Abu Mazen on Trump’s Deal of the Century

For those of you who might only have a cursory knowledge of Islamic Terrorism aimed at Israel, the Abu Mazen in the title is the same person as Mahmoud Abbas. The “Abbas” name is the one used most often by the American Press.

Ari Bussel has been supportive of President Trump actions toward Israel in the past (e.g. moving U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem: HERE & HERE), but here – if I am understanding correctly – Ari is not pleased with Trump’s Deal of the Century, not pleased with Prime Minister Netanyahu’s cooperation with the Deal AND highlights Mahmoud Abbas speaking threats if any action is taken to enact The Deal of the Century.


On a personal level I have not read the Deal so I am not surprised by the Faux-Palestinian vitriol who seek to deny the existence of a Jewish State. BUT from Ari’s tone the Deal must be too conciliatory toward Arabs pretending to be Palestinians. I trust Ari. So I am now going to have to locate some Deal of the Century details for future reference.


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Abu Mazen on Trump’s Deal of the Century


By Ari Bussel
Sent 1/30/2020 2:53 PM


Dear Friends,


The Deal of the Century was announced this week by US President Donald J Trump.  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Jewish donor Sheldon (& Dr. Miriam) Adelson were among those cheering onsite.  The President also met with MK and former Chief of Staff Benny Gantz who currently is the forerunner to lead the country after the upcoming elections on March 2nd, 2020.


The responses were quick to arrive, and we can divide them into categories:  Organizations who have to comment about anything and everything (e.g. the Reform Movement or the Zionist Organization of America); organizations who are focused on Israel (e.g. CAMERA or Arab America); and those who derive a direct benefit, some type of personal gain.  Although many in these categories employ top thinkers and analysts, allow us to ignore them all and focus on one and only one reaction.


Abu Mazen expressed what the entire Palestinian tribal collection wants to hear and what it believes:


“Jerusalem is not for sale, and all our rights are neither for sale nor for compromise.  This scheme will not succeed!”


Compare the reaction on the Palestinian side and that on the Jewish side.  The Palestinian position is Simple.  Concise.  Clear.  Unwavering.  Full of Conviction.  And now check the Israeli and Jewish side that has been entrusted with an undivided Jerusalem, the City where God resides among His people.  We are weak.  Ready to compromise.  Debate.  Give up.  Divide.  A sure recipe for destruction and fall; exactly what took place some two thousand years ago when the Second Temple was destroyed.


Not only do the Palestinians confuse sick-imagination with reality-transposed, they are not even sure who they are.  For a people that cannot even pronounce its own name (the letter “p”) or realize the root of the word is invaders to a land-not-theirs, they so crave to make their dream of a county void of Jews a reality, that anyone who is not Jewish must therefore be a Palestinian.  Jesus apparently was a Palestinian.  He is still “standing” at the checkpoints designed to prevent terrorists from passing.  Israeli citizens who happen to be Muslim are Palestinians (previously they were 1967 Arabs and before that 1948 Arabs, then 1947 Arabs and now pure “Palestinians”).  So are members of the Israeli Knesset, who spew hatred toward Israel and against the Israel Defense Forces from the podium at the parliament.  Full Israeli citizens call themselves “Palestinians,” but they will not give up their Israeli passports or all the benefits to which they are entitled as Israeli citizens.


There is supposedly a talk about some “border,” but the Palestinian have only one border in their mind:  The entire country, from the River to the Sea, is theirs!  No Jews allowed!  Al Quds (Jerusalem) is their eternal capital, has always been; will always be.  It is not up for dividing, sharing or bargaining.  And all the millions of eternal refugees are waiting to go back to their homes throughout the country.  In short:  No Israel.  No Jews.  Viva Palestine!


To this theater comes the Most Crazy American President in an announcement:  “I have the Deal of the Century!”  Is he the clown during intermission?  He is definitely not entertaining.  Does he think that the Palestinians can be bought like Putin, China or North Korea?  He simply does not understand with whom he is dealing; who really stands in front of him.  He is a most useful puppet in the hands of his Jewish Handlers.  Look, there is the Adelson couple opening their purse and pulling the strings.  What has the President not done for them already!  All will be reversed as the first order of action as soon as the new President is sworn in and replaces this travesty in announcing to DJT:  “YOU ARE FIRED!”


