Russia Hacked Emails like a Movie Caused Benghazi


John R. Houk

© October 22, 2016


Is it illegal to hack an individual’s email account? YES! Is it illegal to hack government email accounts? YES! Is it illegal for government employees to conduct government business on a private email or private server? YES! Is Wikileaks reprehensible if their organization is involved in any illegal hacking whatsoever – which would be illegal? YES!


Did Russia hack the Democratic Party emails? THERE IS NO PROOF, other than the words of the Obama Administration and the Democratic Party!


These are the same people who told America in 2012 that the Benghazi Islamic terrorist attack that killed FOUR Americans was the result of an obscure Youtube Movie trailer. That was a lie fabricated to make sure Barack Hussein Obama was reelected. It was a cover-up in part to make Obama/Crooked Hillary Foreign Policy and Clandestine decisions to make them appear competent rather than inept.


Crooked Hillary claimed in the third Presidential Debate that SIXTEEN American Intelligence organizations pointed their fingers at Russia and Putin as the definite hackers of the Dem National Committee emails. I have to ask, “Which vague 16 Intelligence organizations claim that Russia is responsible for the hacking?”


I gotta tell you. Crooked Hillary’s condescending and vague accusation against Russia to make Donald Trump look nefarious brought me back to the Benghazi Lies of 2012. At this point the difference Crooked Hillary’s accusation is probably a Benghazi-like lie. A LIE TO GET ELECTED President of the United States!


These Leftist Dems will say anything to get elected to any Office.


It has come my attention a former British Ambassador – Craig Murray – that lost his British diplomatic job with the UK government for “exposing the UK government’s knowing use of intelligence obtained from suspects who had been tortured by the Uzbekistan Government,” is vouching for Wikileaks that the hacked emails did NOT COME from Russia. AGAIN! The Dems are lying to win the election. The Dem lie has the complete cooperation of America’s Left Stream Media who are not focusing on the Wikileaks exposing just how nefarious Crooked Hillary and the Dems truly are.




Everything Crooked Hillary says she will do to benefit Americans at worst is a nefarious evil lie with another agenda she desires to be hidden. At best whatever Crooked Hillary speaks to Americans is well-meaning deception to bring America into a disastrous transformed Leftist utopia that tears up EVERYTHING the Founding Fathers put on paper that would lead America to become great.




Below is the article about Craig Murray denying the Dem-line that Russia is behind the hacking thorn in Crooked Hillary’s side.


JRH 10/22/16

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Breaking! British Politician says Russia has NOTHING to do with the DNC Email Leaks!


By Onan Coca

October 21, 2016


Former British Ambassador Craig Murray is an ally and friend of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and he visited Assange in the Ecuadorian Embassy on Wednesday to discuss his ongoing plight. What Murray learned could have a huge impact on the 2016 election, if the American people are allowed to hear it.


One of the main media arguments for people not to give credence to the hacked DNC, Clinton emails is that this is a deliberate attempt by Vladimir Putin and Russia to impact our electoral process. The narrative goes something like this; ‘Russia illegally hacked the DNC and are now trying to steal the election from Clinton. So Republicans shouldn’t use the ill-gotten information, the media shouldn’t report on it, and the American people shouldn’t pay attention to it. In that way, we’ll be standing up to the tinpot dictator Putin.’ The only problem with this is that it means we should all completely ignore the criminality and corruption at the DNC and in the Clinton campaign team! It’s a stupid argument, but it’s become so prevalent that even some conservatives are parroting it.




VIDEO: Breaking British Politician says Russia has NOTHING to do with the DNC Email Leaks – The Constitution [ORIGINALLY LIFEZETTE]


Here’s the thing… there’s no proof that Russia did any of this. They’ve never admitted to it, and our intelligence community has never proven it. It’s simply a theory that the media and the Clinton team have implied is fact.


Well, Ambassador Murray is here to dispel the rumors and to clear the air. Vladimir Putin and Russia had nothing to do with hacks on the Democrats, nor with the release of the hacked emails.


Here’s what Ambassador Murray had to say from his personal website:


I left Julian after midnight. He is fit, well, sharp and in good spirits. WikiLeaks never reveals or comments upon its sources, but as I published before a fortnight ago, I can tell you with 100% certainty that it is not any Russian state actor or proxy that gave the Democratic National Committee and Podesta material to WikiLeaks. The claim is nonsense. Journalists are also publishing that these were obtained by “hacking” with no evidence that this was the method used to obtain them.


The control of the Democratic party machinery deliberately to unfairly ensure Clinton’s victory over Bernie Sanders is a matter of great public interest. The attempt by the establishment from Obama down to divert attention from this by a completely spurious claim against Russia, repeated without investigation by a servile media, is a disgrace.


The over-close relationship between the probable future President and Wall Street is also very important. WikiLeaks has done a great public service by making this plain.


The attempts by the mainstream media to portray WikiLeaks as supporters of Trump and Putin because they publish some of Clinton’s darker secrets is completely illogical and untrue in fact. The idea we must pretend Clinton is a saint is emetic.


