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At my SlantRight 2.0 blog I have comments set for moderation ONLY. The reason most comment are of a spam advertising nature – some product oriented and some just vulgar porn. Along that same line I typically IGNORE off the bat when a comment is authored by “Anonymous”. Once in a while out of the corner of my eye I might an “Anonymous” commenter with a valid comment to a post – that person would get lucky and get added as a comment. BUT that would be few and far between and especially RARE.


Here is the reason for going over comment practices on the SlantRight 2.0 blog. I actually got a comment to moderate from an individual self-identified as “mohammedbasha”.  If you go to mohammedbasha’s Blogger profile page the info on identity is quite pseudonymous yet quite obviously the image of a Muslim Apologist. In case you are unaware, like American Dems Muslim Apologists at worst outright lie or at best so brainwashed by their religious leaders are sadly deceived to believe infamous actions are good for humanity. Here is a copy and paste of mohammedbasha’s Blogger profile page:


My blogs



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Industry: Religion


Occupation: Consultant


Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India


Since mohammedbasha was good enough to not post “anonymous” I first examined the post being commented on which is “Where do You Stand: Keramer vs Johnston?” posted on 11/4/17. The purpose of that post hopefully summed up in these excerpts:


On 11/2 I vented a bit about the hypocrisy of the Mainstream Media (MSM) reporting like wimps on the Islamic terrorist attack by Sayfullo Saipov in Manhattan. Saipov killed eight and injured many others on Halloween for Allah, Muhammad and ISIS.


I shared the blog post on the G+ Community Boycott!🚫CNN, MSNBC & LIBERAL MEDIA (among other Communities and Groups). Two Community commenters had an interesting enough dialogue that I have decided to cross post most of it as a standalone post. The dialogue was between “ron keramer” and “Christina Johnston”.


You can definitely read the ire I had with Muslims acting on Islamic revered writing in the embedded links in the first paragraph. Unfortunately G+ Communities as a social platform no longer exist ergo you cannot read those sources. The next paragraph of “Where do You Stand: Keramer vs Johnston?” clarifies the existence of the hypocrisy that Muslim Apologists and Multicultural Leftists hold against the critics of Islam:


The title of the post is “I Am Islamorgizo not Islamophobic”. The context of the post is being weary of the MSM insisting anyone that is critical of Islam is an Islamophobic racist. So, I found a Greek word that connotates a fixed anger akin to settled opposition. That Greek word is orgízō. Just as Multiculturalists and Islamic Apologists hooked “Islam” with the Greek derivative for “phobia” to form Islamophobe, I connected Islam with orgízō to create Islamorgizo – a settled angry opposition to Islam. Then I explained the reason why Islam deserves settled angry opposition not only for its revered writings justifying violence against non-Muslims, but also to show contrasting Quran and the Bible that Islam is specifically an Antichrist religion. Incidentally, Islam is the ONLY non-Christian religion that specifically denies the centrality of the Christian faith. You’ll have to read “I Am Islamorgizo not Islamophobic” for the details.


Sadly, to my knowledge, the term “Islamorgizo” has never caught on to counter calling critics of Islam Islamophobes. Allow me to reiterate that I do not have an irrational fear Islam but I have an angry opposition for what Islam stands for in that socio-political religion’s obsessed violent hatred of all things non-Islamic with the specific labelling of the “People of the Book” (meaning the Holy Bible) as the people who have twisted the so-called original revered writings (meaning the Quran that never existed in any form prior to the recollections of Muhammad’s fellow pillagers, rapists and slavers put their leader’s sayings to pen and paper) – Interesting afterthought: “The Myth: Muhammad Would
Never Approve of Rape – DEBUNKED
of Islam’s Allah.


With all the above embedded links a non-Muslim – especially a Jew and Christian – should be concerned with the socio-political religion known as Islam, below is the brief comment (not approved to be posted to “Where do You Stand: Keramer vs Johnston?”) by mohammedbash:


mohammedbasha has left a new comment on your post “Where do You Stand: Keramer vs Johnston?“:


Misconceptions About Islam


Misconceptions About Islam is a website that misrepresents by misleading readers about what Islam’s revered writings stipulate AND what history records. Here’s an excerpt example:


Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) Founded Islam?