The Deal of the Century is weak because it has exposed what is important for the Jews and their puppets, including sovereignty and control over the West Bank, no Right of Return of the Palestinians, Jerusalem remaining under Israeli control and end of BDS and claims in international bodies such as the International Criminal Court.  Even Gantz (who ran on a platform “Just Not Bibi (Netanyahu)”) is supporting this plan.  All that the Deal has done is to show where Israel really hurts, both what subjects and what effective tools are currently working effectively against her.  In short, the Deal has emboldened the enemies of Israel that their struggle is working.


A President under Impeachment.  A Prime Minister who has been Indicted.  A main puppeteer, a filthy-wealthy Jew who controls the scene.  And a Circus like no other.  How good that people of conscience, including so many Jewish Americans and so many leading Israelis stand united against this evil plan!


To all lovers and protectors of Israel:  Israel’s enemies do not want peace.  They aspire death and destruction; a place clean of Jews.  They have no plan for the day after, for they only want the death of the Jewish body.  This is what cancer is all about, and any doctor who will prescribe the following course of treatment will likely lose his license:


“Listen Cancer, you may not even be able to pronounce your own name and likely you do not even know from where you came, but we propose the following to you:  Restrict yourself to the ovaries, stop dreaming on the liver, the lungs and the brain.  We will then let you thrive in the ovaries.  Grow and expand.  Go from strength to strength.  We love and respect you.  We will feed you and take care of you.  We will continue adoring you.  We realize you want the entire body, and that you have no plan for the day after.  (The day after, you are dead.)  We (the world) really, really like you.  We admire your convictions.  We stand with you regarding your aspirations and efforts.  Give them all up.  stay in the ovaries.”


Not only does the idea make no sense whatsoever, why would someone feeling strength, ever-growing strength, restrict oneself from taking, devouring, enjoying and destroying more and more?  The cancer has metastasized to the liver and the stomach and the lungs and the brain.  So why stop?  Because an American President decided to say so?  Even notable Israelis and many American Jews have succumbed to the cancer and have declared “Viva Palestine!  End the Occupation!  Free, free Palestine!  A country of all its people!”


Those who love Israel awake!  Not only the timing, but the mere idea of a Deal right now is contrary to basic business practices (which the President understands).  One does not negotiate from an inferior position of weakness, and both Israel and the USA are weak.


We must learn from the Palestinians.  They speak clearly.  They are unified.  They know exactly what they want, and this is everything.  And they  have the courage to stand by their convictions.


“Jerusalem is not for sale, and all our rights are neither for sale nor for compromise.  This scheme will not succeed!”



Ari Bussel

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The Deal of the Century was not a secret.  There was access to it on the White House website in the weeks leading to the announcement.  For very many months, it was mentioned in every opportunity.  The timing of the celebratory announcement is questionable, for the President is trying to ignore the Impeachment proceedings in the US Senate, possibly  to deflect attention, while in Israel nothing can be done permanently binding by a temporary government.  Netanyahu’s government is twice temporary, after he forced the country to go into an election following which neither he nor his opponent was able to form a government.  A second election was called with practically the same result, and now the country faces a third election in less than a year.  Without a proper budget, nothing operates as usual, and with a country under the iron grip of the judiciary and advisors who grab power, even appointments or removal of bureaucrats translate to lengthy battles.


The US Administration is aware of what is happening in Israel, so what might be the specific reason for the release at this time?  Possibly a parting gift to Prime Minister Netanyahu before his defeat and removal?  Alas, this is not a reason for policy that is shaping a new Middle East.


As much as everyone likes to think Israel is the center of the universe, Israel is a tiny country with nine million people.  It is the home of the Jewish people – all 14 to 15 million of us around the world – and the only country we can call our home.  By any stretch of the imagination, Israel is tiny.  In China, the center of outbreak of the current Corona Virus is much larger than Israel, both in size and in population.  But the world continues to focus only on Israel, as if it is the source of energy for the entire universe.


The powers in the Middle East are impressive:  A Turk who wants to become a Sultan over a re-emerging Ottoman Empire.  Iran whose tentacles are pressing the Mediterranean on both sides, from its southern and northern shores.  A KGB Uber-Oligarch who is meddling in Syria and wants to establish his country’s dominance in the region.  A Kingdom that is always on a threat of collapsing.  The persecuted Christians, who are raped, murdered, kidnapped, sold for slavery (sexual and labor) and burned alive in their churches throughout the region and the continent of Africa, and the world stands silent.  And then, there are the Palestinians.