But the key point is that WikiLeaks is a publisher. It is a vehicle for publishing leaks, and is much more of a vehicle for whistleblowers than for hackers. It does not originate the material. I have often seen comments such as “Why has WikiLeaks not published material on Israel/Putin/Trump?” The answer is that they have not been given any. They publish good, verifiable material that they are given by whistleblowers. They are not protecting Israel, Putin, or Trump. Nobody has given them viable material.


Did you get that?


  • Russia did not get/give WikiLeaks any of the leaked emails/data.


  • The media says the info was “hacked,” but WikiLeaks has never said that the information was gathered in that manner. Meaning, it could have been leaked by a whistleblower.


  • The same people who “stole” the Democrat nomination from Bernie Sanders are now trying to shift attention from their corruption to Russia.


  • Obama and the media are complicit in both the corruption and the cover up of the corruption.


  • WikiLeaks doesn’t have a “dog in the fight;” they simply publish the information that is given to them by whistleblowers.


Ladies and gentlemen, please don’t buy the media/establishment spin on the WikiLeaks releases. This isn’t about Russia, or hacking, or anything like that –


This is all about how the Democrat Party is corrupt, anti-democratic, and very likely criminal.


This is all about how the media has been complicit, not only in the crimes of the Democrat Party, but in covering up their crimes as well.


This is all about how liberals will literally do whatever it takes to win. In their minds the ends always justify whatever dastardly means must be employed to ensure victory.


This is all about how the American people continue to have their rights stripped away from them by a bloated and corrupt government.


Don’t let them get away with it.



Russia Hacked Emails like a Movie Caused Benghazi

John R. Houk

© October 22, 2016


Breaking! British Politician says Russia has NOTHING to do with the DNC Email Leaks!


Onan Coca


Onan is the Editor-in-Chief at Liberty Alliance media group. He’s also the managing editor at, and the managing partner at Onan is a graduate of Liberty University (2003) and earned his M.Ed. at Western Governors University in 2012. Onan lives in Atlanta with his wife and their three wonderful children. You can find his writing all over the web.


Copyright © 2016 The Constitution. All Rights Reserved. 


Author: oneway2day

I am a Neoconservative Christian Right blogger. I also spend a significant amount of time of exposing theopolitical Islam.

3 thoughts on “Russia Hacked Emails like a Movie Caused Benghazi”

  1. FBI Director Comey has got to go !!!!!!

    Here is Hillary saying at the 2 : 37 mark she has “A lot of Experience handling Classified Information “ , and FBI Director Comey based his Reason for not Indicting Hillary solely on Her lack of understanding what she was doing to have intentionally committed a crime by using the unsecured Server !!!!!!!!!

    Well, well, well — once again we find that if anyone is connected to the Kremlin and Russia, it’s Clinton and her cronies.


  2. As I said before the world is VERY VERY VERY confused and confusing.

    “I’m Pro-Israel, Anti-Obama, and Voting for Hillary”


    “Netanyahu prefers Clinton to Obama administration, leaked email suggests”

    “In Trump, Israel’s mainstream distrusts”

    “An Open Letter to Jared Kushner, From One of Your Jewish Employees”

    – My name is Dana Schwartz and I’m an entertainment writer at the Observer, the paper owned by your publishing company. On July 2, as I’m sure you’re aware (and have probably been wringing your hands about for the last three days), your father-in-law Donald Trump tweeted out an image of Hillary Clinton in front of raining money with a six-sided star declaring she’s the “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!”

    “$10 Million Says Hillary Wins”

    – Haim Saban, the billionaire chairman of Univision Communications, America’s largest Spanish-language media company, flew to Jerusalem in his private jet on Sept. 29 to attend the funeral of his friend Shimon Peres, Israel’s former prime minister. It was an event attended by numerous world leaders. Saban gave one of them a lift: former U.S. President Bill Clinton. In Saban’s telling, it wasn’t a big deal. “I called and asked, ‘Are you going to go?’ ” he says, recalling his conversation with Clinton. “He said, ‘Yeah, I’m going.’ I said, ‘I’m going, too. Do you need a ride?’ ” So Saban picked up Clinton and his entourage at a small airport in Teterboro, N.J.

    – Disney Chief Executive Officer Bob Iger, another of Saban’s friends, says, “He’s perceptive and perseverant. All that wealth that he created for himself, he did on his own.” Jeffrey Katzenberg, the former CEO of DreamWorks Animation, pays Saban the ultimate Hollywood compliment: “It’s easy to be charmed by Haim. But underneath that, there is just a laser-focused, razor-sharp, take-no-prisoners killer.”

    – His other goal is to elect Hillary Clinton president. It’s something that Saban, a longtime defender of Israel whom the Jerusalem Post recently named the world’s No. 1 “most influential Jew,” has been pushing since 2004. Last summer he told Bloomberg TV that he would give “as much as needed” to ensure her victory, and so far this election cycle he and his wife have donated $10 million to Clinton’s super PAC, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. Saban gives Clinton his unsolicited advice, too.

