the numbers of confirmed cases are placed against those deaths occurring from the virus.


This should illuminate for everyone that there is more behind this than meets the eyes, since our government has never before been too concerned with the human cost, when in pursuit of their agendas and goals. The Civil War killed nearly two percent of the population, and any consideration of human lives to be lost didn’t make our leaders shut down everything in any other similar situation, e.g. the Spanish or Swine Flu, or prevent them from waging the Spanish-American War, World Wars I & II, Korea, Vietnam and all the adventures to follow in the Middle East, no matter if the war was necessary or one that could be avoided. Historically, no one in government, any government, has ever really cared about American lives and sacrifices, if it came at a cost to their power.


Does anyone out there really believe that the Trump administration, Governor Andrew Cuomo’s administration in New York and 49 other administrations are eliminating what’s left of our liberty and destroying our economy to protect us from a virus that represents a minimal risk of .05 percent of the American population possibly being killed?


Curiously and quite troubling, all America should be concerned that our Department of Justice has been seeking Congressional authority to suspend habeas corpus and court proceedings, in the wake of the so-called “crisis”, since the middle of March; this also includes “any statutes or rules of procedure otherwise affecting pre-arrest, post-arrest, pre-trial, trial, and post-trial procedures in criminal and juvenile proceedings and all civil process and proceedings”. And while it may be unlikely that Congress will grant their wish, it perfectly exhibits the first inclination of bureaucrats in any crisis situation leans towards tyranny rather than more liberty.


After this is over, will the political response to this minor virus and manufactured COVID crisis be that shutting down the country and the deaths resulting from government actions and mandates and the economic destruction, worse than the virus itself, were all somehow worth it?


Taken in totality, approximately one in five Americans are currently being treated for cancer, lung or heart disease, and diabetes. If a mere one in one-thousand of these people dies due to being unable to acquire their medications, or because hospitals haven’t any more room, that equates to seventy-five thousand deaths alone, not to mention those living paycheck to paycheck who may be going hungry, as they wait for the paltry $1200 dollar government “stimulus” checks that are supposed to come their way, maybe by May.


Americans everywhere are under stress and wondering how they will feed their families, pay rent, water and electric bills and other necessities. Some of us may be able to individually step in and assist other family members, but when I hear leaders saying “We have to help everyone”, who is the collective “We” they are speaking of? “We” are all in trouble now, due to this shutdown. How long can we feed everybody when nothing is being produced at the moment? Nobody is producing much of anything at the moment, with most of the nation socially distance into unemployment, and shuttered resources aren’t just turned back on overnight.


Sadly, these events have unfolded before all America, as the hypnotized Sheeple cower in their homes, peeking from the shadows and staring at their neighbors with suspicion and disdain for not wearing their “protective” masks and standing six feet apart. One would think they were witnessing another episode of The Walking Dead.


And now after $5 trillion simply vanished into thin air in February, along with trillions more on March 16th, President Trump and Congress are utilizing a $2.2 trillion stimulus to supposedly keep the economy afloat, most of which is going to corporations, the largest aid package in U.S. history. The checks going to individuals only account for approximately $4 billion, so once again, companies that have engaged in bad business are being rewarded, just as they were in 2008, and this sort of continued policy smacks of fascism to the Nth degree, as we see a deepening of the convergence between communism and capitalism in America, i.e. a plutocratic led crony-capitalist policy, under a President who just months ago swore, “America will never be a socialist nation”. Coulda’ fooled me.


One can almost hear them singing, “Here a trillion, there a trillion, everywhere a trillion … Old McDonald had a farm, e-i-e-i-o.” It’s almost as though all they need do is bend over and pull it from their arse.


Look America! Look at the multi-trillion dollars already spent to “save the economy” and trillions more used to transfer wealth from the lower and middle classes to those who already control the nation’s assets. Watch Wall Street, Big Banks, Big Businesses all reap the benefits of this massive money transfer, and then watch all the politicians who will benefit from the payoffs coming their way, since this couldn’t happen without them.