The Palestinians invented a nationhood and borrowed the craving of the Jews to return to their homeland.  They are a very special breed.  Their brethren in the Arab world view them as inferior.   They never wanted anything to do with them.  It is a class structure, where the Iranians view themselves as superior to all, and the Arabs view the Palestinians as inferior.  Indeed, who are the Palestinians?  Their forefathers emigrated to Palestine when the Zionists from Europe came and turned a desolate area into a blooming oasis.  They (the Zionists) dried the swamps, defeated the malaria that was carried by mosquitos, created new technologies (such as drip irrigation and water desalination) and made areas previously uninhabitable into thriving communities basking in greenery, a light unto the nations, a source of goodness to the world.


Israel became a miracle, and it attracted workers.  Many came from Egypt, and among them Yasir Arafat and Abu Mazen’s family, as well as the families of many of the Palestinian leadership.  The area was called “Palestine,” the Jews and their institutions were often referred to as “Palestinians” and Arab nationalism was alive and thriving.  There were Arabs and Jews, the Arabs did not want the Jews, and the superpowers who inherited and dived the Ottoman Empire kept slicing the area designated for the Jews into an ever diminishing slice of land.


After the formation of the modern State of Israel, the nascent country absorbed some 750,000 Jewish refugees expelled from Arab countries.  Those Arabs who fled Israel – under the false promise “you will get to your homes within days, after we defeat and eliminate the Jews” – were never assimilated.  They remained as garbage in the countries to where they fled momentarily.  No one wanted them; no one was interested.  But then something unique happened:  The United Nations has created a special body to treat the newly formed “Palestinians.”  They and their descendants forever, for all eternity, are called “Refugees.”  There is no need to assimilate; there is no need for anyone (their own brethren) to absorb them.  It is very big business, employing tens of thousands of UN employees, and channeling billions of Dollars to corrupt people.  Why rattle such a thriving and successful business?


For several decades the Arab nations went along with this ploy, as they realized that Israel cannot be defeated militarily, despite all odds stacked against the nascent Jewish state.  Something bigger is protecting Israel (and it is NOT the United States of America).  1956.  1967.  1973.  Nothing helped.  The Jews survive and thrived.  To the Arabs, right in their corner were the Palestinians, a disposable, no-cost commodity that could be utilized to harm Israel.  Thus, for instance, Gaza remained as it is – an open wound – where Israel left it and Egypt does not want it.


The refugee camps in Lebanon are a source of endless liberation fighters willing and able to sacrifice themselves.  Keep them!  And in Jordan, a full majority of the entire Kingdom is made of Palestinians creating an entire Eastern front against Israel.  [The situation in Jordan has changed since Jordan is the only country that absorbed the real Syrian Refugees, and they realize what “refugee-dom” is all about and how the Palestinians are not “refugees” by any stretch of the imagination.]


With the advance of Iran and the real threat to Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries, with the Arab Spring that turned quickly in Winter and the Muslim Brotherhood stronghold on Egypt, and with the continued slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Muslims by their Muslim brethren in Syria, the Arab World has realized the utter and complete fallacy of the Palestinians and their dream to eradicate Israel, to wipe Israel off the map.


The Palestinians squander the money they receive and stash it in secret bank accounts in Switzerland and France.  The Palestinians cry foul all the time, crying and bickering.  They work with Iran.  They send their young ones to explode themselves – and soon the Arabs realized that what is effective against the Jews, is also employed against them!


And Israel?  Contrary to what the Palestinians teach their children and the hatred they spew at every opportunity, Israel does good.  Israel extends a helping hand at a time of disaster.  Israel brings new technologies about water and agriculture in the times of peace.  Commerce with Israel is bilateral.  Israel opens field hospitals for Syrian refugees and brings the wounded from Lebanon, Syria and even Gaza to her hospitals.  Israel is the only deterrent against the spread of Iran, and she is not afraid to act – at whatever time and place she sees fit.  Israel can be trusted – by friend and foe alike.  She is always true to her word.


Israel wants what every normal human being wants – to live, raise her children, thrive.  She is focused on herself, not on harming others.  She has no aspirations at expanding, colonizing or occupying.  It is not easy for Israel, for where there are two Jews, there are five opinions.  And Israel has always been a country of all generals!  They Arabs see Israel; the Arabs hear the pleas and contact demands by the Palestinians; and when the Arabs do an accounting, or simple arithmetic, they understand they want to be associated with the Israelis, not with the Palestinians.


And so there is a titanic shift, which is based on much common sense.  What would we do if faced in the same situation:  on the one hand a group that whines and brings death and mayhem, evil and bickering; on the other a group that is good for you, and good for the entire world and humanity, that does not talk much but acts, and when it acts – there are no boundaries to the love shown.


