Socialism – A History of Violence

Brigitte Gabriel takes 3:56 to explain the reason Socialism (the precursor to Communism) is a wicked ideology. The Dems at various levels wholly support Socialism. Uncle Bernie is the worst by supporting Communist regimes in Cuba and the former Soviet Union (Today’s Russia – still loaded with closet Communists – SEE HERE, HERE, HERE & HERE). And varying degrees of Socialism supported by the rest of the Dem pack of Liberty stealing wolves – including crooked Quid Pro Quo Joe Biden.


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Socialism – A History of Violence


By Brigitte Gabriel

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ACT for America


Despite the long history of violence that comes with socialism, it has emerged as the preferred philosophy of the far left. The threat of socialism is a national security matter as gangs, instability, and lawlessness are known to accompany the pervasive ideology.


The time has come for us to get fired up and act to stop this violent ideology before it’s too late. Watch and share the video with everyone you know!


VIDEO: Brigitte Gabriel: Socialism is On A Mission To DESTROY America!


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