    – Saban’s two crusades are converging in a way that recalls previous windfalls in his career, when he made big, early bets that paid off in both money and clout. The conventional wisdom has been that Clinton can’t win without strong turnout from Hispanic voters, who helped Obama reach the White House twice. Saban’s company boasts that it is “the gateway to Hispanic America” in the U.S., reaching 40 million people in the demographic each month. Since June 2015, when Donald Trump announced his campaign with a pledge to build a wall along the Mexican border and deport millions of immigrants, some of whom he said were rapists, Univision has taken an adversarial stance.

    – Since then, Univision has co-hosted a Democratic primary debate, sought to register 3 million Latino voters, and promoted a mid-October concert along the U.S.-Mexican border called “RiseUp As One.” The network’s growing influence comes as Saban waits for the right moment to do the initial public offering—a process that has dragged on longer than expected and might play out more favorably under President-elect Clinton than under Trump.

    – Afterward, Saban says, News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch wanted to buy his production company. “I said, ‘Bubbie, forget about it, I don’t need your money. Let’s create a partnership. You put in the network. I put in my content.’ ” Murdoch, Saban says, told him he was out of his mind—but eventually came to see the appeal. Together they formed Fox Kids Worldwide, a company they hoped would compete with Viacom’s Nickelodeon and Time Warner’s Cartoon Network.

    The quickest way to get the network into a lot of homes would be to rebrand an existing channel. Saban targeted televangelist Pat Robertson’s Family Channel, the home of The 700 Club. Mel Woods, Saban’s chief operating officer at the time, recalls what transpired next. “Rupert Murdoch had a conversation with Pat Robertson,” Woods says. “The message came back to Haim: ‘They’re not interested.’ Chase Carey [then News Corp.’s co-COO] had a conversation—came back to Haim and said, ‘No, I don’t think they’re interested.’ Haim said, ‘Is it OK if I ask?’ ” Saban and Carey went to dinner with Tim Robertson, the televangelist’s son. “During that dinner, I spoke as a member of the top Fox management, even though I wasn’t,” Saban says. “I said, ‘We’ll give you movies. We’ll give you television shows. We’ll open the vaults. And Chase Carey is sitting there thinking, ‘What the heck is he saying?’ ”

    In the end, the Robertsons sold the Family Channel to Saban and Murdoch for $1.9 billion. “I said, ‘Hallelujah, praise the Lord,’ ” Saban recalls.

    – As a billionaire, Saban has lavished money on causes and candidates, reaping the resulting friendships. Politically, he’s for Israel, abortion rights, and universal health care. In 2002 he and his wife, Cheryl, attended a presentation by Terry McAuliffe, then chairman of the Democratic National Committee, at the Clintons’ home in Washington. McAuliffe lamented that the Republican National Committee had much nicer headquarters than his organization’s. Saban says, “Cheryl bent over to me and said, ‘We’ve got to do something, and we’ve got to do it big.’ ” Saban gave $7 million to fund a new building. (McAuliffe didn’t respond to an interview request.)

    – In 2006, Saban testified before the U.S. Senate about how he, along with several other wealthy businessmen, used an offshore shelter to lower his taxes. He handled it as smoothly as everything else, pleading ignorance. “I am neither a lawyer nor a tax expert, in fact my formal education ended when I finished high school,” Saban said, adding that he was in the process of settling up with the IRS.

    – “Hipsters and Hispanics. Two of the fastest-growing demographics in the U.S.”
    If the value of a Latino-focused media company seems obvious now, Saban gets credit for realizing it a decade ago. He was similarly ahead of the curve on the presidential prospects of Hillary Clinton, whom he encouraged to run in 2004. She demurred and then lost the Democratic primary in 2008 to Obama. Saban was devastated, refusing to write Obama checks for the general election. “It took me a couple of years to heal, because I was so passionate about Hillary,” he says.

    – Ramos, whose daughter works for the Clinton campaign, says he’s just a journalist asking tough questions, but he’s a crusader on matters like immigration. “If you have a candidate like Donald Trump who made racist remarks about Mexican immigrants, we cannot stay silent, impassive as journalists,” he says. “We saw a couple of weeks ago that the L.A. Times, Washington Post, New York Times, and Politico decided to call Donald Trump a liar,” he says. “But we did it in August of 2015.”

    In a recent column in Time, Ramos warned that anybody who doesn’t take a strong stand against Trump’s transgressions will be judged in the future for being on the wrong side of history.

    – Jorge Bonilla, a contributing writer at MRC Latino, a conservative watchdog group that tracks what it perceives to be liberal leanings in Spanish-language media, says he considers Ramos just one part of a broader problem at Univision. “When you look at the softball interviews that have been given to Hillary Clinton over the last couple of years and Haim Saban’s public statements, it is very evident that the network is committed to the election of Hillary Clinton,” Bonilla says.

    – At his Beverly Hills home, Saban says he’s not looking for anything if Clinton is elected—not even a chance to be a back channel between the White House and the Israeli government, as some have speculated. “I will tell you exactly what I want,” he says. “And no one in the world, be it the president of the United States or the prime minister of Israel or whomever, can give me that. Only I can give me that. I just want to be Haim Saban. That’s all. I don’t want to change anything in my life.”





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