Intro to Lisa Haven/Mike Adams Interview

John R. Houk

© August 24, 2019

Many consider Natural News to be unreliable as a news source since many if not most posts lean toward Conspiracy Theory. And in case you didn’t realize it, “Theory” means not a proven fact. Hence at best a theory is a guess. The guess can be considered good or bad based on credibility and credulity. Credibility is based reputation and/or verifiable sources. Credulity is based in believability.


It is my humble opinion is that when Natural News posts a credible opinion piece based on known or verifiable facts credibility and credulity should at least pique an interest.


I begin this way because I ran into a Lisa Haven interview of Mike Adams who founded Natural News. In the interview Adams makes some comments I consider unverifiable, BUT he makes a lot of comments that based on known facts hence lending to credibility so credulity also is high.


The topic centers on Mike Adams and Natural News being censored by the largest search engine on the Internet in Google. As you should guess then, the theme is Google has become evil. AND THAT IS SOMETHING I CAN AGREE WITH. So, I share the interview with you.


JRH 8/24/19

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Posted by Lisa Haven

Aug 22, 2019

Lisa Haven News Network


Death Camp Warning with Mike Adams & Lisa Haven


In the video below, I interview Mike Adams, (aka Health Ranger), who is a best selling author, environmental scientist, award winning journalist, and founding editor of


He has been under sever attack by social media giants for his stance against government corruption and exposing big Pharmaceutical. Recently, his entire channel was removed from Youtube.


Many are attempting to silence him but Mike will stop at nothing to wake up the American masses to the atrocities that are about to befall us. All that and more in this bombshell report…


VIDEO: MIKE-ADAMS Issues “Death Camp” Warning! Genocide, Round-Ups? BOMBSHELL!


[Posted by Lisa Haven

Published on Aug 22, 2019]


Natural News Website:


Gen Six Conference (Mike and I will be there):


Youtube Alternative:


Intro to Lisa Haven/Mike Adams Interview

John R. Houk

© August 24, 2019




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