Antifa: America’s Fascists

Antifa attacks John Blum and Adam Kelly in Portland OR 6/29/19 (Youtube slapped a content warning due to the nature of Antifa violence):


VIDEO: Antifa Attacks Elderly Man, Portland Oregon


Posted by Warriors for Christ

Published on Jun 30, 2019


Antifa vicious attack on elderly man with crowbar in Portland, Oregon The local government and the police do nothing!! Christians and Conservatives are attacked all the time and these violent satanic people are almost never held accountable. They wear masks because they don’t want to be identified because they are cowards! We cannot allow this evil to continue unabated!! The church is the only entity who has the power to combat this evil! Rise up church! READ THE REST


JRH 7/7/19

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Antifa: America’s Fascists  

Antifa Violence Supports Democrat Progressivism


By Justin O. Smith

Sent 7/6/2019 10:21 PM


The exercise of one’s Free Speech is not an unpeaceable act or an act of fascism, but if one is exerting one’s right in the defense of America and our republic, it is called “fascism” by America’s Leftists, and one is attacked by real fascist communists, such as ANTIFA, in much the same manner as happened last June and July and again this June 29th, during a Patriot Prayer rally.


Freedom is not any the less endangered, if it is attacked by actual “anti-fascists” or by outright Fascists, and America’s ANTIFA, just like yesteryear Germany’s Antifaschistische Aktion, a Communist Party front, is no stranger to authoritarianism, political repression and political violence.


Although the problem of communist inspired violence is most dramatically on display in Portland, the city “where young people go to retire”, wherever a heavy concentration of Democrats, pointy-headed progressives and hardcore advocates of socialist policies are found and handed unchallenged power, one will find a strong arm segment self-proclaiming itself to be the local ANTIFA enforcers, in Portland, San Francisco, Berkeley, D.C., Chicago, New York and even in Nashville. Without any doubt, most of our college campuses have surrendered to Antifa’s political violence.


In December 2018, Antifa assaulted law enforcement near Portland’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facility, as they also offered sustained chants of “Abolish ICE” and “F@@k the police”, capped off with “A-C-A-B — All cops are bastards”.


On June 29th, black clad Antifa thugs, supposedly marching “against hate”, attacked independent journalist Andy Ngo, punching him in the eyes and kicking him in the groin numerous times and spraying him with chemicals. He sustained wounds to his head, neck and face, and later in the hospital, it was discovered he had a brain bleed due to the assault.


John Blum  


Two supporters of conservative speakers at the rally were also assaulted by Antifa. Adam Kelly was hit with a crowbar and nunchucks and later required 25 staples to close deep gashes in his skull. John Blum, a fairly elderly man, was clubbed, punched and sprayed with bear mace, as he was unable to defend himself with the walking stick he carried, and he was incapacitated and dragged across the street with blood pouring down his face. And although they were lined up along the perimeter long before the attacks, Portland’s police stood by and watched during the entire sorry episode, as other conservatives attempted to intervene.


Portland’s mayor, Ted Wheeler, is a sniveling runt of a bureaucrat who professes to be “appalled” by the political violence, but he is just one more factor in the problem, since he is essentially an Antifa sympathizer who has ordered his entire police department to “stand down” and handle Antifa with kid gloves. It is a direct conflict of interests that he also doubles as the Police Commissioner, which forces the police chief to follow his directives to avoid creating “flashpoints”, newspeak for confrontations between police and Antifa criminals that might look bad on video.


Reported by Andy Ngo: “The mayor’s constituents are people who are sympathetic to Antifa. He’s come out very hard against the right-wing groups and has been inaccurate in his description of them, describing them as white supremacists, which I don’t think is a fair description of Patriot Prayer or the Proud Boys. When it comes to Antifa, sometimes he condemns their violence — but never their ideology.”


On Sunday, June 30th, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) tweeted: “To federal law enforcement: investigate & bring legal action against a Mayor who has, for political reasons, ordered his police officers to let citizens be attacked by domestic terrorists.”


Portland Police Association president Daryl Turner amplified the critique, pleading with the Mayor of Portland to “remove the handcuffs from our officers and let them stop the violence through strong and swift enforcement action.” Those handcuffs have placed Portland’s citizens in harm’s way too many times to count, especially in light of Portland’s sanctuary city status and the Mayor’s withdrawal of Portland’s police force from the Joint Terrorism Task Force, turning Portland into a great target for Islamic jihadists and more terrorism.


