I actually saw the title “Is this a PANDEMIC or a DEMPANIC?” at other website locations a day or two ago. I just don’t recall where without doing a search. But since it has popped into inbox today, perhaps a Higher Power is telling me to share. So I will. Especially in light the Dems have been caught more interested in fundamentally transforming America into a Leftist culture than about actual Americans HERE and HERE.


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By Joan Swirsky

March 23, 2020

Renew America


Now that we’re in a de facto martial law mode – a shutdown of entire industries and small businesses, nighttime curfews, social isolation, a run on goods, huge sports events cancelled, a “shelter-in-place” mandate in California, releasing prisoners in New York (God forbid these miscreants get a flu!), Broadway gone dark, and a craven media inciting and delighting in the panic they’re causing, it is relevant to ask:


  • Are the powers-that-be withholding information about a deadly germ-warfare attack on the entire world, started by an aggrieved Chinese Communist nation that was perfectly happy with the Bush1 and Clinton1&2 and Bush1&2 and Obama1&2 regimes that kowtowed to their outrageous demands and unfair trade deals but is now existentially threatened because a Patriot President expects more equitable deals?


  • Isn’t it both alarmist and immoral, as reported in American Thinker by Andrea Widburg, that the fake-news media have never told the American people that the scary statistics from Italy are the result of Italy’s recent Silk Road Project agreement with China, which resulted in more than 300,000 Chinese workers entering Italy?


  • Is it just one of those strange coincidences that one of the four richest men in the world, the uber-leftist and population-control fetishist Bill Gates – just weeks after the coronavirus hit in January – stepped down from the Microsoft giant he founded in 1975, and months earlier, in October, sponsored a “fictional” simulation of such a coronavirus catastrophic event that spread wildly and caused 65 million deaths worldwide? Just asking.


  • What are the powers-that-be not telling us? The worldwide population is nearing eight billion. America has between 330-370 million people (the last 40 mil being illegals). Every day in America, 130 Americans die from an opioid overdose, 102 people from car accidents, and 2,500 from heart attacks. And yet, so far in America, 19,000 people have contracted the coronavirus and 256 have died from it. Got that? Over 330-million people; 256 deaths. The swine flu of 10 years ago caused 60.8 million illnesses, and 12,469 deaths.


  • Or is this yet another hysterical, sky-is-falling anxiety attack by the hand-wringing left designed to convince the American public that either Communist Bernie Sanders or a clinically cognitively-diminished Joe Biden – both inveterate tax-and-spend liberals – would be just the man to help America recover from this traumatic event and revive the stock-market they both revile?


Of course, neither one of these Big Government hacks would be capable of such a feat. Thank God for the cool, calm, collected, and seasoned business mogul, President Donald J. Trump, who is guiding us through the coronavirus scare with decisive action and great success – with no less than 56 bold initiatives – and who not only brought us the greatest economy and employment record in the 243-year history of our country, but will revive it when this virus scare passes into history – shortly, I predict!





All praise to the brilliant graphic artist (above) who captured so perfectly what we are witnessing today – the last-gasp efforts of:


  • A crazed, out-of-ammunition Democrat Party;


  • A doddering presumptive Democrat presidential candidate;


  • A deranged leftist media, furious at their low and devolving ratings;


  • Socialist/communist/Islamicized Europeans;


  • Huge investors in the globalist economy;


  • Angry Chinese leadership;


  • Failed Trump saboteurs Michael Avenatti (now in jail), Michael Cohen (now in prison), and Anthony Scaramucci (now in nowheresville);


  • The Russian-collusion hoaxers of Obama’s FBI, CIA, State, Homeland Security, et al.;


  • The exposed liars in the Ukraine phone-call hoax;


  • The losers of the crashing failure known as the impeachment hoax;


  • The cringe-producing sore-loser Hillary Clinton, who “lost” $6 billion dollars when she was Secretary. of State, and presided over the tragic loss of American lives in the Benghazi catastrophe – and then lied about it!


These are just a few of the forces who have been working overtime for the past four years to sabotage, undermine, and ultimately destroy both candidate and then President Trump, the man who single-handedly exposed:


  • The Left’s seditious and I believe traitorous anti-American agenda and behavior;


  • The criminality they’ve engaged in for decades with absolute impunity;


  • The gouging of the United States’ economy for their own ideological and personal benefit, extorting billions that was laundered and stuffed into their own pockets;


  • Their devoted allegiance to colossal hoaxes like global warming;


  • Their abject neglect of blacks in education and where ignorance leads – ta da – prison;


  • Their seething contempt if not downright hatred of the United States of America.


And yet, with all their impressive advanced college degrees, fancy credentials, exalted titles, tenure-for-life government jobs, social-media collaboration with leftist Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and the flagrant abuse-of-power they’ve gotten away with – but not for long! – such as illegal FISA warrants, lying witnesses, shadow-banning, rigging elections, the list goes on…they still could not bring down THE. SMARTEST. GUY.IN.THE.ROOM.


Now, almost eight months from a presidential election, all of these forces are desperate, anguished, just-about suicidal with frustration. What can we do, they are asking themselves, to stop President Trump from winning a second term and then crushing for all time the remaining malignant remnants of the leftist agenda?