In the meantime, small businesses are being given “secured” loans (with what?), that drives them deeper in debt, unless they can turn them into grants by meeting certain criteria. What a deal … Not! This can only further facilitate consolidation of power through global distribution networks and centralized supply lines, as the remains of Main Street crumbles to dust.


America was sold out by the Globalists some time ago, and now, either by design or purposeful intent, the psychopaths in power are using COVID-19 here in America, world-wide too, in order to clamp down and expand their powers and authority over their people, while deflecting attention from the largest economic collapse in history, just in time to avoid too much extra scrutiny that would reveal their criminal actions.


A great reset is underway and America and the world is under a lockdown, whether they want to call it that or not, and under the radar, mechanisms are in operation that are much more dangerous to us all than a little “killer virus”, that may or may not kill us. All the current legislation, executive orders and mass control measures emanating from this mess will never be rescinded and will persecute Americans for years into the future. This massive theft, a transfer of wealth, that is being largely ignored due to this government and media driven false pandemic, will only add to the nation’s economic devastation in the unfolding years ahead, creating more havoc leading to one economic collapse after another with increasing frequency, until there is no return; and, with each successive crisis, the government and politicians will use it as a further excuse to take away our individual liberty, our “permission slips”, according to their whims, as they assault our freedom.


Perhaps the resolution will come through the people’s own patience, or loss of the same, and their decision to continue their compliance to an orderly self-confinement, even in the face of COVID-19. That moment may be a bit longer away, especially with tightening controls all across the nation and the turmoil in New York at the moment, as the numbers of panicked people and frightening hospital scenes increase. However, whether it’s a week or weeks from now, or Easter Sunday, or any time after, one surely must be wondering what scenes will play out once the average, everyday ordinary American people decide en masse to refuse to be herded and confined any longer and return to the streets in one huge roar, for freedom.


One can only hope that from the chaos, the nation finds order and a return of real freedom and liberty.


By Justin O. Smith


Lucifer’s Proxy, The State

America Needs a Fearless Church


By Justin O. Smith

Sent 3/27/2020 12:22 AM


In such a fearful world we need a fearless church.”  ~ C.S. Lewis


One can only imagine how pleased Lucifer is today, as he takes stock of his handiwork through his minions and subordinate demons and the COVID-19 virus, as Mulciber [Blog Editor: Time to check your literary knowledge – here are Mulciber references: Urban Dictionary; Wikipedia entry – Pandæmonium (Paradise Lost); Reddit entry; Milton’s Pandemonium (PeterNewburysblog – About Melbourne); and The Harry Potter Lexicon], his fourth son, stokes chaos and pandemonium across the globe. See him scream gleefully and happier than he has been since the Nazis murdered six million Jews, and so pleased to see his tactics destroying the nations of the world, from Europe, Asia, and Central America throughout the British Commonwealth and America too, as his government and media lackeys’ propaganda and overblown alarm has terrified the world, even though this isn’t the Black Death, smallpox or the Spanish Flu. And in its wake, mankind has basically lost its mind to an unreasonable, hyped fear and moved as a herd in panic to do whatever the Government demands of it.


The Godless have attacked America since Her beginnings and none so hard as the foot soldiers of the Democratic Party, who have cooperated with Lucifer and his command operations under Beelzebub, who perverts reason, Belial [Got Questions and], the embodiment of sloth and inactivity, and Mammon [Got Questions and], who would force all to mine in the depths of hell for hidden wealth. Their combined efforts have laid the groundwork for our nation’s demise, advocating “democracy”, i.e. mob rule, Marxism and Communism, evolution and nihilism, and the media and bastardized public “education” system has been largely successful in facilitating their plans, as they reaped hefty rewards and privilege over rights along the way.


So many Americans have fallen so far from the God that gave them life and are Christians in name only, filling churches only halfway, most usually on Christmas and Easter, that it isn’t any wonder they are floundering about in a sea of hysteria and panic, as the so-called “elites” and “leaders” drive the panic by insisting that death stalks us all at this moment in time. Our nation’s long journey into godlessness has resulted in a large segment of the population that sees this one earthly life of theirs as the beginning and the end, with nothing to follow, no afterlife, no Heaven, no Hell, and this has made them willing to sacrifice everything, including their integrity, freedom and liberty and all their God Given Rights, to prolong their lives.  And so, they may not look to Lucifer no more than to God for any salvation, but they will turn to Lucifer’s proxy, the State, the Leviathan.