It’s been Misconceptions About Islam and misunderstood by many that Islam was founded by Prophet Muhammed around 1400 years ago in the middle of Arabia. But the truth is advent of Islam dated since origin of Adam, who was the first human being to worship the one and only God. Prophets who came later were also Muslims and propagated Allah is the true creator with no companions or children. A true Muslim submits self to the true God and accept Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) as his final messenger. [Blog Editor: A demonic lie if communicated by Quran, it was only by the lips of Muhammed later recorded into writing by a follower (or followers) of Muhammed into writing after the false prophet’s death in 632 AD (or CE for secular minded scholars).]


Allah; the God for Muslims Only?


The Real Meaning of the word Allah is “One True God” in Arabic. It also refers to the one who created heavens, earth, sea, mountain and everything that stays in the universe. Even Arabic speaking Jews & Christians refer God with the name of Allah. So essentially our faith/belief is up on one and only powerful God though cited with multiple names (Allah, Yahweh or God the Father)


Blog Editor: I am convinced the Muslim faith are taught and believe “Allah” means “One True God”. But that literally is not accurate.




Allah: Islam – God


Origin of Allah

Arabic All?h from al, the + il?h, god, akin to Classical Hebrew (language) eloah, God (citing: Webster’s New World College Dictionary, Fifth Edition Copyright © 2014 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. All rights reserved.)


Allah: God, especially in Islam.


Origin of Allah

Arabic allāh al- the ‘ilāh god ℵl (citing: THE AMERICAN HERITAGE® DICTIONARY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE, FIFTH EDITION by the Editors of the American Heritage Dictionaries. Copyright © 2016, 2011 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. All rights reserved.)


Of more interest on “Allah” from webpage entitled, The pagan origin of the word, “Allah”:



The pre-Islamic origin of “Allah”


  1. There is absolutely no question that Allah was worshipped by the pagan Arabs as one of many polytheistic gods.


  1. Allah was worshipped in the Kabah at Mecca before Muhammad was born. Muhammad merely proclaimed a god the Meccans were already familiar with. The pagan Arabs never accused Muhammad of preaching a different Allah than the one they already worshipped.


  1. Many scholars say “Allah” is derived from a compound Arabic word, AL + ILAH = Allah. “Ilah” in Arabic is “God” and “Al” in Arabic is a definite article like our word “the”. So from an English equivalent “Allah” comes from “The + God”. Others, like Arthur Jeffery say, “The common theory is that it is formed from ilah, the common word for a god, and the article al-; thus al-ilah, the god,” becomes Allah, “God.” This theory, however, is untenable. In fact, the name is one of the words borrowed into the language in pre-Islamic times from Aramaic.” (Islam: Muhammad and His Religion, Arthur Jeffery, 1958, p 85)


  1. Although “Allah” has become known as the proper name for the Muslim god, Allah is not a name, but a descriptor that means literally, “the god”. All pagan cultures have these generic terms that refer to their “top god” as “the god”. In comparison to the perfect monotheism of Judaism and Christianity, “Allah” was originally no more a proper name for the Muslim God, than the word Hebrew “elohim” (god) or Greek “theos” (god) are proper names of the one true God of the Bible. “Jehovah” is the only revealed proper name for the “Elohim” of the Old Testament ( Ex 3:13; 6:3) and “Jesus” is the only revealed proper name of “Theos” in the New Testament. (Acts 4:12) Islam has no proper name for their god, but merely transformed, by universal use and confusion, the generic Allah into a proper name. So although today, Muslims use “Allah” as a proper name, it was never used this way originally. Allah, therefore is equivalent to “elohim” and “ho theos” but not “Jehovah” or “Jesus”. Allah is not the name of the nameless Muslim God. However Muslims will claim that Allah is the name of God that corresponds to Jehovah. Both the Father and the Son are called “ho theos” (The God). Jesus is called “The God” many times in the New Testament: John 20:28; Heb 1:8. An important conclusion from this, is that the mere fact that “Allah” is equivalent to “elohim” and “ho theos” does not mean they are directly corresponded. It certainly doesn’t prove Allah is the same as the God of the Old or New Testament. It does not prove that Muslim’s worship the same God as Christians. If this correspondence proved the Muslim god was the same as the Christian God, then because pagan religions also have generics that correspond to “the god” (Allah), this correspondence would also prove that Allah is the same god as the Buddhist god, for Buddhists also refer to their god as “the god”.


