The Glazov Gang Looks at Ilhan Omar

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John R. Houk

© September 3, 2019


The FrontPageMag email alert for 9/3/19 has among its links a title linked to The Glazov Gang video: “Video: Ilhan’s Adultery? A Stoning Offense?


The FPM page also has a Glazov Gang 6-part series on Ilhan Omar. The titles on the page include:


  • Part I: Ilhan Omar’s Sharia Hate and Deception.


  • Part 2: In Defense of Judge Jeanine.


  • Part 3:  Omar Urges Release of Brotherhood Leader.


  • Part 4: Omar Hides 9/11 and Lies About CAIR.


  • Part 5: Seth Meyers’ Disgraceful Excuses for Ilhan Omar.


  • Part 6: Tlaib and Omar: The Eternal Cry-Bullies.


You can watch each of these Glazov Gang exposes on the FrontPageMag page.


BUT it is the title video I am interested in because it relates to my post “Ilhan Omar Adulteress & Probable Criminal” from 8/28/19.


So here is the Youtube page of the FPM post of The Glazov Gang looking into Omar, he promotion of Sharia Law and what Sharia says should happen relating to adultery:


VIDEO: Glazov: Ilhan’s Adultery? A Stoning Offense?



Posted by The Glazov Gang

Published on Aug 30, 2019


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