In 1965, Paul Harvey, a wise and profound commentary journalist, noted: “If I were the Devil … I’d set about however necessary to take over the United States. I’d subvert the churches first — I’d begin with a campaign of whispers. With the wisdom of a serpent, I would whisper to you as I whispered to Eve: ‘Do as you please. ….. To the young, I would whisper that ‘The Bible is a myth.’ I would convince them that man created God instead of the other way around. I would confide that what is bad is good, and what is good is ‘square’. And the old, I would teach to pray, after me, ‘Our Father, which art in Washington …”


[A Youtube version: Paul Harvey – If I were the devil… 1965 – Updated Video


 Posted by waitingonjc7

58.5K subscribers – Nov 20, 2014]


Even now, one can certainly imagine Lucifer reveling in delight over his greatest triumph in centuries, the closing of the Church — churches all across America and across the globe too — at a time when humanity needs God and His Word most, too. Millions of Americans, in their panic and anguish, have forgotten the comfort and solace that can be found in the Church and the pages of the Bible. Never in my lifetime, not even at the start of the COVID alarm, did I ever believe I’d see the day that the land of my ancestors and more Revivals of the Christian Faith than any decent devil could withstand would lock the doors of its churches voluntarily, as Christians now obediently avoid even the smallest of gatherings, Oh Ye of Little Faith.


Voluntarily closing the Church doors is a victory for Lucifer, or Satan if You prefer, because God gifted us all with Free Will to choose, in the hopes we would abide in His teachings and worship and love Him as Our Creator. He built us for love, but now, on the whole, we have allowed ourselves to cleverly be tricked into using this gift of Free Will against God Himself, in fear rather than in the peace and certainty of our deliverance and salvation through Faith and a belief in His Power over all things.


Pusillanimous pastors who push a New Age moral relativism and a Marxist liberation theocracy [The Changing Face of Liberation Theology, Liberation Theology and Marxism and Red Pope Francis and the KGB’s Liberation Theology] that has bastardized the teachings of Jesus are largely responsible and complicit in this entire mess, because at the start of the “pandemic” they fell over one another to be the first to show just how obedient they were to “the government”. During a time of great crisis in America, Church elders, the “leaders”, encouraged the sheep to “shelter in place” … to obey their masters … to shut down the Church … because “the government is here to help”.


Americans are currently bearing witness to the most mammoth abuse of liberty in all our history as a nation, and all in the name of the government “keeping us safe.” Most of us haven’t asked the government for any help of any kind. I sure didn’t ask them to protect me from this virus, COVID-19.


Now the D.C. Bastards want to return our own money to us through this new “Stimulus” bill, that amounts to some $6 trillion once one combines the bill itself with everything the Fed has pumped into the stock market since October 2019. Better than this, they should cancel all taxation for the time being, until the engines of our economy are churning hard and efficient once more, because the nation is basically broke, for all practical purposes, and our money isn’t any better than monopoly money at this moment in time.


This Sunday, many Christians will glorify government during their morning services, in some blasphemous cases, more so than they give all the glory and adoration to Jesus Christ. They will praise our warriors and ask God to bless the Leviathan that now seeks to end liberty in America forever, and they will justify their worship of the State through the vehemently anti-State Declaration of Independence, written over 243 years ago, largely over an erroneous translation of Romans 13.