What scholars say about the origin of the word “Allah”:


  1. It is not related that the Black Stone was connected with any special god. In the Ka’ba was the statue of the god Hubal who might be called the god of Mecca and of the Ka’ba. Caetani gives great prominence to the connection between the Ka’ba and Hubal. Besides him, however, al-Lat, al-`Uzza, and al-Manat were worshipped and are mentioned in the Kur’an; Hubal is never mentioned there. What position Allah held beside these is not exactly known. The Islamic tradition has certainly elevated him at the expense of other deities. It may be considered certain that the Black Stone was not the only idol in or at the Ka’ba. The Makam Ibrahim was of course a sacred stone from very early times. Its name has not been handed down. Beside it several idols are mentioned, among them the 360 statues. (First Encyclopedia of Islam, E.J. Brill, 1987, Islam, p. 587-591)


  1. “The verses of the Qur’an make it clear that the very name Allah existed in the Jahiliyya or pre-Islamic Arabia. Certain pagan tribes believed in a god whom they called ‘Allah’ and whom they believed to be the creator of heaven and earth and holder of the highest rank in the hierarchy of the gods. It is well known that the Quraish as well as other tribes believed in Allah, whom they designated as the ‘Lord of the House’ (i.e., of the Ka’ba)…It is therefore clear that the Qur’anic conception of Allah is not entirely new.” (A Guide to the Contents of the Qur’an, Faruq Sherif, (Reading, 1995), pgs. 21-22., Muslim)


  1. According to al-Masudi (Murudj, iv. 47), certain people have regarded the Ka’ba as a temple devoted to the sun, the moon and the five planets. The 36o idols placed round the Ka’ba also point in this direction. It can therefore hardly be denied that traces exist of an astral symbolism. At the same time one can safely say that there can be no question of any general conception on these lines. The cult at the Ka’ba was in the heathen period syncretic as is usual in heathenism. (First Encyclopedia of Islam, E.J. Brill, 1987, Islam, p. 587-591)


  1. The name Allah, as the Qur’an itself is witness, was well known in pre-Islamic Arabia. Indeed, both it and its feminine form, Allat, are found not infrequently among the theophorous names in inscriptions from North Arabia. The common theory is that it is formed from ilah, the common word for a god, and the article al-; thus al-ilah, the god,” becomes Allah, “God.” This theory, however, is untenable. In fact, the name is one of the words borrowed into the language in pre-Islamic times from Aramaic. (Islam: Muhammad and His Religion, Arthur Jeffery, 1958, p 85)


  1. “If a Muslim says, “Your God and our God is the same,” either he does not understand who Allah and Christ really are, or he intentionally glosses over the deep-rooted differences.” (Who Is Allah In Islam?, Abd-Al Masih, Light of Life, 1985, p. 36.)


  1. Now there dwelt in Mecca a god called Allah. He was the provider, the most powerful of all the local deities, the one to whom every Meccan turned in time of need. But, for all his power, Allah was a remote god. At the time of Muhammad, however, he was on the ascendancy. He had replaced the moon god as lord of the Kaaba although still relegated to an inferior position below various tribal idols and three powerful goddesses: al-Manat, goddess of fate, al-Lat, mother of the gods, and al-Uzza, the planet Venus. (Islam and the Arabs, Rom Landau, 1958 p 11-21)


… AND MORE with a total of 66 refutations about the origins of  “Allah” – The pagan origin of the word, “Allah”; Written by Brother Andrew; The Interactive Bible.


At this point I appreciate the Muslim Apologist going by mohammedbasha chose not to comment anonymously. But pointing to a website misleading about the reality of Islam’s animus toward non-Muslims needed to be addressed in a stand-alone post. AND THERE YOU HAVE IT.


JRH 11/13/19

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