Population Control Exposé by Lisa Haven

Intro by John R. Houk

Intro © September 3, 2019


On August 29 I posted on UK academic psychiatrists were recommending cannibalism as a form of population control and that Newsweek appeared to accept the concept. I intimated how that idiocy reminded me of the cannibal horror future featured in the 1973 Sci-Fi flick Soylent Green.


I didn’t get much of response except one guy trying to skirt Facebook Community Rules by questioning my intelligence for posting the info. (I didn’t play with the Facebook commenter by taking a Forrest Gump path of stupid is as stupid does.)


And so … I ran into a Lisa Haven video where she shares that the overpopulation data being pushed by One-Worlder Leftists is a crock. And in the course of Lisa Haven delivering data that the global population is diminishing rather than ballooning, she mentions hoe some Leftists are promoting cannibalism as a legit method of population control. Below is that video.


JRH 9/3/19 (H/T Lisa Haven at Facebook Watch Out America)

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VIDEO: A Population Disaster NO ONE Ever Expected! NEVER BEFORE IN HISTORY Has This Happened!



Posted by Lisa Haven

Published on Sep 2, 2019


Here’s the link that goes with the video: http://bit.ly/2lUyzfJ


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Population Control Exposé by Lisa Haven

Intro by John R. Houk

Intro © September 3, 2019


A Population Disaster NO ONE Ever Expected! NEVER BEFORE IN HISTORY Has This Happened!


Lisa Haven’s Homepage at Lisa Haven News Network


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