The Obama Summation

We are Paying the Price for Obama Lies


“joni” made a great comment about President Barack Hussein Obama that pretty much sums up his last eight years as a Leftist-in-Chief that has been very sympathetic toward Muslims who subscribe to a Salafist ideology.


The comment was made to the post entitled “What? Valerie Jarrett says BHO Scandal Free,” and posted on January 4.


JRH 1/12/17

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The Obama Summation


John R. Houk Editor

Edited version posted: January 12, 2017

Comment date: January 10, 2017 at 1:37 PM

By joni


I still sit in disbelief at the last 8 yrs. of our government, and what happened, in those 8 yrs. I have been a United States citizen, since birth, and followed politics a long time.


When Obama was elected president, a 12 yr. old boy, that I know said, “I can’t believe we just put a Muslim in the White House!”. This from a 12 yr. old! Out of the mouth of babes!


I have never seen corruption, as evil, and blatant as with Obama, and his administration. With all the above scandals, people lost lives, but that is just a small amount compared to ALL the lives lost under Obama’s Presidency and Administration.


We must also look at ISIS, and the so-called “Arab Spring“. At the time of Obama moving into our White House, our military was still pretty strong. Obama decimated it, and did so for his Arab brothers and sisters. Now, as we move down the time line, our military is not near what it should be. We could have stopped ISIS, years ago; and I get angry, thinking about it. Angry, because of all the lives that have been lost, in the “Caliphate” that islam has never given up on, and has seen a great rise, under the Presidency of Obama.


Imagine, if you will, our military strongest, in the world. And imagine another president in office, in the years Obama has been. What do you see? I see an end to ISIS, and all terrorist groups, before they got started! I see the U.S., and our allies (the ones we had before Obama) bombing, sending ground troops, and doing whatever it took, to stop the terror of terrorist. Not only would tens of thousands of our guy’s lives been saved, but the Muslims, living in these areas, as well. All of the innocent people, who just want to live peaceful, lives with their families, and not be told how they worship, or really, how they live.


Tens of thousands of these peoples’ lives have been ended, because Obama did nothing…….unless it benefited his Islam friends. To this day, I still believe that Obama is a lying, racist, who holds Islam close to his heart.


He is still trying to gain approval, from a father, who didn’t have anything to do with him. In other words, a lost cause.


The media is just as bad, as Obama, and his Administration, and of course, let’s not leave out the Republicans. I hold them responsible, too.


They sat around, collecting their money, living with their security, in gated communities, and handed everything over to Obama, on a silver platter. We all know, this is why Trump won. And I thank God, he did, because America is still in a very bad state. It is going to take a lot of hard work to put it together again. So what do the Democrats do?


Instead of losing, like adults, they have made it known they are going to oppose Trump on everything! Who, are the losers, when that happens? The American citizens…… Obama has not only decimated our country, but the Democrat party, as well.


The sad thing is he isn’t going anywhere. He will stick his Muslim nose into all he can, and make as much trouble, as he can. God, help Trump put America back together again. And God, please keep us from falling asleep again, and putting an enemy in our White House.



Edited by John R. Houk

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© joni


 – Blog Editor: I have no clue who “joni” is. This is excellent! The only disagreement I have is labelling Obama as a Muslim. It is my belief that Obama is closer aligned to the Leftist paradigm of Marxism BUT has a large amount of sympathy toward Islam due to the way he was initially raised in Indonesia under a Muslim step-father. His Indonesia days are marked by a Barry Soetoro than by the name we know him as today – Barack Obama.



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