Yes, even the most illiterate of Lucifer’s demons will offer up Romans 13 that tells us to obey our governments, when they are acting righteously and aligned with God’s Word and at those times when our elected officials are acting as ministers of God for good for all. But one sees only a band of miscreants in the Congress today, with very few exceptions. Today’s leaders have given us baby murder as a societal staple, government theft as taxation, pornography as free speech and deviancy described as “normal” as they forced homosexual marriage on the nation against the will of seventy percent of Americans. [Blog Editor: The part of Romans 13 conveniently forgotten by Marxist Dems – verses 8-14]


More often as not, God admonished his followers against succumbing to the stronghold of the State, as one finds in The Parable of the Trees (Judges 9:7-15) and in Israel Asks for a King (1 Samuel 8) where Samuel says, “When that day comes, you will cry out for relief from the king you have chosen, but the Lord will not answer you in that day.” And, through the recorded conversations between Jesus and Satan, we see Satan offer Jesus dominion over all the governments and the world itself. This also just happened to be a huge error on Satan’s part, since one cannot give what one does not own in the first place. [See Matthew 4: 8-10 and Luke 4: 5-8]


And anyway, Jesus readily denounced these governments as cruel, brutal, greedy and corrupt. Ultimately, Satan’s bribery attempt elicited the following from Jesus: “Get behind Me, Satan! For it is written, ‘You shall worship the Lord your God, and Him only you shall serve.'”


No, I don’t reckon we would find Jesus advising his followers to “shelter in place” or “self-quarantine”. Neither would he be hiding from danger or obeying a corrupt out-of-control government, regardless of any party or illegitimate authority.


Let us pay close attention to Hebrews 10:24-25: “And let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works, not for forsaking the assembly of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much more as you see the Day approaching.”


But if one dares mention this to their pastor, be prepared for Ol’ Lucifer to work his devilment by pumping up the pastor’s false sense of pride. After all, he did graduate from the Seminary and who are we to argue the Bible with him? Some pastors have simply said that it’s their Church (really???) and they would decide whether the Church would be open for services or not.


What in the Hell is wrong with You, America? Aren’t You sick to death of the government in general and what it has become? Aren’t You sick of the compliant and cowardly clergy? Aren’t You as sick to death as I am over what has happened to our country? America has the most cowardly Christian leadership in the history of Christendom.


We should all hope and pray that more churches across America will follow Pastor Rose Banks’ example, who has rightfully claimed that Colorado Springs Fellowship Church has the Constitutional right to remain open, despite the State Health Department’s ban of gatherings of ten people or more. Speaking to her congregation on March 22nd, Pastor Banks stated: “Now I want you to understand this … if I’m a Christian, if I’m living for God, if I’m doing the right thing, why would God send a virus to kill me? For us to create this type of fear and paranoia in this country … is amazing to me.”


And now Lucifer rejoices over the COVID shutdown with Easter just about two weeks away, a day he loathes, because even as he rejoices over every lash of the whip upon Jesus Christ’s body, every thorn and spike piercing His flesh and every drop of blood and sweat, he is always left with his own terrible defeat, when Jesus rose from the grave on the third day. And so he sows doubt asking, why everyone isn’t climbing from the grave, if Jesus is so powerful?


Entranced by the buzz and hum of Beezlebub’s soothing assurances in their ears, America’s pastors and too many members of the Church will be staying home on Easter, perhaps watching services online or on television, if they aren’t sidetracked by more interesting earthly pursuits and focused on chocolate Easter Bunnies and springtime rather than Jesus’s victory over death. Fear of penalties has made them ready to abandon their faith.


Unfortunately, this entire COVID event and the miserable moves against liberty have made it all too apparent to our leaders, just how easily churches and the people can be made to comply with State demands. They surely must have rejoiced as they measured the speed at which Christians caved to recommendations, understanding how much swifter such compliance will come when they decide to give orders from the barrel of a rifle. Without the likes of a Richard Wurmbrand, martyred in communist lands for his Christian beliefs, or a Dietrich Bonhoeffer, executed for resisting the Nazis,  apparent within the folds of Christian America today, our preachers fall far short of the Black Robes of the 1700s who stood up to the British and were a driving force behind the revolution, and therefore, they will not be there to help the staunch and devout Christians and American Patriots save the country from Lucifer’s godless minions and the communists of the Democratic Party who seek to eventually impose a totalitarian system on us all.


By Justin O. Smith




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Musing Leading to ‘We Will Pay the Price’

Musing by John R. Houk, Blog Editor

© March 31, 2020


We Will Pay the Price


Lucifer’s Proxy, The State


Edited by John R. Houk

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© Justin O. Smith


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