While none of them are smart enough to have created the coronavirus threat, they secretly celebrated the fact that this crisis would prevent the president from conducting his two or three rallies a week around the country, where upwards of 50,000-75,000 people line up for days on end to applaud and support their president.

Well, they got their wish. Now he is on TV every single day, showing the entire country (and world) what genuinely strong and effective leadership is all about – which is why his approval ratings are skyrocketing!

Undaunted, the frantic left is spending untold billions, not to help the deserving people affected adversely by the coronavirus, but, as Daniel Greenfield documents exhaustively, “to smear President Trump and undermine the administration. How patriotic of them.”

Greenfield cites the SuperPac that leftist billionaires – Hollywood producer Jeffrey Katzenberg, financier George Soros, the list is long – are using to attack President Trump over the coronavirus. Many if not all of them are more successful and savvy than most people in the world – but I repeat, none of them a match for THE. SMARTEST. GUY.IN.THE.ROOM!


Dum-Dem Ass Coronavirus Prayer



Three years ago, I wrote an article called “The Hate-America Death Squads” in which I described the forces we are witnessing today, all of whom exult when America has trouble.

DEATH SQUAD #1 is the Cloward-Piven Strategy, begun in 1966 and flourishing to this day. In short, the founders of this plan, from Columbia University, loathed America and insisted that capitalism could be collapsed by overloading the government with financial demands that could not be met. They also formed voter-fraud schemes like Project Vote, ACORN, etc, still extant only with different names. And surprise, surprise – ACORN’s lawyer was none other than Barack Obama. Birds of a feather, and all that.

DEATH SQUAD #2 is radical disciples of Saul Alinsky, a community organizer from Chicago who wrote the bible for hate-America leftists: Rules for Radicals. Hillary Clinton wrote her Wellesley thesis about Alinsky and remained close friends with him years after she graduated, and Barack Obama became a community organizer in the Alinsky mode. Both of them shared Alinsky’s real goal – to destroy capitalist America and turn it into the socialist-cum-communist regime they preferred.

DEATH SQUAD #3 is and was the leftwing media – or what Dr. Drew Pinsky calls “the corrupt, uninformed, morally reprehensible American press” – notorious for skewing the “news” in a Marxist direction. Remember, most media anchors and news readers take their marching orders directly from bosses who are extremely invested in the global economy and not in President Trump’s economy, which has brought millions of jobs and manufacturing and profits back to the United States in order to Make America Great Again and Keep America Great!

DEATH SQUAD #4 is the Muslim Brotherhood, which seeks the downfall of America, a phenomenon writer Linda Goudsmit explains in explicit and exquisite detail: “Islam is an expansionist socio-political movement with a religious wing created 1400 years ago.” Then and now, Islam “seeks world dominion – the establishment of a worldwide Islamic caliphate ruled by Islamic sharia law,” which is incompatible and anathema to American law and the U.S. Constitution.

DEATH SQUAD #5 is comprised of left-wing billionaires, mentioned above, who fund the hate-America groups like Occupy Wall St., Antifa, et al., as well as the politicians who have brought us Sanctuary Cities, no-bail laws, and attempts to rob Americans of their First Amendment right of Free Speech, Second Amendment right to bear arms, the power of capitalism to lift all boats, and belief in God.


Thankfully, there is reason to believe things are looking up in the battle against coronavirus. Among hopeful developments –


  • Medications to treat the coronavirus are now being discussed. As Scott Johnson from Power Line reports (here and here), among them is the anti-malaria drug chloroquine. The Israeli pharmaceutical company Teva is donating six million doses of the medication to U.S. hospitals starting March 31st, and by the end of April, 10 million will be shipped. President Trump has asked the Food and Drug Administration if it can expand the use of the drug as an experimental treatment for coronavirus patients. A related article in Gateway Pundit reported that a chloroquine study showed a 100% cure rate for patients infected with the coronavirus.


  • And just as I’m writing this article, an explosive article is broadcast reporting that three international studies from China, Australia, and France show that chloroquine with the antibiotic azithromycin shows100% success in treating coronavirus in six days!


  • The ridiculous ban on plastic grocery bags is being temporarily lifted because, as John Tierney reports, the reusable tote bags “that politicians and environmentalists have been so eager to impose on the public…can sustain the COVID-19 and flu viruses…[a fact] that was clearly demonstrated in a 2018 study published in the Journal of Environmental Health. “


  • Nobel laureate Michael Levitt, an American-British-Israeli biophysicist who teaches structural biology at Stanford University… offered the public reassurance during the peak of China’s coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak. “Levitt did not discover a treatment or a cure…he crunched the numbers” and predicted that the spread of the virus would come to a halt. “His forecasts turned out to be correct: the number of new cases reported each day started to fall as of February 7. A week later, the mortality rate started falling as well.”


Additionally –


Here is a good way to track the progress of the coronavirus.


Here is an important video on the origins of the Chinese coronavirus. [Blog Editor: Interestingly this 3/6/20 posted video is from Left-Wing Vox. Ergo those is no mention of a bioweapon conspiracy BUT also interestingly, Vox fingers “Wuhan” China wet market specifically mentioning bats. So Vox fingered Wuhan China before the rest of the Left said it was racist to do so.]


Joan Swirsky is a New York-based journalist and author. Her website is and she can be reached at




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© Joan Swirsky


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