The Palestinians feel neglected, left behind.  They are angrier than ever.  Remember, the Palestinians are a business.  Their main stronghold, the United Nations, that seems to be serving them and ignoring everyone else (e.g. the really-persecuted Christians) is on shaky grounds as well.  The United States, the UN’s main financial sponsor, has woken up and is bringing common sense back to the playground.  And the European Union has finally started limiting the flow of money, as a major part of it goes to reward terrorists and their families for life – for every person murdered or injured.


And so comes The Deal of the Century.  The USA (what one commonly refers to as “America”) has a crazy President.  He dares stand up to Putin (the Democrats say he cooperates with him), to China, to North Korea.  And now he decided to tackle the Israeli-Arab Conflict.  Alas, the Conflict seems to have resolved itself – between Israel and the real Arabs.


The only thing that is left from the “Conflict” (the objective of the Arabs to “throw the Israelis to the (Mediterranean) Sea”) is Iran’s promise to “Wipe Israel Off the Map” (and this must be taken seriously; with one qualification that the only reason for Iran to do so is that Israel is the only obstacle standing in its way to control the entire region, and Europe should be concerned for Europe’s sake) and the Palestinians who do not even show Israel on their maps.


So if there is no Israeli-Arab Conflict, what is the deal to do?  Appease the so-called Palestinians?  Serve the Jewish Puppeteers of the President of the US?


Whether the Deal of the Century has been in the works for the past three years or not at all, it matters not.  Also the timing of the announcement which is most suspect is not very important.  Be the reasons what they might be, they are irrelevant.  Both the US President and the Israeli Prime Minister quickly understood it – their folly was exposed, no one treats it seriously, not even those cheering in the background.  The Prime Minister announced, even before leaving DC, “we are going to annex next Sunday,” and the Trump-Team (Administration) replied “not so quickly, let us wait until after the elections.”  So quickly the two main players realized it was an exercise of hot air, that the entire exercise became beneficial only to all those “experts” and organizations that benefit from it (on the pro-Israel or anti-Israel side).


A Peace Plan has to be achieved by two sides who want it.  And a lasting peace will continue as long as both sides really want it.  Israel has a peace treaty with Egypt and another with Jordan.  Israel could have had a peace treaty with Syria, had it not been for the Civil War there and Assad’s butchering hundreds of thousand of his own people.


Another Peace Plan that should serve as an applicable example is the one between the Allies and the Nazis.  Except, the Middle East is not there yet.  The main lesson is that one side really wanted “Peace” to bring the cessation of its utter and complete decimation, and the other side was both benevolent and smart to help the Germans rebuild.


The Palestinians live a very good life.  Visit their homes and see.  Visit their shopping centers.  Watch their tv channels.  The Palestinians need Israel.  They come to work in Israel.  They sell products to Israel.  They depend on Israel as a neighbor and partner.  And they want to eliminate her and have an area free and clean of Jews.


Instead of investing in infrastructure and institutions of civil society, they dig death tunnels, manufacture weapons of mass destruction and excel in death and mayhem.  In short, they do everything opposite logic.


In addition to glorifying homicide martyrs as deserving 72 virgins, they propagate and expand the fantasy that the Jews will be eliminated, that the Jews do not deserve to live.  They twist history, using elements they like as their own and others to their advantage.  So they tell the Jews to pack their belongings and “go back.”  They remove the archeological findings under the Temple Mount and trash them as rubbish, and then they declare the Temple Mount was really never there, the Jewish “story” of the Bible has not connection to the place.


They do excel, however, in a thousand and one Arabian nights – weaving a story like no other.  And the story resonates with people around the world.  Where a story takes hold, no deal or reality program can overcome.  The Deal of the Century has not even lived its millisecond of fame, it was an orchestration that failed, a momentary distraction.   Until Israelis  take hold of the helm, until they start fighting for their own existence and survival, no substitute (as good and well-intentioned as it might be) will succeed.  Now, let us return to real life.


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  1. I had a whole different take on President Trump’s “Deal of the Century.” And that is, everyone knows whatever deal is presented, it will not be accepted, period. So, just get it out there for the world to see how the Arabs react to it, and the President has done his part in trying to solve the problem. We send aid to Israel and most likely to Palestine, although I think the President cut some of the Palestinian aid back. That means we have a say there… And now Netanyahu is an anti-Israeli bad guy? Oh, please.

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