Nancy Pelosi Admits Democrats are Smearing President Trump

Now that Mueller has publicly affirmed there was a zero crime relation between President Trump and the Russian government (meaning Putin) to conspire together for an election victory in 2016. YET mystically implied President Trump obstructed in the investigation of the zero crime. THEN WATCH THE VIDEO and read the Western Free Press article on how the Dems are smearing President Trump for their political objectives.


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VIDEO: No President has EVER had to put up with a MONSTER like Nancy Pelosi


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Published on May 27, 2019] 


Nancy Pelosi Admits Democrats are Smearing President Trump

Nancy Pelosi confesses that the Democrats are on a “smear campaign” because they still can’t accept that their candidate didn’t win in 2016.


By James Ledbetter

May 27, 2019

Western Free Press


We have seen this on many different occasions. The Democrats are on a “smear campaign” because they still can’t accept that their candidate didn’t win in 2016.


In a video published last week, Nancy Pelosi admits that the Democrats are using “smear tactics” to attack President Trump. In the video, she makes bold confessions that should have all Americans on red alert. (RELATED: President Trump Gives AG Barr Power to Declassify Russia Material)


“We call it the wrap-up smear–if you want to talk politics,” Pelosi said. “You smear someone with falsehoods and all the rest, and then you merchandise it” Pelosi added.


“Then you write it, and they see it reported in the press. So now it is validated that the press reported the smear, that is called wrap-up smear,” Pelosi continued. “Then you merchandise the report on the smear,” Pelosi concluded.


Of course, President Donald Trump has said many times while discussing continued aggravation, that nothing will satisfy the Democrats, even after the Mueller investigation found nothing to justify the two-year probe of allegations that he colluded with the Russians during the 2016 presidential campaign.


When the Mueller report was released, they were in shock for an entire day. Then they started doubling down. They claimed that they wanted the whole (un-redacted) Mueller report before they would believe the results. (RELATED: LEAKED: Kellyanne Conway Shuts Pelosi Down in Oval Office Meeting)


AG William Barr made the un-redacted version of the report available to key Democrats. However, the only two that have read the documents are Republicans.


And on Wednesday, according to the Associated Press, when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi answered a question as to what would satisfy the Dems, she pretty much confirmed what the entire Russia probe — which has deeply divided Americans along partisan lines — was all about: “I’ll be satisfied when we have a new president of the United States who that is a Democrat.”


It is worthy of highlighting that in the last presidential debate of 2016, candidate Dems asked Trump if he would accept the election results if he were to lose. When Trump said he would have to see, based on whether the authorities managed the election appropriately, the Democrats in and out of the media rebuked him. Now that he won, they refuse to accept the results. (RELATED: Hamas Supporter Arrested for Threatening to Blow Up Trump Tower)


James Ledbetter is a journalist who joined Western Free Press in 2018. Since then, he has written extensively for Western Free Press on the Trump administration as well as on other political issues. If you have a NEWS TIP, send an email to


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