On July 6th 2019, there were also scuffles between Antifa from the All Out DC rally and conservatives from the Demand Free Speech rally. Antifa members attacked any conservative with a camera or a MAGA hat and they even scuffled with D.C. police, once again chanting anti-police slogans because “cops and KKK go hand in hand“.


Antifa are largely cowards and punks who are good at confronting people in wheelchairs and little old ladies, as they pound on passing cars, block intersections and menace or assault bystanders, just as they assaulted my friend Haley Adams and her sister and parents last year, just for crossing a street in front of them and waving an American Flag. Incredulously, these Fascists who call the cops “bastards” immediately turn to the police for help, if they feel threatened themselves. And damn their eyes, the police help as they evict peaceable protesters from the public square and public spaces, like Pioneer Courthouse Square, to make room for masked lawbreakers and batterers of little old ladies and old men.


However, their cowardice makes them especially dangerous, since so many of their ranks have been seen armed with knives and AR-15 firearms, in places like Phoenix, as well as clubs and tasers, just as many conservatives might arm themselves for self-defense. The difference lies in the fact that ANTIFA has no compunction to any catching an innocent person alone and unaware and harming or killing them, if they think the person opposes their hardcore Marxist ideology.


And despite much of the crazy rhetoric emanating from the ranks of Antifa, this is every bit a Democrat vs. Republican battle. All America saw Antifa Blackshirts march through Portland on the eve of the 2018 midterm elections, as Democratic Party officials, verified and identified, stepped out of the Hilton and other spots where Democrats had gathered to watch the returns, and they chanted along with Antifa.


Peter Beinart, a journalist, forthrightly described ANTIFA as a group of “people preventing Republicans from safely assembling on the streets of Portland” — and everywhere other Leftist bastion in America, too.


Conservative pundit, Erick Erickson recently noted: “They [Antifa] are the inbred children of totalitarianism’s family tree. Antifa calls itself the anti-fascists, but they are, at greatest distance, kissing cousins as the Nazis and communists were.”


Antifa believes that tolerating the “wicked political ideas” of conservatism and the Right is repressive, which is why they use slogans like “No Free Speech for Nazis”.


Antifa use violence and intimidation to silence political opposition, and while “Fascist” is a difficult word to fully define, they are as close to textbook Fascism as one will find. Their liturgy is the People, the proletariat, and they place the proletariat above the nation. It is in the name of the People that they justify brutalizing U.S. citizens; please note that just like any other fascist, they would find nothing hard about bringing gulags and death camps for conservatives to America, because if the people of America have to suffer for the People, the communists and socialists, then so be it.


It is so serious a matter for our country, since once political violence is out of the Pandora Box, it is hard to stop. Left-wing militias such as Antifa beget right-wing militias, and on it goes, and short of some sort of real political reconciliation with America’s founding principles from all parties, this probably doesn’t end well, especially when one recalls that the original German Antifa and its worldwide affiliates murdered some 160 million people in the 20th century alone.


But those were truly hard times, with our own a little less so.


And this is how we arrive to a time in U.S. history, where some amerikkans insist that Americans who don’t subscribe to identity politics in public life are Nazis, and people who don’t think abortion should be used as an instrument of eugenics are Nazis, and so forth and on.


Similar to Germany’s adherents of streitbare Demokratie, defensive Democracy, who rationalize any illiberal and undemocratic act to defend the political order from existential threats, as they view them, so too does Antifa. However, there is nothing “defensive” or “democratic” in Antifa’s militancy and stated goal of ending the U.S. republic “by any means necessary”, other than their support of the new Democratic Party communists and socialists. And in their own hatred and revulsion for America, everybody they disagree with is deemed a Nazi and a racist, and anything they do is defensible in the fight against Nazis, in their fevered minds.


T.S. Eliot once described the folly of “dreaming of systems so perfect that no one will need to be good.” He added, “But the man that is [good] will shadow the man that pretends to be.”


Antifa actions have been recognized by the Department of Homeland Security, as “domestic terrorist violence” since 2016. They have engaged repeatedly in domestic terrorism and acts dangerous to human life, in violation of state or federal law, for the purpose of intimidating and coercing the civilian population to influence government policy. And this occurs on a near daily basis in America in the name of Democrat Progressivism, creating instability across our nation, and our federal authorities, along with America’s good and decent citizens, must take every measure possible to stop Antifa’s domestic terrorism and violence against America.


By Justin O. Smith


Edited by John R. Houk

Source links are by the Editor.


© Justin O. Smith


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